The War Comes Home

Episode 1

September 27th 2007

Screenplay: Joe Sachs

Director: Stephen Cragg

Victims of the explosion and ensuing stampede at the anti-war rally are being transported to County General. Tony Gates has joined his old paramedic colleagues in an ambulance carrying a young man with a piece of protest sign impaled in his chest. He asks a member of the crew to radio for news about Neela but no information is forthcoming.

The first casualties arrive at the hospital and the trauma rooms are soon a frenzy of activity. Abby is working on a patient and at the same time trying to get news about Neela over the intercom. ER Chief Kevin Moretti hangs up the receiver and instructs her to concentrate on the patient.
Frank at the admit desk is also on the phone making enquiries about Dr Rasgotra but Moretti is on the warpath and chastises him for not focusing on the job in hand.

The crew run to the ambulance bay to receive further casualties. The patient aboard the second of the two waiting vehicles is soon revealed to be the stricken Dr Rasgotra. The paramedic reports that she has extensive injuries to the chest, abdomen and both arms and legs. She is conscience on the gurney and after Moretti checks for signs of concussion, Abby asks her friend how she is doing. Neela replies that she 'has been better' before being transported to a Trauma Room.

Dr Lucien Dubenko leads the Surgical Team through the corridors while delivering his plans for dealing with the mass casualties. He is stopped in his tracks when a member of the team informs him that Neela is amongst those who have been admitted.

Gates enters the trauma room where members of the ER are treating Neela and asks if he can assist. Moretti declines his offer. Dubenko arrives as her condition takes a turn for the worse and it becomes evident that she is bleeding internally. The 'big guns' of the ER and Surgery volubly debate the best course of action. She starts to arrest and Lucien commences compressions while exclaiming "this is what happens when you screw around in the ER!".
A stable pulse is achieved after charging. Abby is defiant when Moretti asks her to attend to other patients and insists that she will not leave her friend. Neela is intubated and quickly transferred for surgery.

In the OR the surgery has begun and things soon get very messy. There is profuse bleeding and Dubenko and Crenshaw argue about how they should proceed. Abby is present, draws their attention and tells them to stop. She fears that Lucien's feelings toward his patient may be affecting his objectivity.
She asks him if the repair can be achieved, as he has suggested and he confirms his belief that it can. Abby tells him that Crenshaw will operate and he will assist:
"you're too close to this and you know I'm right". Lucien hands the surgical tool to Crenshaw.

The surgery proceeds for a further 52 minutes and appears to have been a success. Dustin acknowledges that Lucien's suggested approach was sound and Dubenko congratulates his colleague on his execution of the procedure. The sensitive surgeon is next seen wheeling his still unconscious patient on a gurney as Gates approaches them. Dubenko suggests that it may be best if Tony and the others wait outside until she regains consciousness. In the recovery room Lucien draws up a seat next to the gurney and pauses momentarily before reaching to hold Neela's hand as she sleeps.

The current 'ER family' of Frank, Sam, Gates, Morris and Pratt join Abby in the rest room as they wait for Neela to regain consciousness…

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In A Different Light

Episode 2

October 4th 2007

Screenplay: Lisa Zwerling

Director: Richard Thorpe

Abby arrives to visit Neela who is in a private room at the hospital recuperating from the surgery.
Her attention seems fixed on a daytime TV show she is watching. She thanks her visitor for the magazine and sweets she has brought without averting her gaze from the screen.
Abby tries a different tack to get her friends attention "Brad Pitt's outside - he's over Angelina and the whole adoption thing and he wants you!" She turns the set off and asks Neela if she is okay. The bed-bound doctor sighs and responds "I think I'm addicted to Mornings with Phil and Tina". They discuss Neela's imminent discharge and how she might occupy herself while recovering at home. The conversation turns to Abby's difficulties obtaining a passport for baby Joe. Abby is paged and as soon as she leaves the room, Neela reaches for the remote and resumes her viewing.

Dubenko and Crenshaw are next to visit their infirm colleague. Lucien advises her that she can go home in a couple of hours. Neela is keen to leave her sick bed and comments that she was told that four hour ago. Dustin makes some playful comments about Neela's post operative 'digestive problems'. Lucien and Dr Rasgotra exchange a smile as he leaves the room and says "it's good to see you up and around".

