Breach of Trust
A House Divided
Murmurs of the Heart
Dying is Easy
Crisis of Concience
From Here to Paternity
Photographs and Memories
Family Business
Lights Out
I Don't
Sea Change
The Honeymoon is Over

'Breach of Trust'

Episode 12

January 4th 2007

Screenplay: Janine Barrois

Director: Skipp Sudduth


Gates arrives for his shift with Sarah (Meg's daughter) in tow. She is to spend the day watching 'Uncle Tony' at work. He examines a female patient with an ankle injury. Sarah looks on as Neela arrives to complete a surgical consult. After a moment staring at Neela, she pronounces to all of the assembled; "she doesn't look like a whore".

Dr Rasgotra is taken aback when the girl confirms that she is echoing Meg's description of her. Neela walks away and discusses the exchange with Abby, who makes light of the situation by asking what type of whore she was accused of being.

Neela is next seen assisting Dubenko with a surgical procedure on Yvonne Devilliere, a victim of the New Orleans hurricane disaster. She has insisted that the amputation of two of her toes be carried out without a general anaesthetic. The atmosphere becomes tense as her heart rate increases to a dangerous level during the operation and sedation becomes necessary. Neela realizes that the infection has progressed further than the initial diagnosis suggested and the team have no option other than to amputate Yvonne's leg below the knee.

Later, Meg enters the in ER. She is rather 'hyper', and appears to have been drinking. She purposefully surveys the room and upon meeting Gate's asks about the whereabouts of "his little girlfriend".

The elevator doors open and Neela walks past, attempting to ignore the developing drama. Meg becomes increasingly hysterical and pursues her, protesting about how she had "straightened Tony out" after he left the army and paid his fees through medical school. Sarah observes with a mixture of concern and embarrassment at her mother's behaviour.

Gates takes Meg aside to calm the situation. Instead, he becomes angered when she threatens to prevent him from seeing Sarah if the two no longer have a relationship.
Neela walks into the ambulance bay where Sarah is seated in the cold night air with head in hands. The two sit together and Sarah tells Neela that her mom is crazy, but then requests a favour. "Find somebody else… he doesn't love you, he just has sex with you… that is what he does… he always comes back to us". The girl returns insides the hospital as Neela remains alone, contemplating her words….


'A House Divided'

Episode 13

September 28th 2006

Screenplay: Lisa Zwerling

Director: Joanna Kerns 

Gates and Ray are still trading verbal blows, this time over which of them is to take responsibility for treating a kid injured in a snow mobile accident. Kovac intervenes and resolves the dispute by taking charge of the young patient himself. Instead the two conflicting doctors treat the boy's step brother. Tony takes it upon himself to call Neela down from the OR, despite Ray's direction that a surgical consult is not required. Arriving in the trauma room, she seems less than impressed by Tony's regular witty repartee and reminds him of Meg and Sarah's behaviour toward her when they were last together.

Ray arrives with the boy's father and is surprised to see Neela. He apologises for Gates wasting her time by calling for an unnecessary consult. She refutes this and states that she is recommended referral for observation. Tony can't resist and little dig and interjects "Don't worry boss - I'm not one of those 'told you so' kids". Ray asks to speak with Neela outside and as Tony moves to join them says "not you!".

In the corridor a heated exchange occurs between the two former 'roomies', enflamed by Ray suggesting that Dr Rasgotra's relationship with Gates may be clouding her clinical judgement. Before Tony is able to escalate the situation, Pratt steps in to break up the argument and arbitrates in Rays favour, stating that as the resident he has the final call on the requirement for specialist consultation.

Outside in the ambulance bay Greg asks Ray if he has sorted his 'problems' with Neela and starts to offer some relationship advice. Ray is reticent to listen, recalling that Pratt's previous suggestion that he give the recently widowed doctor space had only resulted in Gates 'making a move'.

The snow mobile kid takes a turn for the worse proving Tony's concerns to have been well founded and Neela is recalled. She is about to escort the gurney to the 'OR' when Ray again takes her aside.

He is hesitant but finally says "this is probably the wrong place - the wrong time…". Before he able to continue, Gates strides up asks why he hadn't been informed about the deterioration in the boy's condition.

The shifts are over and Gates is around at Neela's apartment scouring the property pages for a place to live. He jokes about them sharing the rent on a place and are settling down with a glass of red when Tony's cell phone rings. Sarah is calling and appears to be in a state of panic. The scene cuts to a car pulled up on the roadside where she is in the passenger seat with Meg seemingly unconscious behind the wheel. The girl shouts "I think she's died!"….

