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   July 18th 2008 - The girls are back in town 

Parminder and ER co-star Linda Cardellini will be making a return appearance at this years 'Hot in Hollywood' event on Saturday August 16th 2008.
The duo performed a high-octane musical medley at last years show, a fund raiser to help support the fight against HIV/AIDS.
The proceeds from 'Hot in Hollywood 3' will be directed to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation M-Power-U Mobile Unit in LA as well as the Real Medicine Foundation AIDS/HIV mobile treatment unit in India.

The show is to be staged at Avalon Hollywood (formerly The Paleace Theater) on Vine Street in Los Angeles. If you're local to the area, general admission tickets can be purchased for $60.00. The promo video at the 'Hot in Hollywood' site features footage of Mindi and Linda's 2007 performance.  

   July 14th 2008 

The 'Available Products' page now features full details of the new 'anime' movie 'Batman - Gotham Knight'. Together with information about the DVD release are some images of Cassandra, the character for whom Parminder provides the vocal chords.
Those who are not fans of the 'caped crusader', or the genre in general, should still enjoy the high level of craft and artistry employed in creating the cityscapes and backgrounds that provide a stunning stage for the animated action.

   July 8th 2008 - The day of the Dark Knight

The much anticipated release of the anime inspired 'Batman - Gotham Knight' is upon us. The DVD represents Parminder's first outing as voice artist for an animated feature and is available to purchase in region 1 format from today and region 2 for the UK and European markets from July 14th.
The film is split into six segments, Parminder's character featuring predominantly in the fifth story, which is entitled 'Working through pain'.

'Cassandra' teaches the young Bruce Wayne methods of managing and enduring the physical challenges that lie in store as he develops his masked avenger persona. 

Click here for 'BlogCritics' fulsome review of the movie and here for the official site.

Meantime, for those pondering a paucity of Parminder pix, check out the now complete PNO ER Season 14 Galleries (Part 1 and Part 2)

   June 18th 2008 

No breaking news this week, but some new content added to the pages of PNO:

• An extended UK radio interview with Parminder from 2007 in the Audio Media Page
• News of the Latest ER releases available on DVD in the Available Products Page
• Some great new images in The Red Carpet Gallery

May 30th 2008 

Parminder is today to be recognized as a 'woman of achievement' at an awards ceremony staged by 'A Place Called Home'.
APCH is a 'youth enrichment centre', based in South Central Los Angeles and provides support and opportunities for disadvantaged and 'at risk' young people who may have fallen into inner city gang culture.

The 'Girlz in the Hood' event takes place at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills.
Read more about the work and activities of 'A Place Called Home' here.

May 16th 2008 

Did you miss Parminder's appearance on 'The Late Late Show' on Tuesday?
Click on the screen above to catch Mindi in fine form with Scotland's greatest export since malt whisky. (Nice to see that after four years living in LA 'our gal' can still drop the word 'chuffed' into the conversation!).

May 15th 2008 

'ER' 14 reaches it climax with the season finale, 'The Chicago Way' airing in the US tonight. Click the ER button above to view a taster of the explosive action in store.

UK viewers can see the penultimate episode, 'Tandem Repeats' at 10:00pm on More4 (Digital) and on terrestrial on Saturday 17th on Channel Four at 8:00pm. The finale follows up at the same times and places next week.

We'll be completing the Season 14 résumé in words and pictures here in the coming days.  

May 13th 2008 

Parminder is a guest on 'The Late Late Show' with Craig Ferguson tonight.
U.S viewers can catch Mindi's fourth appearance with the Scottish actor and comic raconteur at 12:35 am ET/PT on TV14-D (yeah, tomorrow really - but you get it).

The interview is one of a trio conducted with ER stars to coincide with the broadcast of the show's season finale this Thursday. 

If your DVD recorder is on the blink, you're not a 'night owl' or an American, catch up with what transpires here in the coming days. 

May 3rd 2008 

Parminder attended The 'Lupus LA 2008 Orange Ball' at The Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills on Thursday evening (May 1st)

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disorder which is believed to affect around 1.5 million people in the U.S alone. The vast majority of sufferers are women.

Mindi has previously supported the foundations work into the research and treatment of the disease and attended last years 'Love, Life and Laughter' event.
Read more about Lupus here.

