Believe The Unseen

Episode 12

January 10th 2008

Screenplay: Virgil Williams

Director: Rob Hardy


Neela is woken by the alarm clock at her apartment. It's 7:30 am and she needs to use the bathroom but can hear the shower running. She calls her cousin's name a couple of times but there is no response.

She pushes open the door and asks Jaspreet where she had spent the previous evening, but there is still no reply from behind the shower curtain. Instead, her flighty relative appears from the bedroom looking a little hung over. She had been to a club called 'The Passage' and it was "wicked".

Neela is annoyed that she has left the shower running and comments about having to pay the bills. She draws open the shower curtain but quickly closes it having revealed the unedifying spectacle of Harold Zelinski attired in nothing but a floral shower cap!
She opens the curtain once more and looks the smiling occupant up and down before closing it and looking disdainfully at her sheepish cousin.

Cut forward and Surgeon and student arrive for work having collected coffees from the Jumbo Mart. Harold is feeling "taller" than normal and wants to record details of his 'rite of passage' on his blog. Neela thinks that is "just wrong" and advises him   "just cut and run".
Dr Morris is amongst a group of medics awaiting the arrival of a group of casualties from a building fire and asks after Jaspreet. Harold smugly responds that "she is doing just fine" before Neela drags him away to avoid further embarrassment.

The duo exit the elevator on the Ortho floor where Neela is to start her rotation. Harold is concerned that he is to be left at the mercy of Dubenko and Crenshaw.
His more immediate concern soon becomes nursing the wound from a hockey puck which hits him full-square on the forehead. The Ortho Team are practicing their swings for an upcoming match, and don't seem overly concerned about the victim of their misfired shot. They make their introductions Neela and dispatch the hapless intern on his way. She makes a comment about having played hockey at school "field, not ice" The Ortho crew clearly take their sport seriously and have a goal set up on the floor. They invite their temporary recruit to take a shot. Dr Rasgotra is reticent but plants the puck in the net like pro to general applause!

The fun and games over, the team visit the ER and Neela gets to reset a wrist dislocation on an assault victim. In the corridor, the group run into Abby, who has returned to the hospital after secretly completing a period on an alcohol rehabilitation program. She prevaricates rather awkwardly, maintaining the pretence that her absence was the result of a visit to Croatia to attend the funeral of Luka's father.

Neela looks on hesitantly, clearly mindful of their last meeting and the angry and hurtful exchanges at the apartment (episode 10). The awkward reunion ends but Abby tells Neela that she will call later.

Back on the Ortho floor, Neela impresses her new colleagues with her knowledge of surgical history. They are equally enthusiastic about her filling the shoes of an absentee at their next hockey match.

Cut forward and Dr Rasgotra has acquired a pair of roller skates and is to be timed negotiating the corridor. She charges down to a round of applause before bumping into Jaspreet who is stepping out of the elevator. Jaspreet announces that she is leaving Chicago to avoid her father. Neela tells her she must contact him. She agrees, but has a final favour to ask…

Back in the ER, Neela summons Dr's Morris and Zelinski and stands before them to deliver a message from Jaspreet. The wording for both is identical "Thank you for a wonderful night. It was great, but please stop calling and don't call again - ever!"

The paramours are left their wounded pride as she notices Abby exiting into the ambulance bay. She follows and the two old friends stand in the chill night air. Abby apologies for her behaviour and Neela assures her that she will always be there. They warmly embrace before Abby leaves… 

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Episode 13

January 17th 2008

Screenplay: Lisa Zwerling

Director: Stephen Cragg 

PNO trivia note: The episode marked Parminder's 100th appearance in the show!

Neela and the Ortho Team stride down the corridor and are joined by Dubenko, Crenshaw, Harold Zelinksi and Dr Morris. She is curious as to why Archie is in attendance. Lucien explains that he is to spend the day as part of an exchange program between Surgery and the ER. The group gather around the bedside of a patient and Neela is asked to present the man's condition. Morris is intent on interrupting proceedings with some snide comments aimed at his former colleague. "She's so cute, isn't she?... with her little accent…

He continues to wind up the Ortho Team as rounds continue, advising Neela to lighten up, have fun and enjoy her work a little more. Dr Rasgotra insists that she is a fun person. They continue through a set of double doors into a recovery room where Neela is met by a Hockey shirt flung full square in her face. The Ortho Chief tells her that they had struggled to find one in her size. Morris makes a comment about figure skating which is met by a weary scowl.

Cut forward to a testosterone filled locker room where Neela 'pads up' in her hockey garb and discusses tactics for the game. She looks tentative, realizing that these guys take their sport very seriously.

