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May 28th 2007
A number of media outlets are this week reoprting that Parminder has 'signed up' for a new movie entitled 'Falled Hero'. The film is set to co-star fellow Brit Naveen Andrews (Sayeed in 'Lost') under the direction of Partho Sengupta.

Despite suggestions of a production schedule commencing later in the year, with 'ER' commitments resuming in the early fall, it would seem likely that filming will take place after the next season is wrapped.
The movie's storyline concerns a soldier's struggle to adapt to civilian life after been both physically and emotionally scarred by his experience of conflict.
Details of Parminder's role are not yet known, but the initial synopsis and the directors previous work suggests a serious piece, more akin to some of her earlier stage work. We'll carry more when we have it confirmed.

AZN Television's Asian Excellence Awards airs in the US tonight (8pm ET/PT).
The ceremony was filmed on May 16th and Mindi was nominated in the category 'Outstanding actress on TV', Avoid scrolling further down this page if you don't wish to have a 'heads up' on the winner - suffice to say - watch the show if it's viewable where you are!

The 'Print Media' page has been updated with new samples of Parminder in print' and has been reformatted for easier viewability. Enjoy mon amis! 

May 22nd 2007
Well, we've heard of kicking someone when they're down, but trampling them under foot!!?
Poor Neela and her cohorts misfortunes continue and will be recounted in the closing pages of the 'Season 13 Diary' later this week. (PNO outside the US may wish to avert their eyes until the finale screens where you are - the UK is at present up to episode 19).

The 'ER Gallery' has been updated with some striking pictorial poignancy from 'The Honeymoon Is Over'.
here to watch an 'on set' interview with Parminder in which she discusses the climax to Season 13, and here for Shane West's take on the latest 'ER' action.

May 18th 2007 - Co n g r a t u l a t i o n s !
Parminder scooped the award in the category 'Outstanding Actress on TV' at the AZN Asian Excellence Awards on Wednesday evening. The ceremony honours individuals of Asian heritage and Asian-Americans' contributions to the world of arts and entertainment.
Mindi accepted the award in person and the show can be seen on AZN Television in the on Monday May 28th.

A resume of Parminder's previous awards and nominations can now be found on this site in the 'Stage, Screen, TV and Radio' pages.

'In your Dreams' had it's first preview screening for industry buyers at The Cannes film festival yesterday. The movies 'My Space' pages have been updated to coincide with the launch and now include the first preview clips featuring Parminder's character, Charlie. Click here to view.

Check for PNO updates on the finale to Season 13 of ER this weekend!

May 15th 2007 - Festivals and Finales
The finale to Season 13 of ER is broadcast in the US this week on
Thursday (May 17th).

The same day, Parminder's first British Movie since Bend It Like Beckham receives it's industry launch at the Cannes Film Festival. 'In Your Dreams' will be shown again at the festival on Sunday 20th. General release details to follow as soon as we have them.

Mindi has been nominated in the category of 'Outstanding actress in a TV production' at the AZN Television 'Asian Excellence Awards'. The Ceremony takes place tomorrow (May 16th) at Royce Hall (off Sunset Boulevard). The show will broadcast on Monday May 28th.

We have a couple of new images from the most recent ER episode, 'Sea Change' in the 'Season 13 Gallery'. 'Neela's ER Diary' has been updated to include the action from Abby and Luka's wedding.

May 8th 2007 - Parminder Perplexed

Luka and Abby's long awaited nuptials provided the setting for last Thursdays episode of ER. While the Bride and Groom exchanged vows, Neela was the centre of attention for a number of her ever growing army of admirers!.

Parminder featured large in an episode that delivered laughter and tears in the grand tradition of the show. We felt sufficiently inspired to create a new page dedicated to the 'ER' weddings, and a rare example of Neela relieved of her surgical scrubs. Take a look at
'Neela's Wedding Album'.

NBC have interviews with Parminder and other members of the crew discussing this episode. A link is included on the
'Video Media' page.