A while later Abby pushes Neela through the hospital in a wheelchair and suggests that she stays with her and Joe for a few days. "It gets quiet with Luka away and besides, I could use a baby sitter". She is initially unsure, but soon warms to the idea. "I guess Joe needs to get to know his auntie Neela…

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'Officer Down'

Episode 3

October 11th 2007

Screenplay: Janine Barrois

Director: Christopher Chulack

Abby is at her apartment attempting to get Joe to eat his breakfast. The phone rings and she takes the call as Neela joins mother and baby and takes over spoon feeding duties at the high chair. The call is from Joe's minder whose own kid is sick so she can't work for a few days. Neela offers to look after the little guy as he continues to holler. She observes that a clearly frazzled Abby is suffering a 'meltdown'.

Cut forward and Neela has indeed been left 'holding the baby'. She is half dozing on the couch with Joe but he isn't too keen on getting some 'shut eye'. Lunchtime in the high chair proves as big a challenge as breakfast. The moment she appears to have persuaded him to take a mouthful the contents of the spoon is catapulted directly into her face!
Bath time does not seem any more agreeable to the little guy who continues to express his annoyance at an impressive volume. Neela casts aside a used diaper and may be regretting so hastily volunteering her services as a nanny.

A while later the doorbell to the apartment rings. Still holding Joe, Neela greets Dubenko who has called around with some wheat grass to boost her immune system after the operation. He asks if she would like to do some Yoga to assist with post-op stiffness. She asks if he has anything for crying babies.

The Yoga class is underway and Neela sits cross legged and practices controlled breathing. She says that it has been of help and thanks Lucian. He broaches the subject of the events at Abby and Luca's wedding and she tells him not to worry and that they were both drunk.
He continues to offer explanation for his behaviour but her attention seems drawn to events elsewhere in the room. "Oh my God - where's Joe?..." The both look at the empty play pen before Joe toddles in to view. Neela coo's "Oh… he's walking!" and comments that Abby will be p*****d off that she missed her son's first steps. 

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Episode 4

October 18th 2007

Screenplay: Virgil Williams

Director: Stephen Cragg

The staff are being offered free makeovers by Angie, the mother of a patient they have previously treated. Abby is the first recipient of this gesture of gratitude and without requesting it has been given a 70's style Farah Fawcett flick. The regulars at the admit desk take a deal of amusement from her appearance and she threatens damage to anyone bold enough to pass comment.

Neela has returned to work and greets Tony from behind a charts counter. She thanks him for the flowers and get well card he sent and they discuss Ray. She confirms that she received a letter from him and that he is okay considering his plight. Gates says, "Give him my best, Mayday" and turns to walk away. She asks if he is ever going to explain why he had coined that nickname for her. Tony says it's the name of his favourite Bond girl, played by Grace Jones in 'A view to a kill'. "She started off as a bad guy and then saved the world. Hey, you're lucky - it could have been Pussy Galore!" She smiles and he heads toward the elevator.

Katey Alvaro arrives at the admit desk, where Pratt, Morris and Sam are gathered. She puts down a collection inscribed with the words 'Ray's Care Package'. Sam asks how he is doing and Katey says she is thinking about visiting him in a couple of weeks. Neela appears and is greeted warmly by the regulars (with the exception of Miss Alvaro) and catches her first glimpse of the newly coiffured Abby. Clearly transfixed by her friend's new look, she is told to stop staring, but Neela suppresses a giggle and states that she can't help it!

The frivolous mood soon shifts to panic as Abby receives a call from a baby Joe's minder. He has suffered a fall and is being rushed to the hospital. The distraught nanny arrives with the little guy in her arms and he looks in a bad way. He has sustained a head injury and is bleeding profusely.
A while later he is receiving attention in a trauma room. Despite the advice of those present Abby is initially reticent to agree to an MRI scan.

Morris takes charge of patient Abby had been treating and discovers that she has uncharacteristically misdiagnosed the man's condition. Neela is called to the trauma room and quickly views the patients films and calls for a central line. He is suffering a haemorrhage around the kidney and needs urgent surgery. She explains that by inflating the arterial line in the renal artery they can raise his pressure and this will improve his chances. Katey is present and does not miss the opportunity to stir things up by questioning the risks in Neela's proposed strategy.