The action moves out onto the rink where the team take a few practice shots at goal. The lights go down and a dramatic voice over the PA system announces the arrival of 'the opposition'. Neela laughs in amazement as Dr Dubenko confidently skates into the rink followed by a rather more unsteady Dr Crenshaw. "We're playing the trauma Surgeons?... Oh my God!!

Next into the arena is Harold followed by Dr Morris who makes some flash shapes on the ice before skating up to Neela. She tells him that he is a 'ringer' and this explains his earlier taunting.

The game commences and Archie continues to goad Neela at every opportunity. She makes a charge on goal but is intercepted in spectacular style by an uncompromising challenge from Dubenko and ends up face down on the floor. Her team mates are unsympathetic and in unison demand that she "Get Up!!"
She adjusts her visor and angrily returns to her feet, fired up and looking for revenge!

Neela and Crenshaw face up for the restart, and while he resorts to verbal taunts, she fixes him with an icy stare before clattering away the puck and laying the Chief Surgeon out in the process! The break away culminates in a goal for the Ortho Team.

Dubenko is next to take on his protégée, encouraging her to hit him "Everyone wants to take a shot at their mentor, don't they?" She resists, but is almost immediately sent crashing into a wall by a smart move from Morris. She is consoled by a similar fete befalling Dubenko and lets out a heart "Ha!!"
Archie scores for Surgery before Neela responds with goal for the Ortho Team.

The Ortho Team keeper is injured and a replacement is sought. The teams focus falls on their new centre forward who is within a moment in the goal mouth peering from behind the keeper's visor. Archie is keen to take advantage of the rookie stopper and ratchet up the verbal provocation against an increasingly infuriated Neela.
The tipping point proves to be a reference to Neela's brief employment at the Jumbo Mart. Enough is enough and as he skates away she removes her helmet, casts away the hockey stick and sets off in pursuit while casting away her arm pads.She launches into Archie's back and brings him to ground and grabs him around the neck. A comedic mass brawl ensues as the opposing Teams grapple on the ice.

Cut forward to the Ambulance Bay at County General where the 'casualties' from the ice rink melee are admitted for treatment. Archie is now wearing a neck brace but continues to argue with a member of the Ortho staff by the admit desk. Neela piles back into the action as a new scuffle erupts leaving Frank to look on in disbelief as the medical professionals lay into one another!

Laid up on the casualty beds, Neela, Crenshaw, Morris and Harold are reduced to comparing their injuries and trading a few verbal blows. She tells Crenshaw that he is dead if her 'dominant hand' is damaged and she cannot operate.

The episode ends in the basement of Count General where Ortho have some hot tubs set up for therapy sessions. The warring factions have kissed and made up and take advantage of some communal hot tub chill out time.

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Owner Of A Broken Heart

Episode 14

April 10th 2008

Screenplay: Joe Sachs
                 David Zabel

Director: Christopher Chulack


Neela knocks on the door of a trauma room where new attending Dr Simon Brenner is supervising the treatment of two elderly patients.

Pratt joins her in the corridor as she examines the patient's x-ray films. She understands that the injuries were caused by one of the ladies punching her co-worker. He confirms this and suggests that the two feisty woman might be candidates for the Ortho hockey team. Neela seems pleased that only a week of her rotation period remains.
She is curious about the collection of twigs resting on a chart on the table.
Greg explains that it is a 'crown' worn by one of the duelling grannies who was role playing in a trust exercise. He reaches to pick it up but is stopped by Brenner who carefully deposits it in a medical waste container. He advises the pair that it is made from thorn apple which is a severe irritant if in contact with the eyes.

The observation explains why the patient has a blown pupil and Neela is immediately impressed as the handsome new recruit introduces himself. She smiles as he walks away and noticing Pratt's reaction comments that "he seems like a nice bloke".

Dr Morris rushes into the corridor and ushers Neela into a suture room laden with monitoring equipment. He is desperate to complete a research project on the effect of Taser guns and needs a volunteer. He picks up the weapon and she tells him to "keep that thing away from me' and suggests that he conduct the experiment on himself.

Cut forward and in the absence of a willing volunteer, Archie has taken her advice and stands 'wired up' in preparation for the Taser test. Pratt has reluctantly agreed to 'fire the weapon' as Neela, nurse Chuney and Frank from the admit desk stand by to observe. Morris instructs that no-one should touch him whatever happens. Neela jibes that he need not worry about that. He launches into a speech about historic pioneers in medical research but Pratt loses patience and hits the trigger.

The charge kicks in but after the prescribed five seconds it becomes obvious that the equiptment has malfunctioned and Morris collapses to the floor convulsing. Panic and confusion reigns before the charge finally cuts out leaving an apparently paralyzed Archie flat out on the crash mat. Neela runs up to check if he is breathing.