'Murmurs of the Heart'

Episode 14

February 1st 2007

Screenplay: David Zabel

Director: Christopher Chulack


Tony and Neela arrive at the location where Meg's car is parked up.

Sarah is distraught as her mother lies semi-conscious in the driver's seat. The doctors attempt to resuscitate Meg. Neela finds a virtually empty bottle of tablets and tries to establish what else she may have taken. Sarah responds angrily, shouting "nothing - what are you talking about?".

The ambulance arrives to transport Meg to the hospital, but while still in the car she draws Tony closer and whispers "Sarah - she's yours Tony...she's yours". Her condition worsening, Gates accompanies his 'ex' in the ambulance, while a reluctant Sarah follows with Neela in Tony's car.

The action moves forward to a trauma room at County. The overdose has caused Meg's heart to arrest and all hope for recovery seems lost but a desperate Tony continues to administer compressions. Ray and Morris are both in attendance as Sarah and Neela look on from outside the room. Ray comments that there is nothing more that they can do, but Gates requests that he be allowed to continue. Morris agrees and they leave him and usher in the onlookers.

Neela and Sarah enter the room and Tony asks the girl to speak to her mum. Neela looks on with a disconsolate expression as Sarah talks emotionally about how she and Meg had discussed being survivors and implores her to hold on. She looks at Tony and tearfully implores him to '"fix her -that's why you became a doctor - to fix people". Neela attempts to interject and console the girl but she is furiously rebuked "Shut up! - why are you here - we don't want you here - she doesn't want you here". Dr Rasgotra, clearly distraught responds "I'm sorry - I'm so sorry" and leaves the room.

Tony prepares Sarah for what is about to happen and then ceases compressions. The EKG flat-lines and the girl kneels down in tears as Tony sits with head in hands…..

'Dying is Easy'

Episode 15

February 8th 2007

Screenplay: Janine Barrois

Director: Tawnia Mckiernan

ony prepares breakfast for Sarah and they discuss their future plans. The girl expresses her wish to remain with him rather than reside with her grandparents.

Dr Dubenko is rounding with Neela and Meta and introduces them to some patients who are to be beneficiaries of the hospitals organ exchange program. Lucien describes the scheme to Neela as "a kind of kidney key party". She asks him to clarify and is surprised when he explains that a key party is an event held for 'swinging couples' to randomly swap partners. She steps into the elevator and comments "it sounds dirty!".

In the ER, Gates is with a large lady who talks amusingly about her accident, which had occurred during her first date with a guy she had befriended on the net. Neela arrives to complete a consult and the woman asks if she has a boyfriend. Dr Rasgotra continues her examination and looks at Tony and answers "not exactly - we're still defining it". The lady comments that a girl like Neela would not need the internet to get a date and then winces as the doctor applies pressure at the point of her injury. Tony quips "she's into S&M, you want her to stop - just say 'Mayday' - it's the safe word". Neela gives Gates a withering look and continues locating the broken rib, prompting a cry of "Mayday, Mayday!" from her patient.

The doctors walk away and discuss the aftermath of Meg's death. Gates suggests that they hook up for Valentine's Day, but Neela seems unprepared to commit to the idea. A short while later, our heroine is 'scrubbed in' and assisting on the kidney transplant in the OR. She's doing well when one of the OR staff delivers a message that her 'Valentine date' has requested another surgical consult. Crenshaw makes a snide remark about young love and proceeds to comment that Tony is not "smart enough" for his student.

The surgery is completed without incident and Dr Rasgotra returns to the ER in an upbeat mood and asks Tony to join her for a coffee. Their break is immediately interrupted when Abby asks her to look at some X-Rays of a patient with Leukaemia, while Gates takes a call on his cell phone. Sarah's school inform him that the girl is in a distressed state on her first day back and he leaves to collect her.

Ray is also at the admit desk and the two former 'roomies' take a break in the ambulance bay. Neela is buoyant and speaks enthusiastically about the transplant op while Ray just seems pleased to be taking a little time out with his 'best friend'…

Dr Rasgotra returns to meet up with Marina Grasso, the recipient of the donor kidney. She smiles and holds up a bag of fresh urine and wishes the lady happy Valentines Day. Ms Grasso asks if she can see the donor but Neela explains that the program does not permit it. She soon warms to the woman's heartfelt desire to see the person who has enabled her to enjoy a new life. Manish reticently agrees to assist in wheeling the gurney into the corridor outside the recovery room where the donor is resting.

