The Errant Gene

A radio play broadcast in the UK on October 22nd 1999 on BBC Radio 4
(The afternoon play)

Written by Rukhsana Ahmad

Parminder plays Didi Davidson


The Errant Gene was another play with an intriguing theme but too many coincidences. Rukhsana Ahmad crafted her script with enough expertise to suspend questions of credibility long enough for the audience to be drawn into a drama of strong topicality.

Geneticist Didi (Parminder Nagra) was working on a drug to control the gene which causes violent behaviour. Making her a carrier gave a piquancy. Then the narrative went into overdrive, with Didi turning into a bovver-booted infidel.
Finally, the writer struck a mortal blow to the research project by pointing out glaring flaws which no one had seen before. This authorial pragmatism rather discredited the entire basis of the play.

by Moira Petty

Small Potatoes - Season one

A situation comedy series first broadcast in the UK between November 9th and December 14th 1999

Written by Richard Pinto and Sharat Sardana

Parminder played the girlfriend of primary character
Rick Roy, played by Sanjeev Bhaskar


Small Potatoes started out as Hewitt, E in a pilot episode commissioned by C4 as an unacknowledged British answer to Seinfeld.

Ed Hewitt runs the shambolic Screen Dreams video shop in Leytonstone, east London. He has a media-studies degree but is underachieving, consoling himself with the thought that video rental is part of the media business. His working day is enlivened (and/or complicated) by visits from three friends - sex-obsessed Rick, who works in his family's chemists shop; aspiring photographer Juliet; and the vague Benett, currently working as shoe-hire boy at a bowling-alley. The four often meet at the Hosscafe, a downmarket diner run by the friendly but oblique Hoss. The quartet don't do very much but chat a lot and make plans that will never be realised. In short, they are slackers - but, to their credit, slackers with jobs.

Researched and written by Mark Lewisohn - The Guide to comedy