A short while later and the crew stand over Morris who is in a bed with a towel over his forehead. Pratt advises that he should have regained full mobility within a few hours. He has regained consciousness and seems more concerned about the results of the experiment than the state of his health. He is delighted to learn that the charging had lasted nearly two minutes. No one had been 'Tasered' for that long before and the results would be publishable. The others look on in disbelief as he smiles broadly and says "I would hug you guys - but I can't move my arms!"

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...As The Day She Was Born

Episode 15

April 17th 2008

Screenplay: Shannon Goss

Director: Tawnia McKiernan 

Morris and Sam stand talking as Neela walks up carrying her patient's charts. Sam comments that she looks different. She does. The surgeon appears to be in a state of complete undress with only some judiciously held paperwork to preserve her modesty.

Archie and Sam follow her to the admit desk where her lack of apparel appears to attract a surprising lack of attention from staff and patients. She is happy that the Ortho rotation is finally over and is only concerned that the cable guy is due at the apartment to fix up the connection in time for the next episode of 'Project Runway'. 
Harold strides past and asks if they are still on for lunch and the two exchange compliments about each others appearance. Neela walks toward the exit door and glances at a couple kissing in the waiting room and a fashion photo shoot that appears to be taking place in the background.

The surreal events continue as the unattired surgeon walks briskly into the ambulance bay singing before looking skyward as rain begins to cascade down from a clear blue sky.

A quick dissolve and reality returns as the precipitation transforms into water from a shower head falling on the daydreaming Dr Rasgotra. The sound of Dr Dubenko's voice from behind the curtain awakens her to the fact that she is in the locker room at the hospital after an extended overnight shift. Lucien informs her that there has been a mix up and her shift in General Surgery started 15 minutes ago!.

Cut forward and in the 'real world' Neela is at the admit desk looking at a photo of Abby, Luka and Joe which has been emailed from Croatia. Frank suggests that Neela should "get one of those" and she asks him whether he means a husband or a baby.
She takes a new admission, a lady called Sheryl who has been involved in a MVA.
Harold escorts the gurney and asks his mentor if she has time for a coffee. Morris assists the surgeons in a Trauma Room but though initially lucid, Sheryl keeps drifting in and out of conciousness. Neela examines the monitor and comments that with an Aortic rupture she would be dead already but suspects a more subtle problem. She is unaware that the patient is awake again and has overheard the Doctors musings. Neela apologises and Morris suggests that she take a break.

Harold follows her out of the room and cranes down to smell her breath. She recoils and asks what he is doing. He has read a study about being able to tell from a person's breath what is missing from their diet. She tells him to stop it.  

A break is not on the agenda today and Dr Rasgotra is immediately called for another trauma consult. She is surprised to discover that it is Sarah's grandfather, Hank. Tony is present with Sarah and her Grandmother, Becky. The teenager looks at Neela suspiciously who in turn remembers in flashback the occasion when she and Tony were attempting to save her mothers life after an overdose (Season 13:'Murmurs of the Heart').

Hank appears to have a cardiac problem but his condition is stable so she returns to Sheryl who is being transferred to surgery. Neela holds a cell phone to the ladies ear so that she can speak to her five year old. She just wants to hear the child's voice.
Dr Rasgotra assures the lady that she is in the care of the best surgeon County has to offer. Dubenko is scrubbing in and informs Neela that she is to be first assistant.
She responds that she has not slept in 30 hours. Harold encourages her to accept an opportunity that few residents would be offered and that it would be a cool as this will be their last case together.

She is confused when he explains that he is going to Pedes ICU and suggests to him that a non-surgical rotation is a waste of time. Dubenko suggests they continue the discussion later.
The surgery is completed without incident and student and mentor resume their earlier conversation. Harold explains that his move to ICU is permanant change of speciality and that he no longer wishes to become a surgeon. Neela is angry that Dubenko is trying to 'squeeze him out' and is resolved to see that it does not happen. Zelinski is adamant that he has initiated the move but Neela does not accept this and assures him that he will make a great surgeon.

In the ER, Hank has had a CT and it has revealed a clot blocking the main atery to his intestines. Morris is recommending surgery but Tony suggests a TPA drug treatment could avoid this and the incumbant risks. Neela supports Archie's view but the conflict of opinion only serves to distress Beckie who just wants what's best for her husband. 

Tony talks with Neela at the records desk and the conversation becomes rather personal. She reminds him of his recent frivolous relationships and the responsibility he has for Sarah.(ouch!). The two return to the trauma room where Becky is further conflicted after reading the risk disclaimers in the surgery consent form. Neela looks at Tony to support the majority decision about the best course of action. He looks at her before saying "Hank should have the surgery. Dr Rasgotra is an excellent surgeon. If she and Dr Morris recommend this I say we go for it and trust them".

