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      November 17th 2009

Yesterday Parminder was reunited with some of her former 'ER' co-stars to celebrate the induction of John Stamos to the 'Walk of Fame' on Hollywood Boulevard. 
Linda Cardellini and Scott Grimes joined a host of other celebrities together with John's family and friends.

The 'star in the sidewalk' commemorates the actors close on 25 years in show business with a career encompassing work in theatre and film together with a number of high profile roles in American Television. He is also a musician and as a drummer of no mean ability has also found time to deputise as 'sticks man' for the likes of
The Beach Boys.

Click here to see Mindi with John and her old pals at the ceremony.

      September 21st 2009

So, about now we would normally be eagerly anticipating a new season of our favourite weekly medical drama and another roller-coaster ride of emotional turmoil and professional misadventure. 

Fortunately, for those suffering the symptoms of ER withdrawal, help is at hand. At least for those in Europe, Japan et al or in possession of a Region free DVD player.
The emotional fifteenth and final season is released on DVD today.
Click here for a 'heads up' on where you can purchase the DVD box set online as well as a host of Parminder's other work on film and TV. 

ERThe complete Fifteenth season

      August 26th 2009

The recently opened X Repertory Theatre (XRT) in downtown Los Angeles plays host to an industry panel discussion on the current influence of International artists in Hollywood this Thursday, August 27th.
The event also marks Parminder's return to the public arena following the birth of her first child in May.

Mindi and former ER co star David Lyons are slated to be among those joining the discussion. The debate is aimed to focus attention on the opportunities and challenges presented to non-indigenous performers presently working in the US and is scheduled to commence at 7:00pm.

     July 3rd 2009

Parminder is amongst some illustrious company in a new project aimed at generating funds to support children in South Africa orphaned or impacted by HIV/AIDS.

'Nelson Mandela's favorite African Folktales' is released on Tuesday July 7th and is an audio book with a difference. The voices are provided by some of Hollywood's biggest players including Hugh Jackman, Matt Damon, Samuel L Jackson, Scarlette Johannson and Charlize Theron.  

The collection of stories is drawn from the traditions of several countries across the African continent. The project is available as a three CD set or can be purchased as a digital download.
For more information visit the Audio book official website here.

      May 28th 2009 - It's a boy!

Parminder's publicist has confirmed the fantastic news that she and hubby James became first time parents following the birth of their baby boy on Tuesday May 19th!
Son Kai David Singh Stenson, together with his proud mum and dad are reported to all be doing great.

All the PNO staffers offer huge congratulations to the new parents as we crack open a bottle of Lambrusco to wet the baby's head (we know how to live it up!) 

A 'heads up' for UK Parmaniacs:

Parminder's 'farewell' episode of 'ER' may have aired a couple of weeks ago, but Neela does make a fleeting appearance in tonight's grand finale to the medical drama.
The hour long retrospective documentary that precedes the broadcast features contributions from Mindi along from other cast members from the shows illustrious 15 year history is a also a 'must watch' for fans. (8.05pm on More 4 with the final episode from 9.00 to 10.45)

Meanwhile, if you're already suffering withdrawal symptoms following the curtain falling on our favourite hour of weekly med drama, take solace in a browse through PNO's fabulous new 'Compulsion Gallery'

      May 14th 2009 - Final Shift
Tonight UK fans get the opportunity to see 'Shifting Equilibrium', the story that provides Parminder's touching farewell to ER. Although 'Neela' makes a fleeting appearance in the shows final two episodes, this is her real 'swan song' and brings personal resolution to her sometimes triumphant but often turbulent six years at Chicago's County General Hospital.

In equal measure poignant, joyous and ultimately a satisfying conclusion to a journey many fans have followed since 2003 - More 4 at 9:00pm

      May 11th 2009

Compulsion is released on DVD in region 2 format today.

The drama aired in the UK on Monday 4th and certainly had the 'water-cooler effect!
Parminder predicted before broadcast that the new film would likely cause 'a bit of a stir' with some fairly explicit scenes and provocative subject matter.

The overwhelming consensus of those motivated to post to the PNO mailbox was that it was a joy to see Parminder relieved of her surgical scrubs and immersed in a new and very different role. Those fans unfamiliar with some of Mindi's early theatre work and TV roles in productions such as 'Second Generation' should perhaps not be surprised that she would embrace the challenge of such potentially contentious material. 
Critical reaction, though divided on the piece as a whole, almost universally praised the performances of Parminder and Ray Winstone.

The 'Available Products' page now contains details of the DVD release and some suggestions as to where you can source it online. Region 2 availability only so far, so sadly you'll need a 'multi-region player if you live outside of areas where that is the standard.

May 1st 2009

C  o  m  p  u  l  s  i  o  n

So you thought things might be getting a little quiet around here - think again!

Parminder's first British TV movie since Second Generation in 2003 will premiere in the UK this Bank Holiday Monday (May 4th) on ITV1 at 9:00pm.