April 30th 2008 

Mindi is pictured with Writer/Director Amit Gupta at Sunday evenings closing night Gala of The 2008 Indian Film Festival Of Los Angeles (April 27th).
The event, staged at the Arc Light Theater, included the premier presentation of 'Mumbai Cutting' a movie revealing various facets of that city through the eyes of eleven of India's foremost writers and directors.

The guest list included Rebecca Hazelwood, who recently played Neela's flighty cousin Jaspreet in 'ER' and a former main cast member of the show, Eric La Salle.

Parminder action aplenty in the latest tales from County General.  See images from 'Owner of a Broken Heart' and '...As The Day She Was Born' in the ER Gallery and catch up with the full story in Neela's Diary.

April 17th 2008 

Parminder gives an insight into her (now considerable) experience of portraying a medical professional in a piece by Jean Schiffman for Back Stage, the actor's resource.The article, published this week in the journal for aspiring thespians, includes details of an ER actor's background research and preparation, including practicing a blood draw on a banana and tourniquet!
The challenges of articulating the legendary medical jargon while at the same time authentically simulating medical procedures is also covered.

Read the whole piece here.

Mindi can be seen stateside tonight in a new episode of ER entitled 'As the day she was born'. This episode will be first broadcast in the UK on More4 (Digital) at 10:00am on Thursday April 24th and again at 8:00pm on Saturday April 26th on Channel 4 (Terrestrial).

April 14th 2008 - Changing the Changeling

The one off feature length UK TV drama in which Parminder stars alongside Ray Winstone will be aired under a different title to that announced in January.
The production, loosely based on the Jacobean tragedy 'The Changeling' was originally to retain the same title as the piece that inspired it's central themes.

PNO understands the production will now be named 'Compulsion' and is expected to premiere on the ITV network later this year. Check for updates on the Latest News page for confirmation of the transmission date.
The re-naming may (or may not) have been undertaken in order to avoid any confusion with the Clint Eastwood directed 'changeling' which is due to be released later this year.

April 10th 2008 - ER News

The first new episode of ER to air since the WGA strike halted production of the show hits screens in the US tonight. The seemingly endless speculation about the medical drama's future has also been ended following statements from the network and ER producers.'Owner Of A Broken Heart' is the first of six new episodes produced to conclude a slightly foreshortened Season 14 with a complete new run, to be the show's swansong, returning in September.

Best news of all for Neela fans, Parminder is one of the current main cast members confirmed to be returning for this final season!

Many names from the legendary roster of characters to have walked the corridors of County General since 1994 are expected to return in order to bring ultimate closure to various story arcs from the drama's history. The most discussed of those from our heroines point of view has been the tragically unresolved relationship between Neela and her former 'roomie', Ray Barnett.

Jennifer Godwin of E Online has been pressing ER head honcho John Wells on the subject, and 'Reela' fans take heart - his response is encouraging!:

John says Shane's character, double-amputee Dr. Ray Barnett, is absolutely a candidate to return next season! John says: "I love Shane, and we would love to have him come back for some episodes. What we're doing now is beginning the planning for the final season, which will go on the air next September. And as part of that, we'll be contacting pretty much everybody, [inviting them] to come back and do a little spin."

Unfortunately, all that is in the works for season 15, and Shane won't appear in any of the remaining six episodes of season 14. Says John: "We haven't set anybody that you don't already know about [for the remainder of this season]."

Is there any chance John remains unaware of the intense online fandom devoted to Ray's relationship with Parminder Nagra's character, Neela Rasgotra? "You know...I'm on my third or fourth email address, so that would be my way of answering that question." (Hee!).

UK Parmaniacs rejoice!

A positive to come out of the WGA strike (other than a fairer deal if you're a writer) is that for once you won't be weeks behind in catching the latest episodes of your favourite medical drama. The final pre-strike Season 14 episode (Atonement) goes out on channel 4 at 8:00pm on Saturday 12th with the next (post strike) show ('Owner of a Broken Heart') scheduled to air on Thursday 17th at 10pm on More4 (Digital) and Channel 4 (Terrestrial) at 8:00pm on Saturday 19th.

Check out Neela's ER Diary here to refresh you memory of the most recent events at County General here and some striking stills here (pun intended).    