May 3rd 2007 - Fight Night
New 'ER' tonight (to air in the US at 9:53 / 8:53C) promises an alchohol fuelled head to head (fist to fist) confrontation betweeh Ray and Tony after weeks of sparring over Neela.

Parminder and co-star Mekhi Phifer discussed the new episode in an interview with First Coast News yesterday. The 'ER' two'some also offered some teasers about upcoming plotlines for their characters as Season 13 heads towards its conclusion.
Click here to watch the interview in full.

April 30th 2007 - Blink and you'll miss her

Parminder featured in last weeks American Idol 'Gives Back' special.

The revenue from the shows phone votes is to be directed to charities both in the United States and Africa. Mindi was one of 36 stars from film and TV struttin' their stuff and lip syncing to the Bee Gee's 70's disco classic 'Stayin Alive'. The roll call of participating celebrities included Rob Lowe, Goldie Hawn , Hugh Laurie, Hugh Grant, Lisa Kudrow, Calista Flockhart, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Gillian Anderson, Kirsty Alley, Eric McCormick, Teri Hatcher, Kevin Bacon and Keira Knightley!.

Interestingly, the footage saw Parminder and Keira appearing together (in a fashion) on screen for the first time since BILIB in 2002.
Visit the
'Video Media' page to see an image from the piece.

'Neela' also made only a brief appearance in Thursday's episode of ER, entitled 'Lights Out'
'ER Diary' relates her involvement, but it's only a short read!
Things augur well for more significant action for Dr Rasgotra in 'I Don't', the episode to be scheduled for broadcast in the United States on May 3rd. TV Guides preview carries the news that the action centres around a surprise wedding celebration staged by Luca Kovac for 'bride to be', Abby. "Fortified by alcohol, romantic rivals Gates and Ray try to win Neela's affections". Things apparently turn nasty! (Can't wait!).
US based visitors to this site might like to visit their local news stand and pick up a copy of the April 30th issue of OK! Magazine. A nice interview with Parminder is featured which also includes some great photo's. (check back here soon for more from this piece!).

April 25th 2007 
The PNO 'ER Gallery' now includes images from 'Photographs and Memories' and Neela has updated her 'ER Diary' to include a resume of this episode!. Next new action from County General to air tomorrow (April 26th) in the US, with the UK catching up fast on Channel Four, Mondays at 10:00pm.

(To see the latest 'ER' pics, click on the 'Gallery' link above.The most recent images added are highest on the page.). Keep this page bookmarked for the latest news on the build up to the conclusion of Season 13!.

April 18th 2007

At least three of Count General's male medics are seriously smitten with the hospital's surgical 'Golden Girl'! PNO's regular ER resume, 'Neela's ER diary' has been udpated with the very latest action. We also have aprovisional US broadcast schedule for the remainder of the current season. Click here to note your diary.

ER Season 13 Gallery now includes images from 'Photographs and Memories' and the 'Roomies Reunion' episode 'From here to Paternity'.The next new episode of ER, 'Family Business', can be seen in the States this Thursday, April 19th

Episode 15 of the new season, 'Dying is Easy', can be seen in the UK on Channel 4 this Monday, April 23rd at 10:00 pm. Episodes from season 10 and 11 (which feature Parminder) are also being aired weekdays in the UK on More 4 (Digital Freeview).

April 6th 2007 - The mystery of Leicestershire's laziest person
Today, PNO celebrates the holiday by opening our new 'Audio Media' page. The first 'talk' item concerns Pinsie Jones, nominee for Leicestershire's laziest person, 1997.

So, you may reasonably ask, what possible interest could that be to fans of Miss Nagra?.

here and select 'Lazy Sunday' from the 'Jukebox' to find out.

Happy Holiday y'all !

April 5th 2007 

When feeling disposed toward some rather more erudite web reading, the PNO team often drag their curser arrow in the direction of 'The Eisenthal Report'. Aside from being an astute political and cultural commentator, the author is a Parminder admirer who has previously posted on various aspects of her career journey.