'Compulsion' has echoes of that earlier production in that it is a contemporary reworking of an historical drama.

The piece is based on a Jacobean tragedy called 'The Changeling' (the title was to have been retained but was changed post production, possibly to avoid confusion with the recent cinema release of the same name). In the original, a young woman called Beatrice-Joanna is unwillingly betrothed to Alonso who she arranges to have murdered by a character called De Flores in order that she might unite with her true love. Unfortunately De Flores is himself besotted with Beatrice-Joanna...

Joshua St Johnston's screenplay for 'Compulsion' transfers the plot to present day Britain. Parminder plays Anjika, the daughter of a wealthy Indian industrialist called Satvik, who
intends that his daughter marry Hardik, the son of a business associate. Anjika has other ideas and has formed a relationship with a fellow student from University.

The 'De Flores' character in this instance manifests in the form of Don Flowers (Ray Winstone), who is employed as Satvik's chauffer. Though no fan of her fathers 'bag man', Anjika is tempted by his unexpected offer to assist her in escaping from an arranged marriage. She is, however, repulsed to learn that his services come at a heavy price - she must spend the night with him.

'Compulsion' has provoked controversy even prior to broadcast due to some explicit scenes and its dark themes of exploitation and sexual obsession. Parminder herself has expressed an expectation that some may have an adverse reaction to the film's distinctly 'adult' content "I always said I'd never do a nude scene - but now I have. I know there will be a huge fuss when Compulsion comes out. It's partly because of the fact I'm Asian. People don't expect me to do that. I never expected myself to do that,"
"My mum will probably disapprove but I'll deal with that. I'm old enough now to make decisions like this".

Mindi was asked what encouraged her to take the role "Because Ray was attached. Initially, when I read the script I went, here we go, arranged marriage, don't want to do that again. But as I started working on it I thought "God, this is really dark! There's no redeeming quality in Anjika at all. It was quite nice to play someone...not nice!"

The choice of role (a spoilt rich girl with a seriously defective moral compass) and the films uncompromising approach to its subject matter may come as a surprise to some fans. The majority will likely celebrate the fact that, when presented with the opportunity, Parminder continues to embrace the challenge of defying conventions in her choice of work.

'Compulsion' will be available in Region 2 DVD format from May 11th.
Meantime, check out some fantastic visual tasters in the latest PNO Gallery

Images by kind permission of ITV and Size 9 Productions.

      April 1st 2009

Parminder attended the 'ER' wrap party at Social Night Club in Hollywood on Saturday night (March 28th).

The event brought together cast and crew members past and present to celebrate the show's 15 year history in the week prior to the broadcast of its final episode.
The actors enjoyed individual video montage's of their characters journeys and Executive Producer John Wells recognized the work of all those who had contributed to the Medical drama's enduring success.

Parminder looked radiant and appeared to be hugely enjoying sharing memories of six life changing years as a member of the ER family.
Check out the Video Media page to view some footage from the event including Mindi's former 'on screen' husband Sherif Atkins recalling some memorable steamy scenes!

      March 30th 2009

New to the pages of PNO this week - a selection of images completing the Season 15 ER Gallery (Boo Hoo!!). Check out a pictorial passage through Neela's farewell scenes here.
Revisit some magical moments from Seasons 13, 14 and 15 via our ER Pages.

      March 18th 2009 - All Good Things...

Parminder fans stand by!

Stock up on the tissues to dry those eyes. After six years of sharing her highs and lows, bearing witness to the tears, traumas and ultimate triumphs of her professional life and riding the roller coaster of personal crisis and relationship turmoil, Neela Rasgotra this week takes her final rounds at County General.

Thursday night's episode of ER (in the US) will see Parminder's character bid farewell to her friends and colleagues at Chicago's famous fictional hospital. The big question remains - will one of longest 'slow-burn' relationships in TV history finally find resolution. We speak of course of Neela and former ER colleague Ray Barnett (Shane West), now a double amputee after being hit by a truck following a fateful night drowning his sorrows due to feeling spurned by the object of his affections.

The show trailer offers a teaser as to what may lay in store. You can catch a first look at 'Shifting Equilibrium' here.
ER remains a landmark show in TV serial drama, often imitated but rarely bettered.
(Medical professionals have regularly cited it as offering the most accurate representation of the workings of a hospital and its depiction of medical procedures)
The show has remained a staple of the prime time schedule in the US and overseas and will be sorely missed by it's legions of fans.
(Hey, don't despair - 'ER' is one of the most widely syndicated shows in the history of forever and every season will soon be available on DVD - see the 'Available Products' page).

Executive Producer John Wells deserves hearty congratulations for having the vision to cast Parminder in this groundbreaking role back in 2003 and for sustaining the productions consistent quality through to its curtain call.

Meanwhile... here's a neat little interview (for some reason seemingly conducted during a shopping trip) in which Mindi talks about the thrill of appearing alongside (gorgeous) George Clooney, recalls magical moments making ER and contemplates a major new role she is about to undertake! 

