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December 24th 2008 -  H a p p y  C h r i s t m a s !

Phil and Kam wish all visitors to this site a heartfelt 'Happy Yuletide' and hope Santa ticks all the boxes on your Christmas wish list.
'Bend It Like Beckham' is the late film on BBC1 in the UK on Christmas Day so what better way to sit back and recover from your festive over-indulgencies than crashing in front of the TV with our favourite feel good movie, a chocolate orange and a mulled wine!

      December 15th 2008 

In-between wrestling with the Christmas decorations the PNO crew have found time to add a few choice shots to the latest ER Gallery. Catch up with new images from the episodes 'Age of Innocence' and 'Let It snow' here.

Meanwhile, a quick 'heads up' for UK Parmaniacs - ER Season 15 will premiere on More4 on Thursday January 8th 2009

. Further scheduling information to follow as soon as we receive it.

December 1st 2008 - C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s !!

A fabulous piece of BIG news to launch the Winter 2008/2009 Updates Page.

Regular visitors to this site will be aware that PNO policy has always been to restrict our content and editorial comment to areas relating specifically to Parminder's work as a professional actor.
Since hitting the heights in her career Mindi has not courted the attentions of celebrity columnists and has sought to detach her personal life from the professional.
Without wishing to sound to 'po-faced', we think that this is a refreshing and admirable approach - let the work do the talking.

We break with tradition on this one occasion as it would be remiss and perhaps churlish to ignore the widespread media reports concerning a particular good news story that has found it's way into the public domain this week.

The UK's 'Mail on Sunday', amongst others, reports that Parminder and long-term partner, photographer James Stenson, are expecting their first child in the Spring!
The couple are said to be 'absolutely ecstatic' at the news.
Mindi will continue to film the remainder of the final season of 'ER' without her pregnancy being woven into the storyline. She does not wish for the producers planned story arc to be thrown off course. Instead, expect some creative camera angles and surreptitiously placed medical charts and gurneys in later episodes!.

Though fully intending to be a 'hands on mum', she then plans to take only a short break when the baby is born before taking on a new project.

Read the full 'Mail on Sunday' piece here.

C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s from all the PNO crew to Parminder and James on their fabulous news!

      November 24th 2008 

ER Season 13 is released on DVD in Region 2 format in the UK today.
The 'Available Products' page has been updated to include some pointers toward online availability of the latest three DVD set.

The season opens with our heroine Neela mourning the tragic loss of husband Michael while facing the professional challenge of a move to surgery. While her career continues to blossom Dr Rasgotra's personal life is no less fraught as she wrestles with feelings of guilt about moving forward while attempting to resist the romantic advances of no less than three of her colleagues!.

      November 18th 2008 

A new PNO Gallery this week, replete with more super snaps from the very latest  ER action.
Click here to survey a selection of the best Mindi moments from 'Oh Brother' and 'Heal Thyself'. "Age of Innocence", the last Season 15 episode to air prior to the Thanksgiving holiday break can be seen in the US this Thursday (November 20th).

ER Season 13 will be released on DVD in the UK on Monday November 24th

November 3rd 2008 

New to the pages of PNO this week - some of our favourite images thus far from this seasons ER. Check out the 'Season 15 Gallery' for the best moments from 'roomy' Ray's return in last Thursdays episode 'Haunted'.

Shane West's return to the show went some way to answering the call of a huge swathe of fans seeking resolution to the Neela / Ray relationship which underpinned the story arc of Parminder and Shane's characters for a good part of their tenure on the show. 'Reela' fans will have to wait a while longer for Shane's guest slot toward the end of this final season to discover what destiny holds for the two.
The episode registered a higher audience than this seasons premier, a testament to the power and popularity of Mindi and Shane's on screen chemistry and the viewers engagement with their characters. 

Parminder discussed the Roomies reconciliation, life and laughs on the set of ER and her future plans on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last Thursday. To see the interview in full visit the 'Video Media Page'.

   October 29th 2008 

Parminder is a guest on tonight's 'Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson' (12:35am ET/PT  TV14-D).
Mindi has become something of a regular on her fellow 'Brits' late night US chat-fest and is always good value for a few giggles and the latest ER gossip. Her latest appearance is clearly timed to coincide with the much anticipated 'Roomies Reunion' which is to feature in Thursday's new episode of 'ER' (10pm NBC in the US).

To view the very latest and greatest 'Parminder Pics' from ER Season 15, coax your mouse here.