April 2nd 2008

Parminder has been nominated in the category 'Outstanding Television Actress' at this years 'Asian Excellence Awards'. She won the same award at this event in 2007.
The ceremony will take place on the evening of Wednesday April 23rd at The Royce Hall at The University of California, Los Angeles, with an anticipated TV broadcast to follow.

Click here to see Parminder on the Red Carpet at the 2007 ceremony and here to enjoy a couple of new images from the first of these events, which was held in 2006.
Tickle your mouse here for details of the other less deserving thespians who are impudently challenging for Mindi's crown!  

March 21st 2008 - Mindi the Mystic

Warner Premiere have confirmed the full 'voice cast' for Batman - Gotham Knight.
Parminder provides the voice for Cassandra, "a mystical Indian woman who teaches Bruce Wayne to endure and manage his pain". Release date for the DVD and Blu Ray package will be July 8th with the movie available in download format from the same date.

Prepare to challenge the 'little grey cells' as PNO's resident intellectual peels away the psychological layers manifest in Parminder's acting. Read Shardy's 'Latest Muse' here (including some nice ER pics for those in search of something less cerebral).

Happy Easter Holiday Y'all !    


March 12th 2008

In an already busy 2008, Parminder is adding to her workload by providing a character voice in Warner's major new animated production, Batman: Gotham Knight.
The 75 minute movie features input from leading exponents of the visually striking and dynamic Japanese anime style, a medium considered 'high art' by fans of the genre.

The film will have a global DVD and Blu Ray release in August, but the first official trailer is already available to view online. Click on the control panel above to take a look (Flash player required).

Details of the character for whom Mindi will provide a voice to follow...


February 18th 2008

NBC has confirmed that ER will return with new episodes on April 10th.
A short run of between four and six episodes is anticipated, with a final decision on the commissioning of a fifteenth season remaining the subject of much speculation.

A new addition this week to the Video Media page, with an opportunity to see Parminder and Linda Cardellini 'rockin' out' at last years 'Hot in Hollywood' fundraiser.
The Art Gallery now includes a 'letterbox' wallpaper for widescreen monitor maniacs.

February 11th 2008 - Back to work and back in time

A resolution to the long running strike action by members of the Writers Guild of America would appear imminent, with media outlets reporting that work on sreenplays for film and TV productions may resume immediately following a ballot on Tuesday.

The timing of the agreement presents a real possibility that new episodes of ER may be produced for airing in the Spring and prompt a delayed decision being made regarding the show's future.

Meanwhile, the PNO team have not been idle, filling a few gaps in our résumé of Parminder's past performances. Click here for some recollections of comic capers in 2000 and here for a bit of drama in 2001.

January 28th 2008

Boo Hoo! - No new Neela for the foreseeable future.
However, help may be at hand for those already suffering from Doc drama deprivation. Parminder's debut season in 'ER' is available from today for the first time on DVD. The 'Complete Season 10' set introduces Neela as a third year medical student and features Mindi in 21 of the 22 episodes included.

Unfortunately, the shows 10th season only receives a Region 2 format release at present, so US viewers will require a multi region PAL compatible player. We are unable to confirm a region 1 release date at this time but will give you the 'heads up' on that as soon as we have it.

The new PNO 'Available Products' page provides info on the new release.

January 26th 2008 - Doctor's future 'on ice'

Parminder turned 'skater girl' for the final episode of the strike shortened 14th Season of ER. The plot-line saw the hospital's Orthopedic and Surgery teams contesting a testosterone fuelled ice hockey match culminating in a comedic mass brawl instigated by Neela!

Mindi received a 'crash course' of training on the ice in order to film the action sequences for 'Atonement' and has admitted that it was not a skill she had ever envisaged would be a requirement for the role. She also dismissed rumours that the current industrial action might prompt a premature curtain call for the show "I don't think you can have a series that's been on for 14 years and have it end like that".

Enjoy the latest hockey hot shots and fisticuffs here.

Meanwhile, Star Gazette.com asked Parminder to consider what might head up her personal 'Bucket List' (basically, an itinerary of things one desires to experience before 'kicking the bucket'). She responded "to have children" and "I'd like to go horseback riding in the desert. That would be fun!" 

January 17th 2008 - Atonement and a ton up!