His latest piece, an exposition offering an insight into Mindi's appeal as an actor also considers the future and her potential to move onwards and upwards.
here to read.

Swapping your serious for your superficial head, don't forget to register your vote(s) at TiFaux's
'Hottest women of television' poll . Right now, Parminder is 'storming it' in a head to head with Jane Krakowski, but nothing can be left to chance, Parmaniacs!. We'll keep you up to date on the results.

Check back for a special PNO Easter exclusive this weekend!

April 3rd 2007 
From the surgeon's knife to the dentist's drill

Welcome to April on PNO, and to kick of the new month, a fresh preview shot of the soon to be released comedy 'In Your Dreams'. Parminder plays Charlie, a dental nurse employed by 'disillusioned dentist' Albert Ross (Dexter Gordon). Though still portraying a health care professional, that is where comparisons with our favourite 'ER' Doc would seem to end… regardez, si vous plais, our previous promo image in the March 28th Update!.

Click on the image to get the full picture
2006 Pank Sethi Photography

TiFaux, the popular media and culture 'mash up' blog, has this week opened the third round of its ongoing poll to find the 'hottest' women (and men) of television.

We're taking an interest in this bit of frivolity because Mindi has progressed through to round three in the ladies contest. The format puts two celebs up against each other, with the person garnering the highest percentage of the public vote moving forward to the next stage. Parminder has already won through against Lucy Liu and Evangeline Lily (Kate from 'Lost') in rounds one and two - go girl!. Click here and make your vote count. (you know it makes sense).

March 28th 2007 - 'In Your Dreams - A reality ! 

Pank Sethi Pank Sethi Photography.co.uk

Parminder gets to exchange surgical scrubs for 'motorcycle chic' in this first sneak preview of the new movie 'In Your Dreams'. Writer/Director Gary Sinyor has kindly provided PNO with this first taster of Mindi 'in character' as 'Charlie'.

The British Director has also confirmed that, in answer to numerous queries to this site, 'In your Dreams' will premier at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

The movies central character is played by Dexter Fletcher, who at present stars in the highly successful 'Hotel Babylon' on the BBC in the United Kingdom. (American audiences may be familiar with Dexter from films such as 'Lock, stock and two smoking barrels', 'Layer cake' and on TV in 'Band of Brothers').

He plays a dentist whose childhood optimism and ambition has been shattered at a young age by an adolescent infatuation that ultimately leaves him broken hearted. Unfulfilled and embittered in his adult life, things take a dramatic turn after he suffers an accident. Soon afterwards, his nightly dreams begin to manifest into reality…

General release details are not yet available, but bookmark these pages for the latest or join our mailing list for up to the minute news.

March 19th 2007  
Parminder is pictured in this months 'InStyle' Magazine at a party hosted by 20th Century Fox president Gary Newman to celebrate the first fruits of his California vineyard, Jorian Hill.

he celeb guest list included Kiefer Sutherland and Lucy Lawless.

See Mindi with a couple of glasses of the finest 'red' lined up in the Print Media page.

We are continuing to update the 'Stage, Screen, TV and Radio' pages with new images and production details of the projects in which Parminder was involved in the early stages of her career.

March 14th 2007 - Parminder 'On the Piste' and 'In the past'  
Last weekend Mindi took a break from filming the concluding episodes of ER Season 13 to hit the ski slopes of Lake Tahoe. The jaunt was, however, no idle vacation. She was joined by County General colleague Scott Grimes (Dr Archie Morris) and a plethora of acting and sporting celebrities to raise funds for Special Olympics athletes.

The 'Cingular Celebrity Winterfest' included a ski challenge in which teams comprising of a combination of corporate guests, a 'Special Olympics' Alpine Ski Athlete and a celebrity skier competed against each other. News of our gals performance on the slopes is yet to filter through, but more significant is the fact that the event raised over $558,000 for an extremely worthy cause.
The Special Olympics provides free training and organizes competitions for young people with developmental disabilities, giving the opportunity to increase physical fitness and participate in the sharing of gifts, skill and friendship with their families, other athletes and the community.

