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July 29th 2011 - School's Out? - Not this Summer!

Horrid Henry, hero of Francesca Simon's multi-million selling children's novels hits the big screen in the UK for the first time today.

Parminder plays Miss Lovely, favourite teacher of Henry and his annoying sibling, Perfect Peter.

In addition to 20 novels, the franchise has already extended to an acclaimed animated TV series and computer games, making the movie a 'nailed on' summer vacation hit.

July 27th 2011

Check out the PNO Multi-Media pages for some video shot on location in London's fair (or in this case, rather darker) city during the filming of Twenty8K earlier this year. Look forward to an edgy urban thriller with Mindi top billing and a cast of some of Britain's brightest young thespian talent. Bring it in on.....

FilmJuice.com has an insightful piece on the movie and Brit Film making here.
July 25th 2011

Parminder and cast members from 'Alcatraz' attended Comic-Con in San Diego for a screening of the pilot episode on Saturday afternoon (July 23rd).

The 'Video' page has been updated with an interview with Mindi and some fellow cast members which was conducted at the event.
The show is scheduled to air mid-season on FOX in the US.


April 22ndGood Friday - Great News!

Parminder is currently in London shooting 'Twenty8K', a cutting edge contemporary British urban thriller in which she takes the lead role.
The screenplay has been co-written by Paul Abbot, the creative force behind hugely successful UK TV dramas such as Shameless, Cracker, Clocking Off and State of Play.

Mindi plays Deeva Jani, a fashion executive drawn into the capital's gang culture following her brother's arrest for murder.

Despite the fact that the production is only at the principle photography stage, there is already an industry 'buzz' around the film. In addition to the writer's pedigree, a supporting cast comprising of some of the hottest young British acting talent makes this a still more exiting prospect. The roll call includes Jonas Armstrong (Robin Hood), Kaya Scodelario (Wuthering Heights, Moon) Nichola Burley (Streetdance 3D), Greg Chillin (Zen, Being Human) and Emma Fielding (Kidnap and Ransom, Cranford).

Deeva's 'nemesis' in the movie, Detective Chief Inspector Stone, is played by the brilliant Tony award wining actor Stephen Dillane.

The movie has an anticipated release late 2011 / early 2012. We'll keep you up to date with the latest as it happens, but also check out the movies official Facebook and Twitter feeds.
February 14th 2011
A belated but warm welcome to 2011 on Parminder Nagra Online to Mindi fans around the globe.

First off, PNO is delighted to share the love and some great news of two
projects to which we can look forward to a release later this year.
Parminder completed filming of a new movie in London in November
and December.

Horrid Henry is an adaptation of Francesca Simon's hugely successful series of comic novels and has the distinction of being the first 3D 'live action' children's movie to be produced in the UK.

In addition to Theo Stevenson, who has been cast as the eponymous young anti-hero, Mindi joins adult cast members comprising a 'roll-call' of
largely British actors including Richard E Grant, Rebecca Front, Jo Brand,
Matthew Horne, Prunela Scales and Noel Fielding. Anjelica Huston is cast as Head-Mistress Miss Battle-Axe.

Here's a trailer - including Parminder as Henry's teacher 'Miss Lydia Lovely', suffering the consequences of having that unenviable responsibility... 


A  L  C  A  T  R  A  Z 

We were also delighted to hear that Parminder was one of the
earliest cast members to be confirmed for JJ Abrams new
U.S TV pilot for FOX.

Polymath and creative powerhouse Abrams has been responsible
for some of the most groundbreaking and successful
TV drama shows over the last decade, including Lost, Alias and Fringe.

'Alcatraz' is based on a screenplay by 'Lost' writer Elizabeth Sarnoff
and is set to feature Sam Neill  as an FBI Director heading up a team investigating the present day re-emergence of a number of former
inmates of the notorious island prison who disappeared in the 1950's.  

Parminder is to play government laboratory technician Lucy alongside
a superb cast including Robert Forster (Heroes) and Jorge Garcia (Lost)

Filming is underway on location in San Francisco and Vancouver
with the pilot likely to premi
ère in the early fall.


December 3rd 2010
The delayed screening of episode 6 of US Legal drama 'The Whole Truth' went ahead on 01/12/2010. Parminder guest starred as a friend of the accused who is revealled to be harbouring secrets of her own.  

November 3rd 2010

The Whole Truth - delayed.

Parminder's first 'post ER' TV project was scheduled to air in the US tonight.
Broadcast of the next episode of the high concept legal drama 'The Whole Truth' has unfortunately now been delayed until December 1st.

The new show's future is threatened with falling victim to the early season ratings war, so fingers crossed that Mindi's episode escapes the chop! 

October 5th 2010

The PNO crew emerge from a lengthy hibernation today to celebrate a special occasion and bring some great news!

Parminder's first TV appearance following her maternity break will be a part in Jerry Bruckheimer's new legal drama 'The Whole Truth'. Mindi will be reunited with her friend and former ER co star Maura Tierney in an episode slated to be shown on ABC in the US later in the fall (check here for confirmed broadcast date soon).

Parminder plays Pilar Shirazeem, a friend supporting the cause of a woman accused of murdering her husband. In a new twist for the genre, the ABC drama each week offers the audience an opportunity to see the crime from the perspective of both the prosecution and defence before revealing 'the whole truth' at the episodes conclusion.

July 5th  2010

ER Season 13 is released for the first time in Region 1 format on July 6th.

In her fourth season in the show and firmly established in the top tier of the ensemble cast, Parminders character 'Neela' is central to many of the story arcs developed during this run. Re-live the emotional roller coaster as Dr Rasgotra struggles to come to terms with Michaels death and the pressures of being a rising star among the surgical interns.

Check out the 'Available Products' page for details of this DVD collection and others from the ER catalogue.


March 15th  2010

Parminder yesterday joined Adam Sandler and a host of Hollywood celebs on a sun soaked Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles to support an event arranged for the 'Make a wish' foundation.

King of Queens and Mall Cop comic actor Kevin James was the driving force behind the carnival event aimed at providing a welcome distraction and memorable day out for over 1200 children suffering potentially life threatening illnesses.
Parminder will have had opportunity to catch up with old ER co-star Linda Cardellini who was among the other famous faces present.

Find out more about the work of the 'Make a Wish' Foundation here