A while later and Dr Rasgotra's plan has proved a success and the patient is dispatched to the OR. Katey walks out and cattily tells Neela that she got lucky. The simmering tension that has existed between the two since Ray's accident finally boils over. Neela tells Katey that when Ray got hurt she was in shock…they all were. What happened to Ray had nothing to do with her. "He was the one that got piss drunk at Abby's wedding and stumbled in front of the truck. Even he says that." Katey asks if she is finished. Neela responds angrily that she can hate her as much as she likes, she really doesn't care, but she won't take the blame for what happened to Ray…

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'Under the Influence'

Episode 5

October 25th 2007

Screenplay: Joe Sachs

Director: Anthony Hemingway

'The Test'


Episode 6

November 1st 2007

Screenplay: Lisa Zwerling

Director: Felix Enriquez Alcal

Neela and new surgical intern Harold walk down the corridor and she quizzes him about a drug addict they have been called to examine. Harold is distracted and is more concerned about his girlfriend who he is to escort to her homecoming dance. He seeks advice about the protocols involved but Neela explains that she did not grow up in the US and is not best qualified to guide him. He prevaricates for a while as they wait for the elevator before confiding "Neela - help me - I'm a virgin!"

The super geek student has 'borrowed' a plastic model of a female genitalia and wants a guide to the 'relevant anatomy' Neela is quickly becoming annoyed and says that she won't touch the model and asks him to put it away. They arrive in the Trauma Room where the patient is seen to have stab wounds and severe lacerations and has been sedated.
Abby and Pratt are discussing Moretti's smug attitude. Henry is still preoccupied with his anatomy model and asks "so where exactly is the 'G' spot. Neela has lost patience and angrily whispers "put that thing away!"

A while later and Harold is still bugging Neela and she asks if there is anyone more appropriate from whom he might seek guidance on matters d'amour. He responds that in the family there is only his grandpa who thinks he still believes in the stork!

Pratt and Morris are cramming for their examination boards which they are to sit the next day. Neela enters the room with Harold still in tow and notices a men's magazine on the table along with their revision material. She asks what it has to do with their studies but also sees the opportunity to 'offload' the teenager into the company of some individuals who might be qualified to address some of his questions. "Do you guys mind if Harold hangs here for a while, he could benefit from your - tutelage". She smiles after persuading the two to let him stay and leaves them offering the recommendation "great guys…smart… experienced".

Cut forward to 4am on the night shift and Abby and Neela discuss their new interns. Dr Rasgotra comments that she has had to send hers to 'man camp'.
They enter the rest room where Morris, Pratt and Harold have been joined by Abby's intern, Howard. Morris has clearly overdosed on caffeine drinks and is a little hyper. The whiteboard displays some stick characters demonstrating sexual positions and a raucous atmosphere prevails.

Neela looks slightly aghast and shouts "Harold, I need you upstairs -right now!" He pleads that they were just getting to the 'toys and accessories' before she angrily retorts that it was not an invitation.
The two enter the elevator and she implores him "whatever poisonous advice they gave you - forget it!" She is surprised when he informs her that the sage duo had talked about the value of a loving relationship and keeping the lines of communication open".
Neela is initially impressed, but her eyes turn upward as his curiosity appears apparently still unabated "Do two orgasms within forty minutes count as multiple?"…

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Episode 7

November 8th 2007

Screenplay: David Zabel

Director: Christopher Chulack

Dr Morris is eager to prove his green credentials and waxes lyrical to all who are prepared to listen about his new energy efficient car. He is less enthusiastic when Neela reminds him of his offer to allow surgical student Harold Zelinski to use his 'pride and joy' for a driving lesson.
Despite Archie's efforts to back track, the three are next seen in the ambulance bay and Harold has taken the wheel of the 'smart' car. Neela takes the passenger seat as instructor and tells Morris that he's "so anal" as he inspects the vehicle for any imperfections.

The car lurches forward while Morris continues to lecture the learner driver and gives chase on foot as they drive away. He runs after the car barking instructions about awareness of surroundings and peripheral vision before himself running directly into the open door of a Hummer!.

A while later the rookie driver and his instructor approach the ambulance bay on foot and
a panicked Morris asks after his vehicle. Neela assures him that it is parked up around the corner. He asks Harold if he has damaged the car. The student equivocates before admitting to having caused a small dent to the fender, but suggests that it adds character!