Crenshaw halts their progress but Neela takes him aside and implores the chief to wave protocol on this occasion. In an uncharacteristic display of sensitivity he replies "Neela - have I mentioned how well you're coming along?". He taps her on the shoulder and walks away. Ms Grasso looks on from the gurney and quietly thanks her donor.

In the final scene for this week, Neela arrives with some food at Tony's place. He asks if she would like to join him and Sarah as they are about to watch a movie, but she declines. They talk for a moment and he recounts Meg's last comments in the car, when she had said that Sarah was his. Neela asks if it is possible, and Tony intimates that the girl could indeed be his daughter due to some 'extramarital' activity that had occurred during her husband's absence. Sarah calls from upstairs and Neela leaves and returns to her apartment alone.

Ray breaks open a beer at his place and chances upon an old photograph of the 'roomies' and smiles…

'Crisis of Conscience'

Episode 16

February 15th 2007

Screenplay: Lisa Zwerling

Director: Steve Shill


Neela is lying next to Gates on the sofa bed at his apartment and wakes with a start. She leaps up, checks the time and chastises Tony for letting her fall asleep. It was not her intention to stay over for the night. They discuss Sarah and the possibility that she may be Tony's daughter. The pair enter the kitchen where the girl in question is preparing breakfast. Neela clearly feels awkward and hastily leaves for work.

She is greeted by Dubenko in the corridor at County General, explains her lateness and asks for five minutes to catch up with her notes. Entering the surgery ward, Neela is surprised to see fellow intern Manish Mata in one of the beds. In the next bed is a female patient who is to be a beneficiary of the hospitals paired donor exchange program.

Manish explains that he was inspired by meeting some of the patients awaiting kidney transplants, and upon discovering that he was a good match with the woman, had decided to donate one of his own. Neela is curious as to why he had not mentioned this to her previously.

Dr Rasgotra discusses her colleagues actions with Dubenko. He dismisses the apparent haste with which Manish has volunteered himself by suggesting that it might be a means of self assertion. Lucien compares his actions to those of someone who might turn their back on a burgeoning medical career to go and work in a Jumbo Mart (alluding to Neela's own tribulations in a previous season. Charmless Chief of surgery, Crenshaw, interjects and tersely instructs Dr Rasgotra to return to the duties he has scheduled.

Gates calls 'Mayday' (his nickname for Neela) over to the admit desk and asks her about her day. She replies "Well, my attending thinks I'm a complete idiot and Crenshaw is back to being a little bitch!"

Later, Neela talks further to Manish about his decision to donate a kidney. He reveals that the donor's family is giving him $50,000, but insists that this was not his initial motivation. He intends to use the money to assist members of his family in their efforts to join him in the US. Neela is shocked and tells him that his actions could jeopardize the future of the exchange program and that she may be forced to betray his confidence. She is offended when he suggests that because of her background she should better understand his objectives.

Dr Rasgotra is next seen assisting Ray in transferring an injured cheerleader to the OR on a gurney. The girl is thought to have fallen while rehearsing a 'human pyramid' routine with her troop. In the elevator, Neela hypothesizes about the Manish situation in an attempt to elicit Ray's advice on her best course of action. He is only able to suggest that she follows her own moral compass, which he claims, though making her a "pain in the ****" on occasion, is also one of her best attributes!. The cheerleader confides to the doctors that she was actually assaulted by other girls in her troop.

Neela finally confronts Dubenko about Manish's confession. The surgeon states that he was unaware of this, but to her amazement tries to justify his actions by suggesting that it may be an example of market forces helping to compensate for the shortage of donated organs. She is present when Lucien questions Manish, who states that he has subsequently refused the offer of money from the donors family. Neela is not convinced and tells Dubenko that she is not prepared to participate in the surgery. Lucien is angered and asks for a surgeon to be called "who actually wants to operate", and dismisses her from the OR.

