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December 24th 2007 - H A P P Y  C H R I S T M A S !

Phil and Kam wish Parminder's fans, the many correspondents and regular or occasional visitors to this site, a very happy and peaceful holiday

December 18th 2007 

The latest installment of Neela's ER Diary brings events in the life and burgeoning career of our Chicago surgeon right up to date. Take a look at 50 sparkling new images to accompany the narrative in the Season 14 Gallery.

Meanwhile, rumours abound in TV land that despite widespread speculation suggesting the current run of ER would be the shows swansong, the continuing Writers Guild of America strike action may secure a 15th season after all.
The talk is that a foreshortened season may prevent producers from bringing a satisfactory resolution to the story arcs of the shows central characters. ER Executive Producer John Wells, a former President of the WGA, returned to the Directors chair for the shows landmark 300th episode. He has publicly voiced his support for the screenwriter's current action.

PNO understands that three further episodes were scripted prior to commencement of the industrial action in November and that these are now 'in the can' and slated for broadcast in January. Neela fans can look forward to our heroine donning her skates for some unlikely 'ice hockey' action!

December 4th 2007 
Welcome to the PNO Winter News page. We'll be updating as usual throughout the festive season and into the new year.

'ER' celebrates a TV landmark this Thursday in the States with the broadcast of the shows 300th episode! Mindi yesterday attended an event to mark the milestone at The Paley Centre for Media in Los Angeles.
Click here to see a short interview recorded at the Centre.

Stats anoraks out there might be interested to know that this episode will be the 97th in which Parminder has appeared as Neela Rasgotra. (we stand to be corrected by any 'sad' fact fans who have done the maths). We'll be looking to break out the milk and cookies when our gal hits the century mark in the new year.

Neela's ER Diary is now fully up to date with a complete resume of the very latest action from Season 14. The ER Gallery also features some nice shots including images from 'Skye's The Limit'.

November 29th 2007 

New 'ER' returns to US screens tonight after a weeks break for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Missed an episode or need a memory refresh
of Dr Rasgotra's journey so far in Season 14?
Neela's ER Diary is now up to date with our favorite surgeons triu
mphs and misadventures
at County General.

Read the latest Diary entries here.

More images from the new season to be added to the Gallery this week!.

November 20th 2007 

Parminder joined the 'high rollers' and a throng of Hollywood glitterati at the weekend launch of The Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas last Saturday evening (November 17th).

The opportunity to fraternize with some entertainment industry aristocracy meant the attractions of the city of lights roulette tables weren't uppermost in Mindi's mind. "I'm really the wrong person to be here because I don't gamble, but I like to come to Vegas. You get to meet people!"

Among over 100 stars with whom Parminder will have had the opportunity to rub shoulders were Kevin Spacey, Bruce Willis, Eddie Murphy, Sylvester Stallone, Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes) and Vegas regular Tom Jones!.
The celebs joined an invited audience in the venue's theatre for a 'one off' performance by Barbra Streisand.

See Parminder on the Planet Hollywood Red Carpet here.

November 14th 2007 

Unless you are a resident of Los Angeles and were 'up with the lark' watching breakfast TV on October 10th, you may have missed this one. Mindi sat in with the playful Ktla Morning Show crew and gave a breezy interview, amongst other things spilling the beans on an uncharacteristic failure to bond with one of her 'ER' co stars!

Curious? Ktla.com now have the whole piece in their online archive. Check the latest link in the ' Video Media' Page to take a look.

November 10th 2007 - Parminder walks the line 

Cast and crew involved in the production of the current season of 'ER' this week found themselves at the centre of the strike by members of the Writers' Guild of America. The screenwriters union commenced their action on Monday after failing to reach settlement over royalties from such things as DVD sales and internet re-usage of their work.

Parminder highlighted the dilemma facing actors, who inevitably become embroiled in the dispute, in comments recorded by 'Hollywood Reporter' Columnist Ray Richmond:

"Of course we all totally support the writers, believe me, but the truth is that there are 150 to 200 people on our crew who depend on us and this production. These people live pay check to pay check. If we just stop production, they suffer. It puts us all in a weird position. We in the cast have walked the picket line, but it's also about our crew. This all just seems like a bad dream.