Pictured from left to right are Scott, Mike Buie (Mystery Alaska), Mindi, Susie Enos, Joel David Moore (Dodgeball) and Kevin Durand (Smokin' Aces).

Click on the picture to view the image in all its resplendent bigness.

Back here at PNO, we thought the ER season break (for US viewers) would provide a good opportunity to take a step back, do a bit of 'deep background' and revisit Parminder's early career on stage and TV in the UK.

The 'Stage, Screen, TV and Radio' page now includes more detailed retrospectives of these early productions, and these will continue to be added in the coming days. regardez-le

March 8th 2007 - Parminder's stock on the rise   

Measuring an artist or performers value in terms of stocks and shares might seem to some a vulgar pursuit. That having been said, taken on its own terms, the virtual world of 'The Hollywood Stock Exchange' can be an amusing distraction, if only for it's ability to prompt indignation at the inexplicably elevated worth of some of those included.

David Eisenthal, a prominent Massachusetts cultural commentator, Parminder fan and friend to this site, has been following 'our girl's' progress on 'the exchange' for a while. His 'Report' confirms that Mindi's value showed a significant increase in the last month, and quite right too, say us.
Links page now includes a button for those wishing to keep up with the latest.

The HSX site yesterday featured a short piece entitled 'Cultural Crossroads' with Parminder prominent in the header image. The editorial discusses the steadily increasing presence of actors of South Asian heritage in American television and cinema. Check it out here .

March 2nd 2007   
A new month, but no new ER due to air in the states until April 12th. (Boo Hoo).

However, things do not grind to a halt on PNO. Coming to this site in March, new features on Parminder's career in theatre and TV prior to BILB,ER et al, together with news on the upcoming release of 'In Your Dreams' and a plethora of fresh Gallery images and Multimedia content.

To see the Winter Updates click here .

February 28th 2007

So here it is…it finally happened… the moment the 'Reela Roomies' fans have been waiting for since Dr Rasgotra grudgingly accepted Dr Barnett's offer of an apartment share.

'The k i s s' snuck in at the conclusion of an otherwise 'Neela light' episode of ER on Thursday. While Gates was pre-occupied with his alcoholic father and relocating his (step?) daughter, Ray finally gets the girl - or does he?

The damnable thing is, those cruel NBC schedulers have seen fit to make us wait until April 12th for more… Doh!. Fear not Parmaniacs, we have plenty in store to provide you with a substitute 'Mindi' fix throughout the month ahead.

Meanwhile, while taking a gentle stroll through the more recondite corners of the blogsphere, we chanced upon a very curious piece.
Major Danby, contributor to
'The Daily Kos', is convinced that should he secure a date with Parminder, it might hasten a resolution to the fraught situation in Iraq.
Read the Major's reasoning behind his proposition
here, but leave your 'serious head' at the door.

Parminder Nagra Online welcomes in Spring tomorrow - look out for the new updates page...

February 21st 2008 - PNO gets F L A S H !

The Gallery pages now include a 'lightbox' presentation to provide an improved viewing experience. To launch this we've included some brand new and rather nice Parminder pics in the ER Gallery. These feature shots from the latest episode to air in the States, 'Crisis of conscience'.

The Print Media page has been updated to include a photo featured in a piece from the February issue of 'People Magazine' in the US, more of which soon.

February 20th 2007
Parminder has become something of a regular on 'The Craig Ferguson Show' in recent times. She will be a guest again on the Scottish raconteur's
'Late Late Show' tonight.

February 15th 2007

Our regular resume of events down at County General continues today.
See 'Neela's ER Diary' entry for February 8th 2007. Parminder offered some insights into her own view of the developing character of Dr Rasgotra in a brief interview with TV Squad's Joel Keller at the recent NBC Winter Press Party.