A tough 'day at the office' over, Neela prepares to check out and talks with Ray at the admit desk. He invites her to join him for a beer but she declines. The final scene finds Ray 'settling his tab' at Ike's when Neela walks in and sits next to him at the bar. He smiles and orders two drinks…

'From Here to Paternity'

Episode 17

February 22nd 2007

Screenplay: Virgil Williams

Director: Lesli Linker Glatter  

'Photographs and Memories'

Episode 18

April 12th 2007

Screenplay: Karen Maser

Director: Steven Cragg


Dr Rasgotra somewhat sheepishly enters the rest room to get a coffee and Ray arrives at the same time. They are amusingly awkward with each other and quickly leave without making reference to their apres heures romantic dalliance.

Billy Marshak, the driver of a vehicle which has jack-knifed on the freeway, is rushed in on a gurney. His wife, a passenger in the car, soon follows and appears to have more severe injuries. A family involved in the same accident are also admitted. Ray, Gates and Neela are part of the team who work on Mr Marshak. They are concerned when, although appearing 'compus mentis', he seems unable to sign the 'consent for treatment' form. .Mae Lee arrives to observe, under instruction from Dubenko.

In the corridor, Gates talks with Neela about Sarah. He has decided to tell the girl that he may be her father and suggest that they take a paternity test. She offers Tony her support, but expresses concern at her ability to 'fit in' to the changed circumstances following Meg's death.

Mary Marshak is in a bad way and an overcrowded trauma team work as her husband looks on anxiously from the adjoining room. Neela displays an increasing irritation at Mae Lee's continued presence and tendency to question her decision making. A thoracotomy is commenced with no time to affect a transfer to the OR. Dubenko arrives and asks to be updated. Mae Lee commences to recount the procedures that have been carried out as though claiming them as her own work. The team look on, but before Ray is able to complete a comment about the student's audacity, Dubenko congratulates his charge. Persisting with his offish manner toward Neela, he instructs her to leave and continue her consults. Dr Rasgotra marches out and is not a happy bunny.

She returns a while later to find Mae Lee struggling. The situation is critical and Lucien is forced to intervene when the student's practical skills seem to fall short of her lauded command of the theory. Neela speaks with Mr Marshak but the team are unable to save his wife.

Outside the trauma room, Dr Rasgitra challenges Dubenko's wisdom in allowing a fourth year student to participate in such a procedure. He defends the decision, but she continues to question his recent attitude toward her, asking if it is a reaction to the 'Manish incident' (Episode 17). He is flustered and struggles to articulate the reasons for his behaviour, before finally admitting that he has feelings for Neela!

Reeling from the prospect of a third amorous admirer, she rejoins Ray and Mr Marshak, who sits with his deceased wife. He ruminates on events leading to the accident before confessing to the doctors his inability to read. His wife had always navigated and advised him of road signs, but she had been sleeping and he did not wish to wake her. A wrong turn had resulted in the collision.

The mood is lightened as the staff meet up at Ike's to celebrate Sam's birthday. Standing by the jukebox, Ray and Neela laugh and tease each other about their musical tastes, before finally talking about their 'relationship'. She tells him that she is trying to work everything out and that it is taking time. He alludes to the fact that he had 'stepped back' to give her space on a previous occasion. She rather enigmatically assures him that this time he won't have to wait long. Her disc selection (K.C and the Sunshine Band) fires up and they join the crew on the dance floor….

'Family Business'

Episode 19

April 19th 2006

Screenplay: Joe Sachs

Director: Richard Thorpe  

Tony Gates has a lot on his mind and is holding on the phone in a corridor at County General. It has been a two weeks since he and Sarah dispatched their swabs, but the results of the paternity test have not been returned. Neela walks by and they discuss Sarah's enthusiasm for 'taking care of the domestics' at the apartment. Gates just wishes that she would just start to enjoy the normal pleasures of being a kid.

Neela is next seen by the bedside of giving a middle aged Armenian man, and giving him the green light to be discharged. (He had earlier crashed his delivery van in the ambulance bay while rushing an asthmatic stranger to the hospital for treatment).The man does not speak English, but a nurse translates as he holds Neela's hand and then kisses it. He continues to speak and the nurse smiles and says "he's asking you for a date!" Dr Rasgotra laughs and jokes that the head CT needs to be repeated as he may sill be altered!.

She walks out to the corridor and is greeted by Ray. He's still fishing for a date and tells her that his old band is playing in town on Saturday night. She responds that she may be on call, and he alludes to the conversation at Sam's birthday party (Episode 18) when she had asked for time to think things through.