   October 23rd 2008 

A new episode of ER tonight and Neela appears to have been successful in her efforts to persuade Chief Surgeon Lucien Dubenko to return to County General. 
"Parental Guidance" airs in the US at 10/9c.

Catch up with the latest action in 'Neela's ER Diary' and some special shots from 'The Book of Abby' in the Season 15 'ER' Gallery.
A short clip of Parminder and reflecting on Maura Tierney's departure from the show can be found here.    
Mindi, Maura and other members of the ER family took time out to record a message of support for last Sunday's Los Angeles AidsWalk. Take a look here.

   October 16h 2008 

New to PNO this week - images from latest episode of ER and a résumé of all of the action from 'Another Thursday at County'

Tonight's 'ER' see's The County General staff bidding a fond farewell to their longest serving friend and colleague. The episode is titled 'The Book of Abby', so no 'three guesses' as to who that departing heroine might be. Prepare to get emotional!

   October 9th 2008 

Catch up with the latest events in the complex and eventful life of Dr Neela   Rasgotra action in the updated 'ER Diary' and 'Season 15 Gallery'.

New 'ER' screening tonight in the US with the prospect of further emotional farewells to old friends. "Another Thursday at County" 10/9c. Keep the tissues handy.

   October 5th 2008 
   October 2nd 2008 

The Season 15 premiere last thursday launched the new season of 'ER' with a classic County General tear jerker.

After disposing of the sodden Kleenex, the PNO screenshot snapper has managed to assemble a few choice 'Parminder Pix' from the episode 'Life After Death'.
Check out the first installations in the latest 'ER' Gallery

Extended episode résumés will be featured each week in the new pages of 'Neela's ER Diary' throughout the season. 

   September 23rd 2008 

The countdown to the launch of the final season of ER is well underway.

Parminder and longstanding ER Writer/Director Christopher Chulack have been interviewed by MSNBC as the cast and crew contemplate the curtain falling on the legendary drama.
Click here to read Mindi's recollections of being a viewer and fan of the show from the early days before joining the roll call of greats who have graced the trauma rooms of County General. 

   September 15th 2008 

Today sees the release of Season 12 of 'ER' in Region 2 format.

The profile of Parminder's character rises significantly in her third year in the show.
'Neela' features in many of the major storylines, including a central role in the big 'set piece' episodes 'I Do' and 'Two Ships', in which she is flung into the shattering repercussions of a mid-air collision over Chicago.
Warner Brothers have accelerated the release schedule of ER on DVD following the announcement that the upcoming Season will be the shows last.

Season thirteen is slated for Region two release on November 3rd with fourteen expected to follow early in the new year. 
Check out the 'Available Products' page for pointers as to where to start looking for the above and Mindi's other DVD releases.

   September 6th 2008 

Parminder's first UK produced TV project in five years will premiere this weekend -
in New Zealand!

'Compulsion', the feature length drama in which Mindi stars alongside Ray Winstone, will be shown on 'TV One' at 8:30pm local time. PNO understands that the piece is not expected to air in the UK until December or January with a DVD release to follow. 

   September 1st 2008 - Countdown to the final rounds

First off, congratulations to those vociferous and dedicated individuals who spearheaded the 'Save Reela' campaign. 

Regular 'ER' viewers watched the slow-burn on screen relationship between and Shane West and Parminder's character's (Ray and Neela) develop over three seasons of the show. 

The 'Roomies' romance appeared to finally be blossoming toward the conclusion of Season 13, only to see the rug pulled from under it (along with Ray's legs!) in a shocking finale. Since then, a doughty troupe of viewers, assisted by entertainment industry commentators like Michael Ausiellio, have sought to see the pair reunited.

Their concerted internet and email campaign appears to have sufficiently moved ER producers to answer the call as Shane is slated to be making a return early in the new season and again toward its conclusion!

Check out Entertainment Weekly here for news of Ray's return, which is scheduled to occur in the episode to be broadcast in the US on October 30th.
The premiere episode of ER Season 15, entitled 'Life after Death' will be shown in the States on September 25th

The editorial elves here at PNO Towers may have been spending an inappropriate amount of time on the sun loungers in the last couple of weeks, but they've not been idle during the 'shower breaks'
We've added a couple of 'über-glam' Mindi Wallpapers to 'The Art Gallery', courtesy of the prodigiously talented Miss Jasmine Lazzari. Hope you like.

The 'Available Products' page has also been refreshed with details of how you can obtain DVD'S of a couple of rare gems featuring Parminder's past performances. 

Click here for directions.