A hot day in Chicago is exacerbated by the air conditioning failing due to power cuts.
Dubenko is rounding with Dr Rasgotra and the surgical students. They examine a patient and after viewing the films Lucien diagnoses Appendicitis. Harold chimes in and suggests an alternative condition which might be treatable without surgery, but the Chief is unconvinced. The brain box student is not dissuaded and continues to challenge Lucien's conclusions as Neela gestures to him to keep quiet. The consult is concluded but Harold is not and Neela is forced to curtail his immature haranguing by intervening and telling him to "Shut up!"
Dubenko takes Neela to one side and advises her that he wants to discuss Harold's future on the program but will hold off until the next day as he may be say something cruel in the light of what just happened.

The day shifts are over and the County General crew have assembled at Ike Ryan's Diner to celebrate Pratt and Morris's success in their Attending examination boards (though Morris has omitted to tell them that he failed the exam).
Neela sits at a table with Harold as Morris strides up and angrily tells the student that they will talk later about the damage to his car. Zelinski asks Neela if Morris is mad with him and she responds "no - but he is" gesturing toward Dubenko.

A while later and the conversation turns to Harold as Lucien and Neela sit and check the menu. She defends her student but Dubenko is concerned about his immaturity. She asks to be given a month mentoring him, but the Chief's doubts appear well founded as Harold is escorted out of the bar for drinking under age. Dubenko smiles and agrees that she has a month.

Abby arrives and behaving in an uncharacteristic manner. She has clearly been drinking before reaching the bar. She has fallen 'off the wagon' during, and partly as a result of Luca's continued absence. Neela stands by the bar with Lucien and greets her friend, smiling but clearly uncomfortable. Abby jokes that if there is a 'throw down' between the ER and Surgery teams, the emergency crew would 'kick ass'.

The others smile but a there is a general air of concern about Abby's behaviour…

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'Coming Home'


Episode 8

November 15th 2007

Screenplay: David Zabel

Director: Laura Innes

Neela and Harold are paired up again and walk into the ER. He has to be away by six as his girlfriend's homecoming is that evening. Morris has prepped him in the 'ways of love' for the big night and asks if he has his moves worked out. The gawky student proceeds to demonstrate his fledgling seduction techniques starting with the "yawn/reach around approach". Frank observes from the desk and dryly comments that he yawns like a horse. Harold continues undaunted and tests the 'Em and Lo shoulder hold' on Neela to comic effect. The next move from Archie's romancing guide is the 'false drop intentional accidental face to face." Morris surreptitiously slides the case notes off the table and Harold squats down to recover them as Neela does the same. His attempts at a sustained smouldering look and sharp dialogue don't impress and she comments that he is making her feel queasy.
Morris appears to have got over the driving lesson incident (Episode 7) and declares that he is loaning the use of his 'eco wheels' to the 'would be' Romeo for the night.

Marcus Fancea has been admitted after falling whilst clearing the guttering of the family home.
He is just 13 and lives with his father who is a widower and wheelchair bound. Abby supervises Harold, but seems unfocussed and distracted. Neela is present and corrects her friend on a number of points which creates a degree of tension. She feels Neela is showing off in front of her student.
Abby's patience exhausted, she rather crankily tells Dr Rasgotra to take over.

Marcus's father arrives in the trauma room and immediately expresses his concern over Harold's age.
Harold's comment that "what he lacks in experience he makes up for in enthusiasm" does nothing to reassure the man who appears to have a short fuse and issues with medical practitioners in general.
He asks why Abby cannot carry out the chest tube insertion herself, but she is distracted by the sight of Luca standing in the corridor, having finally returned from Croatia. She smiles and runs through the door to greet him.

A while later and Harold returns the trauma room. He is now donning a white tuxedo jacket which Morris has hired for his 'big night'. Marcus appears settles but suddenly develops breathing problems. The boy's respiration becomes quickly strained and Harold concludes that he is suffering from subcutaneous emphysema. Nurse Haleh is the only other staff member present and worriedly asks the student to call for an attending. Harold tells Marcus that because of his fall air is leaking into his neck and torso. He insists that there is no time to delay or administer further sedation and shouts to the nurse to give him a ten blade. He tells Marcus he is sorry but it's going to hurt and commences an incision to the side of his torso. Neela, Abby, Sam, and Morris all rush in followed by Mr Fancea in his chair and are all pretty aghast. Within a few seconds the boys breathing is relaxed and the assembled group stand, jaws dropped but clearly impressed. Harold smiles at his patient and again apologizes.
Morris's attention is the focused on the hired tux, which is now liberally smattered with blood!