Sarah arrives at the admissions and is looking for Gates. Neela offers to find him, but the girl is initially reticent to engage with her. She hesitates, but then says that Neela may be able to help with a personal matter. The two talk in a consultation room and Sarah says that she wants a HPV vaccination to prevent cervical cancer and that the school nurse would administer it, but she requires a parent or grandparents written consent.

A short time later and still in the ER, Dr Rasgotra asks Ray if he needs a surgical consult for a patient but he does not. She steps away to talk with Gates while Ray looks on, still watchful of the actions of his rival for her affections. She tells Tony about her conversation with Sarah (who had agreed that she could do this) and attempts to satisfy his concerns by suggesting that it is just a phase the girl is going through.

The episode concludes with a touching scene where Sarah reveals to Tony that the paternity test results had arrived at the apartment days earlier. They embrace as she tells him that she had hoped that they would confirm him to be her father, but the result is negative…

'Lights Out'

Episode 20

April 26th 2007

Screenplay: Janine Barrois

Director: Terence Nightingall


Okay, well this is not going to take up a lot of Diary space.

Gates is having a bad day to add to his domestic woes. He angrily throws his medical kit into his locker when Neela enters the room. He has been ordered home for not following the instructions of his attending, Dr Morris. She mentions his failure to return her earlier call, but he is frazzled and more concerned with venting spleen about Morris, who he calls 'a little bitch'.

Neela suggests that he should apologize to Morris, but Tony is not in a conciliatory mood and insists that he is not a 'kiss ass'

Nurse Archer arrives with a hand written message from Crenshaw with instruction to 'get her ass into the trauma room'. She has been ignoring his pages.
She joins the Chief of Surgery and they briefly examine the test results of a young musician who it transpires is initially thought to have been poisoned but it transpires is suffering from sickle cell.

'I Don't'

Episode 21

May 3rd 2007

Screenplay: David Zabel

Director: Andrew Berstein  

And now for something completely different…

A damp Spring morning in Chicago sees Ray walk into a deserted ambulance bay at County General. A solitary security guard sits on patrol at the hospital entrance watching a baseball game on a portable TV. Dr Barnett explains that he has left something in his locker and the guard offers him a torch. He enters an ER which resembles a ghost ship, shrouded in darkness and dust covers. The hospital has been closed by the board until maintenance work has been completed. He finds his locker and retrieves a single CD and examines it by torchlight.

The same evening, Neela is at her apartment preparing to attend the Department Dinner Party. She is fixing a pair of earrings but is interrupted by a knock at the door. Gates has unexpectedly called to escort her to the event. She does not offer him the warmest of welcomes and suggests that they need to discuss their relationship.

Abby and Luka arrive at the location for the party, a rental space in a less than salubrious part of town. In fact, it is all part of Luka's surprise wedding plan. The true nature of the event soon becomes apparent, but Abby's first reaction is not one of unparalleled delight. The initial reticence soon turns to an acceptance of Luka's grand gesture.

The guests begin to arrive, amongst them are all of the regulars from The ER and OR. Ray and Pratt are discussing the 'bachelor life' at the bar when Neela appears with Gates. Her mood seems to have improved, but Ray's darkens as he watches her laughing at her companions anecdotes.

A short time later, Ray stands alone by a window, looking out over the city. Neela joins him and he hands her the CD he had collected earlier. The cover is a photograph of the two of them and the text reads 'for Neela - best roomie ever'. It contains some songs he has been working on, including one about her.

They discuss Gates and Neela's confused emotions since losing her husband. She finally admits to having kept Ray at arms length because of feelings of guilt and his being a reminder of the period prior to Micheal's death. He takes her hand and asks if that situation has now changed. She responds "I'm not sure that matters any more". They are interrupted by Hope, still in frenetic 'wedding planner' mode. Abby is asking to speak with Neela privately, in a room away from the party where she is dressing for the big event. The 'bride to be' talks about their enduring friendship and asks Neela to stand as her maid of honour. The two become emotional as final preparations are made for the ceremony.

The wedding proceeds, conducted to humorous effect by a Rabbi who has stepped in at short notice to replace a 'no show' Justice of the Peace'. The couple have opted for a truncated version of the formal ceremony and when offered the opportunity for readings they have none prepared. Neela steps forward and says she has one and proceeds to deliver some impromptu prose in Punjabi. When asked for a translation she responds "It's about love, faith and devotion - kind of a blessing'.

A while later, the newly weds take their first dance and Hope sidles up and congratulates Neela on her 'reading'. She is less impressed when informed that the real translation was "went to the market to buy some meat, the butcher wasn't there, so I got fish instead" - "it was the only Punjabi I could come up with at a pinch!."

