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Internationally recognized for her breakthrough role in the movie 'Bend it like Beckham', Parminder starred in six seasons of NBC's top serial drama, 'ER'.

The intention of this site is to provide a definitive source of regularly updated information, images and good natured badinage relating to Miss Nagra. 

Perhaps the finest aspiration and achievement of any fan site is to be distinctive. That is our ambition at least, though we realize that an identity is developed over time. PNO was launched on June 18th 2006 and we extend heartfelt thanks to our fellow travelers and the wider 'Parmaniac' community around the globe for their magnificent contributions.                

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• The best, most comprehensive and up to date authenticated biographical information, images and screen captures of the gal herself.

• Regular updates and discussion about 'ER' and any other projects / work in progress in which Miss Nagra has an involvement.

• Personal fan appreciations of Parminder's work and career to date.

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• Any contribution offered which might impinge upon Parminder as a private individual and is not related to her work as a professional actor.

• Any general 'creepiness' that can occasionally inhabit celebrity sites and forums.

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