"Neela went from being this nerdy 'braniac' character to being the slut of the ER this year!. She's a very lonely character, and she's still trying to figure out her stuff with Gates, what all of that means, and does he have too much baggage? It's going to kind of get 'rocky' with that situation". Shane's character, Ray, she's going to keep thinking 'What if?'. He doesn't have any baggage, and he's there and he's interested in her. So I think she's going to be very conflicted about how she feels about things.
It's so great for me that the writers saw that potential. And whatever they throw at me, I deal with within the confines of Neela's character. It's so much fun to see her deal with it and it is very interesting to watch."

A new episode of ER, 'Crisis of Conscience', can be seen in the US tonight. In the UK, Season 13, Episode 7 (Jigsaw) premiers on E4 at 09:00pm

February 9th 2007 - ER shows strong vital signs

The latest entry in the ER Diary recaps an intense but brilliant episode in the dramas thus far excellent 13th season. 'Murmurs of the heart' exemplifies the fine acting and writing that has maintained the shows extraordinary popularity.

Although our resume focuses on Parminder's character, special mention is due to Goran Visnic and Forest Whitaker for their performances in the moving conclusion to the 'Ames vs Kovac' story arc.

February 6th 2007 - Roomies Reunited ?

Don't get too exited 'Reela' fans!. Parminder is pictured at Shane West's recent Hollywood housewarming party. The two ER 'roomies' were joined by a guest list composed primarily of the shows regular cast members. The party is featured in this months 'InStyle' magazine.
Check the new Print Media page for more.


February 1st 2007 - Roomies Reunited ?
February is amongst us and the new month brings a fresh fix of 'Neela' action for fans deprived of a new ER episode for the last couple of weeks. 'Murmurs of the heart', the latest from Season 13, premiers in the US tonight.

The PNO Multimedia pages are now up and running with more video and print features to be added in the coming days.
January 25th 2007  
NBC's annual Winter Press Tour 'All Star Party' was held at The Ritz Carlton in Pasadena on January 17th.
Parminder attended with other 'ER' cast members and a plethora of well known faces from the network's rosta. Mindi looked 'a picture' in a black dress.

Sadly, no new ER episode is due to air in the US until next week (February 1st).
'The Doctor's Diary' will bring you up to speed with the
latest events at County General here



January 12th 2007 - LA beckons the Beckhams  
Soccer superstar David Beckham, the hero for Parminder's character in her breakthrough movie of 2002, is to join LA Galaxy in August this year. A relaxation of the Major League Soccer salary cap in 2006 means the deal is reported to be worth $250 million over a five year contract!.

Dismissing the obvious monetary incentive, Beckham explained his own motivation for the move: "I look forward to the new challenge of growing the world's most popular game in a country that is as passionate about its sport as my own".

The rumoured transfer to MLS has been the subject of much speculation in the US and in Madrid, where David has 'plied his trade' for the last three years. It also completes a curious example of art predicting life. The conclusion of 'Bend it like Beckham' saw Jess and Jules depart for Santa Clara, California, to pursue their soccer dreams. Parminder's career path soon afterwards saw her decamp to LA to join the cast of ER and now Beckham follows suit in locating to the Golden State.

I see the potential for a photo opportunity…

January 9th 2007 - LA beckons the Beckhams  
The ER Gallery has been updated to include four new images from 'Breach of trust' and Neela's ER Diary recounts details of the latest spanner to be thrown in the works of Dr Rasgotra's faltering relationship with Tony Gates.

UK Parmaniacs - look away now if you don't want to be 'spoiled'!.
(Hope you enjoyed 'Bloodline').

January 4th 2007   
Tonight sees the resumption of ER Season 13 in the States. The pre-Christmas break episode found our very own Dr Rasgotra the object of the personal and professional attentions of a seemingly growing number of County General's male employees. Her irresolute relationship with Gates seems likely to be tested still further by the intervention of his 'ex'.
Meg, already in denial and appearing unwilling to accept that her feelings for Tony are not reciprocated, looks set to further reveal herself as a potential 'bunny boiler'.

Meanwhile, ER deprived UK Parmaniacs get their first opportunity to sample season 13 tonight. Episode One, 'Bloodline', premiers on E4 at 9.00pm.