Neela joins Gates as he stands outside and concludes a conversation with Sarah on his cell phone. He begins to talk about his feelings of resentment toward Meg for leaving her daughter. She offers him words of assurance and he responds by apologising for lately neglecting their relationship. Ray looks on from the doorway and shakes his head, suspecting that she still holds feelings for Tony.

The party is in full swing and Neela asks Dubenko if he is enjoying the evening. Lucien is clearly rather 'tired and emotional' and lands a big kiss on his favourite intern's lips!. She makes the excuse of needing to visit the bathroom in order to make a hasty exit. There she finds Mae-lee, who also appears rather overcome by the emotion of the event. The student tells Neela that she always cries at weddings and adds that she is 'alone' before professing her admiration for her 'mentor'. The extent of her admiration is soon demonstrated as she embraces Neela and gives her a long kiss! All of this amorous attention leaves our favourite surgeon looking bewildered (PNO note - Parminder's reaction (without any dialogue) is just brilliant in this sequence!).

There is less love in the room when Gates and an increasingly inebriated Ray meet up at the bar. They exchange some typically caustic comments before things turn nasty and punches start to fly. Neela looks on aghast as the fracas is broken up and Ray is escorted outside by Pratt, who tells him to go home.

Gates talks with Neela and apologises for what has happened. The conversation returns to the subject of their relationship and is bought to a head when she says "I think we both know this had no future - it was just a bridge from one part of our lives to another". He responds that for him it is much more than that. She shudders before pronouncing "I don't love you - and I don't think you love me either". She returns to the party and orders a Bourbon at the bar and requests that it be made a double after noticing Mae Lee looking across longingly from behind her cocktail!. She takes Rays CD from her handbag and smiles.

Tom Waites's laconic 'World keeps turning' plays over cut away scenes of celebration at the party and Ray drinking alone at a sleazy bar. He settles his tab and stumbles outside and picks up the message she has just sent him on his cell phone. He smiles and steps back from the road to avoid a passing vehicle. She has apologized for the way the evening turned out for him and suggests they meet for breakfast the next day. Neela smiles as she looks on at her friends and colleagues partying, a smile that suggests she may have that night resolved some of her internal conflicts.

Meanwhile Ray drops his phone in the road and crouches down awkwardly to retrieve it. He stands up in a stupor as the headlights of a truck hurtle toward him, the horn blasting….

'Sea Change'

Episode 22

May 10th 2007

Screenplay: Lisa Zwerling

Director: Laura Innes


A refurbished County General has reopened and normal (i.e chaotic) service is resumed in the ER.

Dubenko and Mae-Lee wait for the elevator and when the doors open Neela is inside. There is an amusingly awkward exchange between the three, this clearly being the first time that have been reunited since the Chief Surgeon and his charge's alcohol fuelled displays of affection toward their colleague at Abby's wedding.

The surgery team arrive in the ER Trauma Room where Gates and Abby are amongst those attending to Sophia, a woman with head injuries who has apparently fallen down a flight of stairs. Mae-Lee apologies to Abby for her behaviour at the wedding, though the newlywed is unaware of the 'sideshow' that had occurred.

Neela and Abby examine Sophia's head films when Pratt walks by and asks if anyone has seen or heard from Ray. No one has. Gates breezes up and discusses the same patient with Neela. He makes no reference to events at the party and she is soon angered by his apparently nonchalant attitude to their break up. She strides out to the ambulance Bay and Tony follows, asking what he did wrong.
A heated exchange concludes with Tony accusing Neela of narcissism and revelling in the drama of the situation.

The emotional temperature cools a little as Dr Rasgotra talks with the husband of Alison, a physicist admitted with dangerously low blood pressure. In the corridor, she speaks with Dubenko and before he is able to mention events at the wedding asks if he considers her to be narcissistic. He responds that to an extent all surgeons are, and that it is a good attribute for the job.
Crenshaw walks up with Mae-Lee, who has completed her study period at the hospital. She thanks them for "an amazing experience". Neela smiles in a manner that suggests that this is the first good news she has received that day.

Cut forward and Neela hastily wheels Alison on a gurney. She is greeted by a new face - Director of the ICU, Dr Kevin Moretti. He has earlier been making his presence felt to Pratt and others in the ER. Moretti is sharp of mind and tongue and is quick to lambast Dr Rasgotra for moving the patient, who appears in a worsening and dangerous condition. (she was acting under instruction from Crenshaw and Dubenko).
Alison arrests but after a period is resuscitated, though she may have suffered brain damage.