Marcus is quickly referred to the OR and Neela takes charge of the surgery. She tells Harold to go to meet his homecoming queen and that he will ample opportunities to 'scrub in' for future surgeries. He leans over and tells the sedated boy that he will check back and see him the next day. Another surgeon arrives to assist, a new face who clearly fancies himself as a bit of a joker. His frivolous attitude is quickly subdued by one of Dr Rasgotra's earnest glares!

Fortunately Morris hired three tuxedo's for Harold to try and he has exchanged the blood stained item for a full on ruffled powder blue number. He is keen to show Neela before leaving but as he arrives in the OR observation gallery a crisis has occurred during the surgery as a fountain of blood spurts from Marcus's chest. Mr Fancea watches with growing concern. Harold begins to offer a forensic analysis of the situation and the potential outcome before looking at the distressed man and checking himself.
Looking down into the ER he continues "Dr Rasgotra is an excellent surgeon and will save him".
The boy's father comments that he thought the young Doctor had somewhere to go. Harold takes a seat and says that he will stay until the boy is okay.

A while later the surgery is completed and Neela joins Harold and Mr Fancea in the observation gallery. The team were able to repair the boy's artery and they are confident that he should make a full recovery. A combination of delight and relief pervades. Mr fancea tells Harold to go to his party. And catch up with Marcus in the morning. The student leaves and Mr. Facea comments to Neela that he is a nice kid - if a little weird. Neela smiles ruefully but clearly agrees with the comment

Dr Rasgotra returns to the ER and approaches Abby who is completing some paperwork. She asks if they have fallen out in view of the earlier exchanges in the tauma room. Abby assures her that they have not but Neela wants reassurance that they are friends and can confide in one another. Abby confirms that this is the case but seems reticent to discuss the matter further. Neela walks away but Abby calls her back and apologises for her recent tardiness but says she is just going through a rough patch and now Luca is back things should improve. It is apparent that Neela senses her friends problems could be less straightforward...

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'Skye's The Limit'

Episode 9

November 29th 2007

Screenplay: Karen Maser

Director: Paul McCrane

Neela operates on a male patient in the OR under Dubenko's supervision. Harold assists and the Chief engages in some small talk about music. Lucien says he has a passion for 'the blues' and the student responds that "recent events have introduced me to that musical genre".

Dubenko is paged to the ER and says he will check back later to review their progress. Neela is hesitant about being left in charge and asks if Crenshaw is available to supervise but he is not. Lucien is confident that she is on top of the procedure. Harold points out that his mentor is now the senior surgeon in the room and she tersely acknowledges that she is aware of that fact.

A while later and things appear to be progressing nicely in the OR. A member of the surgical team asks Harold if he has any photos from the homecoming dance. He responds that he doesn't need pictures and that all he has to do is close his eyes and he's back to that 'magical night'. Neela is curious as to whether he and his girlfriend had enjoyed the evening as, given all the anticipation beforehand, he had not spoken about it. He assures her that they had an awesome time and that "a gentleman never kisses and tells".

Cut forward and surgeon and student wheel their now conscious patient on a gurney into the corridor. Dr Rasgotra smiles broadly and tells the man that she will inform his family of the success of the procedure and arrange for them to come to see him when he is settled and fully awake. She steps away to dispose of her surgical gloves and the patient grabs Harold's arm and winking says "I remember my homecoming date too - way to go tiger!.

Neela is clearly high on the success of her first shot at taking solo charge of a surgery and dances a moonwalk back to Harold and offers up a 'high five' while saying "sweet!"
She is disappointed by his rather 'half hearted' response and tells him that they rocked in there and that he should be 'over the moon'.
He finally confesses that his night with the homecoming queen had not gone to plan and she had left the event with the President of the chess club!

Giving it her best shot at playing agony aunt Neela insists that it is the girl's loss and not his. The teenager is not convinced and is afraid that he will end up old and lonely. She assures him that it is only a matter of time before the right person comes along, he will fall in love and it will be all the more special. In the mean time he should reflect on the success he is achieving and not let that be spoiled by a girl.
He remains deflated and asks what good is success if he is unable to share it with someone and walks away…

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'300 Patients'

Episode 10

December 6th 2007

Screenplay: David Zabel
                 Joe Sachs

Director: John Wells

ER hits the big 300 with this pre-Christmas episode.

