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1. Bagshree
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2. Lazy Sunday (4:33)
A little audio gem from the archives of UK radio presenter and voiceover artist Guy Harris. The clip dates from 1997, a full five years before Mindi was elevated to international stardom in 'Bend it Like Beckham'.
Guy was the Breakfast Show host and Sunday morning presenter on 'Leicester Sound'.
A regular feature involved inviting listeners to phone in and nominate a friend or relative for the dubious honour of being pronounced Leicestershire's laziest person!. It takes a couple of minutes for the 'nominee's' true identity to be revealled - but stick with it and enjoy.
(Our thanks to Guy Harris for recalling and locating this - and for making it available to PNO).

3. The Gagan Grewal Show - BBC Asian Network - July 10th 2007
Parminder returned to the UK to receive an honorary doctorate from her home town university in July 2007. The evening before the ceremony was spent in the company of the BBC's Asian Network. In an extended live interview Mindi exchanged banter  and anecdotes with host Gagan Grewal and a selection of phone callers. Here we feature 10 minutes extracted from the hour length feature.

The relaxed setting provided a platform for one of our favourite Parminder interviews.

4. The Strand - BBC World Service - April 1st 2009

The World Service's arts and culture magazine show featured a piece reflecting on the legacy of ER and it's influence on TV drama. Broadcast on the day before the shows last ever episode was due to air in the US, this extract is a short interview in which Parminder is asked to comment on her recollections of working on the drama.

5. The Danny Baker Show - BBC Radio London © - July 4th 2012 

Parminder's full interview with Paul Ross (standing in for the show's eponymous host).
A live radio broadcast on the eve of the first showing of Twenty8k at the East London Film Festival. In addition to some insights into the movie, Mindi talks about working and living in the US and her centenarian grandma!