About Parminder

"The character of Jess is very close to me. She is honest, steadfast and a little fighter on the pitch, much like me. She also follows her heart, which is something that I do too"

Parminder Nagra attained international recognition and won the hearts of cinema audiences in 2002 as the lead actor in the movie Bend It Like Beckham.
Her portrayal of Jess Bhamra, a football obsessed teenager whose determination to follow her dreams challenges the expectations of her family, was central to making the film a global box office hit.

The success of the movie in the U.S led to a part in America's seminal and widely syndicated serial medical drama ER .
Having completed her sixth season and ascended in the shows hierarchy, Parminder is today amongst the most recognized British actors in TV and cinema.

The full and fascinating story of Miss Nagra's career journey from Leicester
to LA will soon be published in the Biography pages on this site.
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The following collection of 'Factoids' may satisfy the curiosity of trivia junkies!.

Full Name: Parminder Kaur Nagra
Nickname: Mindi
Date of birth: October 5th 1975
Place of Birth: Belgrave, Leicester (East Midlands), England, UK
Nationality: British
Heritage: Indian
Culture: Punjabi
Religion: Sikh
Siblings: One sister and two brothers (Parminder is the eldest)
Qualifications GCSE's, 'A' Levels and an Honorary Doctorate of Letters (awarded by the University of Leicester - July 2007)
Height: 5' and 1:5" / 156 cm (or 5' and 3" in certain publications, though without drawing the tape measure ourselves, we are inclined to place greater credence on the first figure)
Handedness: Parminder is right handed
Star Sign: Libra. To see a professional astrologers reading click here
Shoe Size: Size 3 UK / 6 US (God, this is anorak material!)
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