Festive frivolities are immediately apparent as teenage Doctor Harold Zelinski appears at the entrance to the ER dressed as one of the three wise men. The Surgery Team have been landed with responsibility for staging a 'living tableaux' of the Nativity for the hospital holiday pageant. Neela and Dubenko make up the remainder of the unlikely biblical trio and are participating in a full dress rehearsal in the ambulance bay with a real, live camel in attendance!. The ill tempered dromedary has taken exception to Lucien and worse still bitten a chunk out of his leg. The hapless Chief Surgeon sits in a wheelchair as efforts to extract a swab from the animal commence. A culture is needed to establish if he will require targeted therapy.

Frank from the admit desk comments that his dad raised horses and volunteers to help but his efforts are thwarted by the grumpy camel. Gates tries his luck but without success.
Neela is next up and dressed in full biblical regalia climbs the step ladder which has been set up in front of the animal. Harold holds the ladder steady but Neela's cell phone rings as she is about to tease a sample from the animals mouth. She asks him to remove it from her back pocket and take the call.
The student flips the phone open and reads aloud "Missed call - from Abby". He cheekily smiles while lifting the back of his mentors costume to replace the phone.
Dr Rasgota succeeds in cajoling the animal to open its mouth and manages to obtain a swab and lowers the sample onto a Petri dish.

Cut forward and Neela approaches the admit desk with Lucien who wheels the 'anti-camel' drip to which he is now attached. She informs Frank that she is returning home to collect her laptop and that Harold will start consults. He clearly doesn't have much faith in the teenager and jokes that she should hurry back.

Neela returns to her apartment and is surprised to find Abby on the couch watching TV. Bemusement soon gives way to shock when she notices a half empty bottle of vodka open on the table and asks her friend what is going on. Abby says that she had called by to collect a coat and decided to have a drink. She soon becomes defensive as Neela, aware of her friends history of alcoholism, asks if this has been the cause of her recent behaviour.
There is a tense atmosphere as Neela attempts to counter Abby's apparent denial by suggesting that she should think of Luca and Joe and suggests that if she loves them she'll do something to address the problem.

Abby reacts angrily and comments that Neela should not offer advice about love with her track record. "I'm sure right now Ray wishes he never met you!" The heated exchanges end as Neela reminds Abby that she no longer lives there and tells her to "Get out"…

A while later and Dr Rasgotra descends the steps of the El station and literally bumps into Luca who is sorting change for a parking meter. He asks if she has seen Abby but she says no and does not make reference to what had occured at the apartment.

A blessing ceremony is taking place in the rest room as Luca and Neela arrive together. Chaplain Julie Dupree has a laptop projector scrolling through a roll call of patients who have passed on at the hospital in the last year. She asks the medics who are assembled to reflect upon patients they have treated who made an impression upon them or from whom they drew inspiration. There is a meditative atmosphere as candles are passed around and Neela recalls the homeless boy who had accompanied his friend, infected with rabies by rats in a cellar where they had slept (S13 Episode 8).

The mood is broken and the ceremony interrupted as the doctors are called away to attend the arrival of a trauma. Sam has been working transport with the paramedics and the rig in which she was travelling has been hit by a truck. A young girl pedestrian caught up in the collision is admitted, together with the truck driver. His condition has been exacerbated by a head trauma caused by a witness who has kicked him, convinced that he is guilty of drink driving.

Neela is called to trauma room to attend to the driver, and Gates suggests a burr hole is required as the man is seizing and there is insufficient time for transferral to the OR.
She instructs that the patient be prepared for a cut down. Sam had hit the driver's assailant to subdue his aggression at the scene of the crash. He has also been admitted but has recovered and seems intent on communicating his anger to the feisty nurse. The man's verbal assault soon escalates to a threat of violence and Gates intervenes, wrestling him to the floor of the trauma room. Neela and Sam look on as Harold steps in to assist by sitting on the now prostrate patient and seems pleased with his efforts and comments "not so tough now, are you!"

