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Rachael (Psych)
Deeva Jani (Twenty8k)

Lucy Banerjee / Dr Lucille Sengupta
(Alcatraz 2012)

Miss Lydia Lovely (Horrid Henry) 2011
Charlie / Rosemary (In Yo Dreams)
British director Gary Sinyor's quirky and surreal 'Rom-Com' defies most of the traditions of the genre.
Parminder filmed the movie during the summer  break between ER seasons 12 and 13.   
Areida (Ella Enchanted)
A lush Mirmax fairy tale adventure.
Parminder plays Areida, best friend of the epoymous heroine.
Family fun, but fans may be disappointed by Mindi's limited screen time.

Heere Sharma (Second Generation)
Filmed within twelve months of 'Bend It', this movie demonstrated Parminders easy transition to portraying an altogether more mature and streetwise character.
'Second Generation' is a complex study of cultural and family relationships, drawing it's plot framework from Shakespeare's King Lear.
Viola / Cesario (Twelfth Night)
The character, Viola, adopts the male persona for the majority of the play. A highly stylized and original adaptation of Shakespeare's comedy. Twelfth Night provided aradically different platform for Parminder to demonstrate a
deftness for theatrical text honed on the London stage.
Jess Bhamra(Bend it like Beckham)
To see a collection of scenes from Parminder's breakthrough film role,click on this picture.
Each image is accompanied by a line of dialogto provide context and maybe recall a happy memory for those who love this movie.