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      March 6th 2009 - In Your Dreams

Spring has sprung here at PNO HQ, though looking out of the window, we'll take some convincing!. We can at least celebrate a fresh season of news updates with a bright and breezy selection of images from the DVD release of 'In Your Dreams'.
Parminder stars alongside fellow Brit Dexter Fletcher and Linda Hamilton of Terminator fame in Gary Sinyor's cool and quirky comedy.

In common with many stars of TV drama, Mindi has had limited time to 'squeeze in' side projects between regular filming commitments on ER. This low budget but big hearted independent film was shot in just five weeks in 2007 and provides fans with an opportunity to enjoy our favorite actress out of surgical scrubs and the snowy environs of Chicago. Click here to view 'The In Your Dreams' Gallery. 
The Region 2 DVD of this movie has been available since February 16th with a Region 1 release scheduled for April 14th

      February 16th 2009 

Parminder exchanges surgical scrubs for motorcycle leathers in Gary Sinyor's weird and wonderful surrealist comedy 'In Your Dreams'. The movie is available in Region 2 DVD format for the first time from today.

Check in on the 'Available Products' page for some pointers as to where you can purchase a copy online.

To catch up on some prime pictorial action from the very latest ER episodes visit the third Season 15 Gallery.

      February 3rd 2009 

OK! Magazine has an exclusive feature on Parminder and James's wedding, which took place in Los Angeles on January 17th.

Click here to take a look at their lovely snaps from the day and check out the wedding band featuring ER pals John Stamos on drums and Scott (Soul Man) Grimes on vocals!.

      January 31st 2009 

Check out Parminder's responses to The 'Guardian Online's' regular 'My life in shopping' feature here. Mindi reveals some of the contents of her wardrobe, suggests Keira Knightly as an ideal shopping companion and discusses why London is hipper than LA (as the location for a bit of retail therapy, at least!)

'In Your Dreams', featuring Parminder in her first British comedy movie since 'Bend It Like Beckham', has finally been given a confirmed DVD release schedule.
The film will be available to purchase in Region 2 format from February 16th with a Region 1 release to follow on April 14th. Call back here for more on this in the next couple of weeks.

                            C h i c a g o - "My kind of town" say the ER crew

Yesterday (January 30th), Parminder took time out from ER's final location shoot in Chicago to attend a ceremony hosted by the cities Mayor Richard Daley. The event marked the conclusion to a partnership between city governors and the actors and production team that has facilitated the utilization of Chicago's sights and sounds as a vital backdrop to the drama throughout its epic 15 seasons. Though the majority of the shows filming takes place 'on set' in Los Angeles, Mindi and her fellow actors have completed numerous location shoots in 'the windy city' throughout the shows run.

Parminder and David Lyons represented the current cast members together with Season 15 guest returnee Noah Wyle and Executive Producer Christopher Chulack.
The actors related anecdotes of their experiences of filming in the city and concluded by presenting a framed picture of the current cast to Paul Volpe, the Mayor's Chief of staff. Mr Volpe in turn officially declared January 30th to be ER Day in Chicago.

      January 28th 2009 

New to PNO this week, a selection of images from the ER episode 'Dream Runner' - a strange tale of 'Sliding Doors' style recurring dreams in which Mindi takes centre stage.
Click here to see the latest additions to the ER Gallery.

The next instalment of the final seaon goes out in the US on February 5th

    January 19th 2009 

Huge congratulations from all the PNO crew to Parminder and long term partner James who were married on Saturday afternoon (January 17th). Mindi hinted at her intentions to wed following the public announcement in December that the couple are expecting their first child in the late Spring.

The ceremony took place at a private residence in the Hollywood Hills and was attended by the couples family and friends. Our heartfelt best wishes are extended to both of them on behalf of all the contributors and regular visitors to this site.  

      January 15th 2009 

Tonight's brand new episode of ER is 'Dream Runner' and if the official NBC trailer is anything to go by it looks like a five star one for Neela content and a must watch for Parminder fans.
Dr Rasgotra has itchy feet and is considering a future outside of County General.
A job interview unexpectedly reunites Neela with a familiar face from the past and the opportunity to ruminate on whether the grass really is greener…..

The second episode of the new season, 'Another Thursday at County' can be seen in the UK on More 4 at 9.00pm. Check out the latest PNO pictorial pleasures with some new additions to the Season 15 Gallery here.

      January 8th 2009 

Still picking out the pine needles from the carpet?.
A quick 'heads-up' to avoid missing any of the latest County General action.
US viewers can catch the first post Holiday episode of ER this evening
(Thursday 8th)
The swansong season (with the usual delay) launches in the UK tonight with the premiere episode airing on More4 (Digital) at 9.00pm (Keep your Kleenex at hand for that one!).

The drama 'Compulsion', starring Parminder and Ray Winstone, was originally scheduled to have been shown in the UK over the holiday period with a DVD release to follow. PNO understands that this has now been put back to early Spring.
We'll let you know as soon as we have a confirmed broadcast date.