The day shifts end and the Chaplain's Blessing Ceremony is concluded in the rest room.
A bowl of saline is placed on a table as the regulars are invited to cleanse their 'healing hands'. Neela steps forward as the scene cuts away to Abby driving on the freeway. She has confessed her problems to Luca and is admitting herself to rehab…

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'Status Quo'

Episode 11

January 3rd 2008

Screenplay: Janine S. Barrois

Director: Andrew Bernstein

Neela has a 'guest' staying at the apartment. Her cousin, Jaspreet (Rebecca Jane Hazlewood) is browsing a guide book to find the best options available for 'painting the town red'. Jas is a party animal but Neela has to go to work and appears to be suffering a hang-over from the previous night out with her relative. Dr Rasgotra is assured that partying will be on the agenda while she is around and Neela asks how long she anticipates staying.
The flighty youngster has travelled from London to the US without her parents knowledge. She does not want any part of the marriage to a doctor they have arranged for her, but seem keen to meet Neela's medical colleagues at the earliest opportunity.

Cut forward to the Surgical team walking through the corridor at County General. Jas has invited herself along and takes pictures of the group. Chief Surgeon Crenshaw poses enthusiastically before the flirtatious photographer takes him by the arm. She jabbers about her cousin's rebel attitude in flying the constraints of the family nest and making her own way in the States. "Neela is the families Mick Jagger". Crenshaw responds that he views Dr Rasgotra more as a backing singer - a Pip to his Gladys Knight. Neela just looks embarrassed.

Harold Zelinski collides into his surgical colleagues and is introduced to Jas.
He's immediately impressed (she's a woman after all) as the new arrival takes him by the hand. The casual suggestion that he might show her the 'sights of the city' appears to triggers an asthma attack in the young prodigy and Neela steps forward to assist her comical charge.

In a treatment room Harold recovers with an inhaler and Neela asks about his asthma. He suggests that the attack was down to psychosexual stress and is more concerned about whether Jas is single. She insists that her cousin is a sex crazed maniac and definitely not the girl for him. His expression suggests that the description has not dampened his enthusiasm. Harold's smile broadens as Crenshaw arrives and states that he will not be required for consults and that he might instead give Jas a tour of the hospital.

Beth Ackerman, a soldier on leave from duty in Iraq has been admitted after injuring an ankle in a fall. She is in a trauma room accompanied by her boyfriend Jack, who is a Marine. Jack is initially ecstatic when tests reveal Beth to be pregnant, but his mood quickly sours when it is confirmed she is about 8 weeks into term and only returned from duty a fortnight before.

Neela works to re-align Beth's foot as the atmosphere becomes tense and appears to have achieved a successful result. Dr Grossman, Head of Orthopaedics arrives and is unhappy that the trauma team have broken protocol and carried out the specialist procedure without consultation. Crenshaw advises him that Neela's prompt action has probably saved the woman's foot.
Grossman seems impressed and comments "you must have some set of hands, girl" and leaves the room as Neela looks back at him.

Jack angrily challenges Beth about her pregnancy before she tearfully admits that her Sergeant raped her, but the Marine is unwilling to believe her.

A while later and the lecherous Dr Morris has taken over as tour guide for Jas and Harold is not best pleased. Neela finds him out in the ambulance Bay venting his frustration in an overly aggressive game of 'Four Square' with some kids from the waiting room. She sends the youths back inside but Harold wants to play on and bounces the ball forcefully at his mentor. Neela asks why he is so agitated and he responds that it is the second time in two months that 'his girl' has been stolen!
Morris walks by arm in arm with Jaspreet and tells Neela that they are going for a drink after shifts and invites her along. Harold seizes his opportunity and accepts the offer on her behalf and suggests gleefully that it will be a double date.

Neela throws the basketball at Harold's back in a 'mock angry' manner and laughs as she catches it on the rebound before they return inside.

Later, at Ike Ryans, the 'double date' is on and Morris is eager to impress Jas with his knowledge of Indian Cinema. Neela is suspicious and asks Archie how long he's been following Bollywood movies. Harold chimes in "about twenty minutes ago when he went on the internet". Morris looks daggers at the gawky teenager but Jas doesn't watch Bollywood movies and has never been to India. Harold does not waste the opportunity to call Morris a 'butt head" for making ignorant assumptions.

Dr Rasgotra takes her leave of the wannabe Lotharios and talks with Ortho Chief Grossman, who is at the bar. He jokes with Neela about her heroic 'foot work' and asks how she would feel about a rotation with his team. She is surprised when he confirms that he has already cleared it with Dubenko and next week she will be spending time with "the cool kids". He smiles and says "be ready - I'm pretty tough!"...

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