"We're all in this together. The writers have to know that. The SAG contract goes up next. When I hear that the sides aren't even talking, it infuriates me. The whole thing just seems so cut-and-dried to me. Of course the writers deserve compensation for all of their work. I only wish this whole thing wasn't impacting crew people who so depend on this job for their survival

Expressing their solidarity with the writers, ER cast members together with Executive Producer John Wells, a former President of the WGA, joined the picket line outside Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank on Tuesday afternoon.

John Stamos was separately reported as stating that the actors had discussed plans for personally providing funds to support crew members, who might have trouble making car and mortgage payments if production was suspended.

Read Ray Richmonds full piece in 'Past Deadline' here.

November 5th 2007  

Parminder and a host of past and present 'ER' cast and production team members attended an event on Saturday night (November 3rd) to celebrate the shows 300th episode.

The 'landmark' party was staged at 'The Cabana Club' on Ivar Avenue, Hollywood.
The majority of the present ensemble cast were joined by various 'deceased and departed' faces from the shows history,including Laura Innes and Paul McCrane.

Mindi wore an elegant pink sari for the evening, continuing her recent preference for traditional dress at Red Carpet events.
Sneak a look in the 'Red Carpet Gallery' to see her outfit.

'Access to Hollywood' presenter Laura Saltman interviewed cast members on the set during filming of the milestone episode, titled '300 Patients'. It is provisionally due to air in the US on December 6th. Check out Parminder and Mekhi Phifer discussing the ghosts of 'ER' past here.

October 31st 2007  

No tricks - only treats on this site. We've added a few new 'Parminder Pics' from the very latest 'ER' episode 'Under the Influence'. View the Season 14 Gallery here.

Under orders from Chief Surgeon Crenshaw and against her better judgement, Neela gives her new intern a rough ride on his first day. Steven Christopher Parker as gawky teen genius Harold Zelinski looks like a great new addition to the show.
Hopefully he is scheduled to be a season regular.
New 'ER' episode 'The Test' airs in the States tomorrow (November 1st).

October 23rd 2007  

PNO sets the controls from 'Parminder past' back to 'Parminder present' this week.
The new
'ER Season 14 Gallery' features images from the first 4 episodes (can't believe we're four shows into the new run!). Neela has already moved from holding on to life to being left holding the baby.

A recovered Dr Rasgotra rejoined her colleagues in the surgical team at County General last week and was soon engaged in a verbal dust-up with her former 'rival dans amour', Katey. (don't ya just love Neela when she's angry!).
The story in summary to follow next week in 'Neela's ER Diary'.

October 17th 2007  

The BBC aired an excellent 'Bend It Like Beckham' retrospective last week, as part of the 'Movie Connections' series.
We have added a couple of new pages for the benefit of the huge number of Parmaniacs based outside of the UK who will have been unable to see the show.
Parminder's contributions featured amongst a selection of new interviews, which offered cast members and others involved in the production an opportunity to reflect on the film's impact five years on from it's release.

To read extracts from the featured interviews click here.

To view a great gallery of images from Mindi's interview, rest your mouse here.
(we think they're pretty cool anyway!)

October 15th 2007  

Parminder co-hosted The Vijay Amritraj Foundation's 2nd Charity Gala Banquet at the Beverly Hilton, Los Angeles on Saturday evening (October 13th).

The former tennis star, actor and United Nations Messenger of Peace established the foundation to raise awareness and funds to support charities serving children and adults in India who face extreme challenges in life; HIV/AIDS, family abandonment, and individuals ostracized by society for their illness. More on the foundation can be found here.

Parminder wore a beautiful pink Sari for the event.

October 8th 2007  

British Parmaniac's have the opportunity to indulge in a little 'Bend It Like Beckham' nostalgia tonight. The latest edition of the BBC's eight part series 'Movie Connections' is dedicated to the making of the film and considers the impact of it's success on the future careers of it's star's.
Parminder, Anupam Kher and director Gurinder Chadha are all featured in recent and extended interviews.
'Movie Connections' is broadcast at 10.35pm on BBC1.