Hard to believe, but tonight's new episode of 'ER' (titled 'Atonement') is the 100th in which Parminder has appeared. The medical drama celebrated the broadcast of its 300th installment on December 6th in the US.

Mindi's character, Neela Rasgotra, first walked through the doors of that legendary establishment, Chicago's County General, on September 25th 2003. Ironically, this personal landmark will be the last new episode of the show to air for the foreseeable future. The continuing strike by members of the Writers Guild of America has forced suspension of production of the current season, in common with the majority of US serial dramas.

PNO readers may have noted the quirky irony that the episode shares it's title with the movie for which Parminder's 'Bend it like Beckham' co-star, Keira Knightley, has recently been nominated for a Golden Globe and BAFTA for best actress. (Sisters are doin' it!)  

Part 1 and Part 2 of The ER Season 14 Gallery have been updated with some great new images from the latest episodes. 
Check the ER Pages to find a résumé of every one of those 100 episodes in which our heroine has thus far participated.   

January 15th 2008 - Mindi to star in major UK TV Drama

Parminder has been cast alongside brilliant Brit actor Ray Winstone in a one off TV drama laden with themes of deviance, obsession and lust!
'The Changeling' is being touted as a flagship offering in the ITV networks original output for 2008. The piece is a contemporary take on Thomas Middleton and William Rowley's 1622 English Renaissance play of the same name. 

Mindi's character, Anjika Inrani, is a Cambridge University Graduate from a privileged background who returns home after completing her degree. She is intending to continue a happy relationship with fellow graduate, Alex, but her father, wealthy businessman Satvik, has other plans for his daughter. He has arranged that she be married to the son of one of his associates, a prospect that casts her into despondency.

The opportunity to escape her predicament comes from an unlikely source, her father's long time chauffeur and bag man Don Flowers (Ray Winston), who she has always disliked and distrusted. He offers to solve her problem, but at a cost - she must spend the night with him. 

In a release announcing the production, ITV Controller of Drama, Sally Haynes
commented "This is a modern and innovative take on a classic piece of literature, transposed to a wealthy and glamorous world. It is atmospheric and sumptuous and we are very excited to be bringing Ray Winstone and Parminder Nagra together on ITV for the first time, in such a unique project".

Winstone has most recently been seen on the 'big screen' in semi-animated form in 'Beowulf' and stars in the new Indiana Jones movie, due for release in May.
His reputation as one of the seminal British TV and film actors of his generation has been established with outstanding performances in movies such as Nil by Mouth, The War Zone and Sexy Beast, together with a string of memorable TV roles. 

PNO understands that location filming for this production is now underway in London.

January 8th 2008 

A word out to the UK Parminder faithful. Season 14 of 'ER' premiers in 'Blighty' this week with Channel 4 testing some interesting new scheduling for the show.
Recent seasons of the drama have occupied a 10pm Monday night time slot. The new season opens in a prime time window at 8:05pm this Saturday evening (January 12th).

The final episode of Season 13 will be shown at 7:05pm as a memory refresh. (a nice move on C4's part, given the extended hiatus).
Curiously, this places it directly up against it's even longer running home grown equivalent medical ratings juggernaut, Casualty, which is broadcast at 8:30pm on BBC1.

Digital / Free-view viewers can catch a first look at episode one "The War Comes Home" on More 4 at 10pm on Thursday 10th

Look away now to avoid the spoilers, but Neela's ER Diary is now replete with chapter and verse on the latest Chicago based shenanigans of our heroine and her dysfunctional ER family.
Check out the recaps up to Episode 11 (Status Quo).

January 1st 2008 

Hey Parmaniacs!

Here's hoping 2008 brings forth whatever puts a big smile on your face.
First off, before you start completing the birthday and anniversary entries in your New Year Diary, get your priorities sorted. Here are a couple of dates to set the HD Recorder for new ER / Parminder action (if you're checking in from the US)

3rd 2008 10pm 'Status Quo'
January 10th 2008 10pm 'Believe the Unseen
January 17th 2008 10pm 'Atonement' (broadcast date subject to confirmation).

The new episodes feature the unexpected arrival of Neela's errant cousin, so look out for some Rasgotra family friction. Expect an extended hiatus after these episodes go to air as industrial action by The Writers Guild of America continues without resolution.

Keep PNO bookmarked for business as usual.