Neela discusses Alison's treatment at some length with Moretti and their conversation broadens to more philosophical issues about their roles within the hospital.

She leaves as the shifts end and with no word from Ray decides to visit his apartment. The door key is hidden in the same place as in their room share days and she lets herself in when there is no response. There is no one home and as she walks around Neela notices his pet goldfish floating on the surface of its tank...
'The Honeymoon is Over'

Episode 23

May 17th 2007

Screenplay: R. Scott Gemmill

Director: Christopher

Frank alerts those gathered at the admit desk that "Homeland Security have raised the threat level to orange". Neela asks what that means and he explains that there is an increased risk of terrorist activity.
The staff appear more concerned about Dr Moretti. He has been appointed as new chief of the ER following Kovac's resignation from the post.

Morris calls Neela and they discuss Ray's continued absence and Archie jokes that his old band are back in town and that he may have rejoined them. She applies stitches to a man who has lacerated his arm falling on a glass coffee table. He is a former army translator who has served in Iraq. Dr Rasgotra talks with him about Michael and he informs her that he is in Chicago to attend a 'Stop The War' rally to be held in the city later that day.

Gates walks into the ambulance bay with Neela. He hopes that if their relationship is over, they will still remain friends. He is called back to the ER as her cell phone rings. The display shows an incoming call from Ray Barnett...

Cut to Neela walking down the antiseptic white corridor of another hospital in the city. She approaches the open doorway of a room at the far end. Katey Alvaro is visible at the rear of a wheelchair in which Ray, though largely obscured, can be seen seated. She can only see his face as he turns his head to reveal quite severe cuts and bruising. She walks closer to the room but freezes as a male nurse turns the chair into full view. Ray's legs have been amputated above the knee and she breaks down as he is lifted onto the bed.

A short time later and Neela sits by the bedside of her 'roomie' soul mate as he explains that his legs could not be saved due to the extent of the crush injuries. He attempts to make some darkly humorous remarks about his predicament but there is a desperation in his tone and she asks him to stop.
Katey leaves the room to get a coffee and says she will find out when Ray's parents are due to arrive.

Neela becomes tearful while telling Ray of her concerns for him over the previous days and has to correct herself when describing the visit to "our...your apartment".
He describes the cruel irony of being in the process of checking her text message when the accident occurred.

He is to return home to live with his family in Baton Rouge for the foreseeable future. She asks about visiting but he replies "Don't tell me you're going to do something when I know you won't". She asks him why he thinks that she wouldn't visit and he responds "Because that's what our relationship is, Neela. You give me hope and I, like a fool, believe you. I've waited for you, fought for you...and even fell in love with you".

She assures him that her relationship with Gates is over but this is scant consolation to him "Well, it doesn't really matter now, does it?".

A while later she continues to sit with Ray, looking on as he sleeps.
Katey returns, this time with Ray's mother who greets Neela and tells her that Ray had commented that she was "the best room mate he had ever had".
As preparations commence for him to leave the hospital, Neela quietly kisses Ray on the cheek as he awakes and whispers "you'll get through this, I promise".
She stands in the doorway with Katey as he is wheeled down the corridor. Neela begins to compliment the student for her help but is met by an angry and emotional rebuttle
"Shut up! - you did this you selfish bitch, nobody else - you did!. You live with that"

Jeff Buckley's 'Hallelujah' plays out over a montage sequence of different characters travelling to their respective destinations. Ray sits behind his mother in the ambulance with a hollow and sullen expression. Sarah travels with her Grandparents who have gained custody despite her wishes to remain with Tony. Neela is in a cab which is held up in city traffic headed for the peace rally. She decides to disembark and attend the meeting where a large crowd have gathered by the Lincoln Memorial.

Police on horseback are on standby and the mood of the assembled throng becomes uneasy. Gates has also arrived and from a distance picks out Neela among the mass of people and shouts to get her attention. As she turns around and smiles an explosive noise and what appears to be tear gas causes panic among the protestors.
The crowd run from the podium and in the ensuing melee Neela is pushed to the ground. Gates continues to frantically shout her name but she is trampled in the stampede and unable to move...

(PNO Note: In the name of... someone please pass the happy pills!!!!)