Check back in the coming days for features from the show if you are elsewhere in the world.


October 5th 2007
Nothing much to report today, except perhaps...oh yeah !....

October 2nd 2007  
Parminder returned to TV screens in the US on Thursday night as the hapless Neela Rasgotra. The new PNO Season 14 ER Gallery is now up and running with some emotional moments captured from the new season premiere to kick things off.

In an interview with TV Guide.com, Mindi reflects upon the satisfaction derived from portraying her charater's extended journey and offers a few hints as to what the future may hold for Neela. Read the whole piece here.
She makes reference to the unresolved 'Reela' story arc and the fact that the show's central ensemble cast is for the first time reduced to just six actors. (Parminder, Maura Tierney, Linda Cardellini, John Stamos, Scott Grimes and Mekhi Phifer).
Hopefully this should ensure a maximum quota of Mindi magic this Season!

Did you miss Parminder's live blog after the first episode? Read the full transcript here.

September 27th 2007 - The wait is over!  
The new season of ER finally hits the screens in the US tonight. Will Neela survive her trampling at the 'Stop the war' demo?. We certainly hope so or these pages will be bereft of new material over the coming months!.

Don't forget to join Parminder's online chat at NBC's official website this evening (see the link below).
Tune in and keep PNO bookmarked for the most up to date action from County General.

Mindi recounts the experience of playing 'Doctor turned patient' and discusses the latest Brits making a name in Hollywood in a new interview with MSNBC. Regardez.

David Eisenthal's blog may be familiar to regular visitors to this site. A Parminder fan and astute cultural commentator, Eisenthal's Report recently included a piece ruminating on Mindi's future potential to shine and prosper artistically outside of the longstanding medical drama. Check out his thoughts here.

September 22nd 2007 - Parminder Live Online! 
Less than a week to go till the doors of the ER reopen for Stateside viewers.
The official NBC ER pages now feature a sequence of interviews with cast members conducted during the filming of season premier 'The War Comes Home'. Most of the discussion centers around Neela, so it would appear Parminder's character features heavily in episode one (if perhaps with minimal dialog!).

The great news is that Mindi will be taking questions in a live online chat from 11pm EST /8pm PST after the broadcast this coming Thursday.

September 14th 2007 - Past, Present and Future...  

Performing in 'War of the worlds' at age six and the perils of pigtails. The high times and hard times of an aspiring young thespian. The joys of pet ownership and exploding the myth of the Hollywood lifestyle. Read about all of the above and more in an excellent recent interview Parminder gave to her hometown newspaper, the Leicester Mercury. Click here.

She also talks about the continuing enjoyment and satisfaction derived from working on ER. Speaking of which, the PNO countdown to the premier of the show's 14th season is underway.

The early episode US broadcast schedule is detailed below (subject to possible alterations, of course!)

Episode 1 'The War Comes Home' September 27th 2007
Episode 2 'In A Different Light' October 4th 2007
Episode 3 'Officer Down' October 11th 2007
Episode 4 'Gravity' October 18th 2007
Episode 5 'Under The Influence' October 25th 2007
Episode 6 'The Test' November 1st 2007


September 3rd 2007  
Welcome to the new season of news updates on Parminder Nagra Online.
As one curtain falls another one rises (or something like that!).
The new PNO 'Stage Gallery' now features some shots from Parminder and Linda Cardellini's performance at last month's 'Hot in Hollywood' charity event.

To see a teeny bit of video of the dynamic 'ER' duo belting out a tune click here. (The ER pals appear about half way through the montage).
This month we will be featuring all the build up to the new season launch of 'ER' in the States together with the latest news on Mindi's 'in the pipeline' film projects.
August 22nd 2007 - From Chicago Doc to Hollywood Rock ! 

The 2nd annual 'Hot in Hollywood' Party is an event staged to raise funds for charitable organizations supporting Aids sufferers and research into the suppression and cure of the disease.

