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Parminder''s Playlist    
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   1. Bageshree:      Second Sky (Music)

   2. Lazy Sunday:   (Talk)

   3. Gagen Grewell interview   (Talk)

   4. BBC World Service - The Strand   (Talk)

1: Bageshree      Artist:   Second Sky

The first track on 'Parminder's Playlist' comes courtesy of Pennsylvania based Electronica collective 'Second Sky'. The band tell us that the piece was inspired by and written as an 'homage' to Parminder.

Not only do these boys demonstrate great taste in their choice of a 'muse' - the track is a little gem!.

"The name Bageshree comes from the raga on which it is based. It features Steve Jewett on Sitar. The original idea for the music came about after seeing "Second Generation", and thinking that something "gentler", but still "East-meets-West" would've been a nice contrast to much of the more aggressive Bhangra music in the film, something more suited to Parminder's character. We also wanted it to be subtle, in reference to her acting style. The time period during which we were working on the track was also "Neela's" big season on ER (The plane crash, the wedding, etc...) so Parminder and Bageshree will always be linked for me".

We recommend that you check out Second Sky for some cool and eclectic soundscapes.

2: Lazy Sunday    (See
'Audio Media')

3: Gagen Grewal interview   (see 'Audio Media')

4: The Strand interview (BBC World Service)   (see 'Audio Media')