Mindi fused her character's hospital garb with a bouffant wig, stiletto heels and leopard skin leggings for a high voltage performance, backed by house band for the evening, 'All Rise' ! The 'ER' twosome wowed the audience with an 80's style 'medical medley' of songs with a hospital theme, culminating in Olivia Newton John's 'Lets get physical'.
The event was hosted by the fabulous 'My name is Earl' star Jaime Pressly.

Click here for some images of Parminder on the red carpet prior to the performance and check back for a whole lot more from the evenings proceedings soon.

August 16th 2007  
Yes, it's summer (at least in our backyard), but the PNO staff are not laid out on sun loungers sipping Malibu's and Guinness - oh no! We've been doing some 'deep background' work and adding new material to the 'Stage, Screen, TV and Radio' pages.  

We're publishing new retrospectives of Mindi's extensive theatrical and TV CV on a daily basis. Start your retro-roving here.

August 6th 2007  
Parminder attended the 12th Annual Miss Showbiz India USA Pageant at The Alex Theater, Glendale, California on Saturday evening (August 4th).
The event provides a platform for 15 young woman finalists to showcase their acting, singing and dancing talents. Performances featuring dramatizations of Indian cultural traditions were judged by a high level panel of entertainment industry professionals.

Anita Vasan, a resident of California, was awarded the coveted title of 'Miss showbiz India USA'. The red carpet event was followed by a wrap party in Beverly Hills and was recorded for TV. Check the Showbiz India TV Network site for regional broadcast dates.

August 4th 2007  
Not too much of note going on in 'Parminderville' in the last couple of weeks (aside from a certain 'ER' co-star 'rocking up' suffering the symptoms of 'jet lag' on Aussie TV). Hell, it's the Summer recess after all!.

The complete oration delivered by Professor Gordon Campbell prior to Parminder receiving her honorary doctorate can now be viewed at Leicester University's website here. Interestingly, as well as a summary of her career to date, the preamble includes reference to Mindi's present and prospective future projects. (presumably sourced from the Gal herself).

Still a few weeks before the new season of 'ER' lauches in the US and already the 'rumor mills' and 'spoiler mongers' are rolling into action.
Despite her misadventures at the climax to Season 13, it is not in doubt that Neela will return for the new season. If the troubled surgeon hadn't enough problems of her own, it seems that this year she will also have to shoulder responsibility for a visiting cousin with a wayward streak.

Missed a previous episode of ER?  PNO's ER Diary now includes the complete Neela Rasgotra story from her first day at County General.

July 13th 2007  
Parminder returned to the UK and her city of birth, Leicester, this week.
She donned ceremonial robes to receive her honorary doctorate from the city's university on Wednesday afternoon.
Mindi addressed an audience comprising of academics, students and alumni at De Montfort Hall and during her speech admitted to being close to tears while recalling those who had influenced her formative years:

"The inspirations in my life were right there under my nose - my mother and my family". She also thanked the university "I feel very fortunate to be stood here right now, especially in this rather fetching gown - I know my mum will love it! (click on the image to view)

Reflecting on her own experiences she continued "A degree is something I always wanted but is something I thought had just passed me by. Recently I have been thinking a lot about the decisions and choices we make in our lives and it occurred to me that you are not always able to control every moment of your life and sometimes that's okay.

I suppose what I am about to say is something of which I'm sure you are all aware, but it is sometimes good to be just reminded of it".

"Throughout your life you will set yourself challenges and goals, and sometimes it may feel like it's not going your way. The one thing you should trust in is your belief in yourself. As long as you recognize the signs that life offers you and you grab those opportunities, doors will open for you. At those times when you feel stuck or down, try doing one new thing once a week, whether it be just sitting on a different part of the sofa or going on a rollercoater ride - even if you are absolutely petrified!".

You can watch a brief excerpt from the ceremony together with an extended interview with the BBC in which Parminder talks about her early years in Leicester here. 

July 10th 2007  
PNO has been on holiday so please excuse our tardiness with updates over the last few days!. Regular service is now resumed and to kick things off we have a new addition to the 'Print Media Page'.
Take a browse here