Neela is back in the OR and fatigue appears to be kicking in as she appears to lose concentration during Hank's surgery as Gates joins the family in the observation gallery. Despite this, the procedure is completed with apparent success.

Neela and Harold again discuss his future and he is adamant that his mind is made up. She questions whether it is because of failings on her part, but he assures her that it is down to him.

She finally repairs to the Rest Room and is joined by Dubenko. She wearily ruminates on her life and confides that today is her 31st birthday. Her college roommate is having another baby shower. She has turned down dates so that she can sleep. The closest thing to a personal relationship she has had in recent times has been with a 19 year old intern and he just dumped her! "I'm going through life as though everything is okay - but it's not". She becomes tearful so Lucien takes her hand and tells her that the pity party is over and leads her into the corridor.
They look into the recovery room where Becky and Sarah are at Hanks bedside smiling. He moves her to the room where they can see Sheryl who has also been joined by her family. He assures that very few people could have achieved what she had that day. "You have a gift, Neela. The minute you start comparing yourself to others is the minute you forget that you are doing exactly what you are meant to do"

Sarah walks into the corridor and asks Neela about Hank before thanking her.
Tony approaches and makes reference to the rather brittle exchange that had occurred between them earlier. She apologizes for the 'awful things' that she had said and asks that he accept sleep deprivation as the cause of her tardiness.   
He calls her back "Hey Mayday...happy birthday. She thanks him and seems surprised that he had remembered.

Her cell phone rings as she prepares to leave. The cable company inform her that she missed her appointment and that it will be three weeks before they can come out again.  "Look, I'm a doctor and I'm single.  All I have is "Project Runway".  "Hello? Hello?"...

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Truth Will Out

Episode 15

April 24th 2008

Screenplay: Karen Maser

Director: Andrew Berstein


Neela sits at the bedside of Sheryl Hawkins, her patient who has undergone aortic surgery. They discuss internet dating as part of Sheryl's quest to find her doctor a partner. She grabs a camera from the bedside and takes a photo of the surprised surgeon to post online. Neela plays along and offers a description of her perfect man "a tall, dark symphony conductor who is fluent in Italian...with abs of steel!"

Outside the recovery room Dubenko and Dr Rasgotra examine Sheryl's plates which show her graft to be infected and as a result further surgery will be required. Neela is dismayed and insists that she will break the news to the stoical and cheery patient for whom she has developed an affection.

Next port of call is a trauma room where Doctors Dubenko and Wexler are attempting to reset a patient's shoulder. They discuss the use of Propofol, an intravenous sedative which as well as anaesthetising the patient can cause loss of memory of events immediately before it is administered. The conversation turns to the subject of new attending Simon Brenner who Neela considers to be "the kind of guy you want to hate, but somehow can't. 
Kwon Lee is admitted to the ER with a broken arm and facial injuries. He is a Korean student who has been attacked at the EL station. Abby examines him and notices a lump on his neck, apparently unrelated to his injuries. Neela joins them and suggests an incision and drainage to clear the fluid build up.

A short while later she is performing the procedure and talking to the young man about the difficulties of settling in a foreign country.
Nurse Sam Taggart assists and takes an internal call from Dr Brenner, putting him on speaker phone. She returns to Kwan's bedside as Brenner relays information about another patient before continuing that "the Korean kid's results are back". Sam attempts to interject and advise him that the speaker phone is on in the room but he appears not to hear this and with the young man listening proceeds "high grade large cell lymphoma...looks very aggressive.. tough break.

Sam runs to turn off the phone but it is too late. Kwan is in a state of shock and becoming increasingly agitated attempts to climb out of bed.
Her efforts to calm him failing, Neela walks to the adjoining trauma room, grabs a syringe and returning injects it into Kwan's IV. Abby arrives and asks what she has administered to the now sedated student. Dr Rasgotra confirms that it was Propophol and adds "this never happened".

Outside the room Abby chastises Neela for her chosen course of action but the surgeon is adamant that Kwan did not deserve to receive news of his condition via "some crank over the speaker phone" .This way the news can be broken in a sensitive and compassionate manner.

Later Neela stands in the corridor contemplating breaking more bad news to Sheryl Hawkins. Brenner strides up apparently unaware of the consequences of his earlier 
misdemeanour. She launches into the rookie attending, asking if he is a sociopath or stoned. He is taken aback and apologises, but this does not placate her tirade.
He responds that he had "heard that she was tightly wound, but had no idea..."
She threatens to throw his now ringing cell phone against the wall, before he walks away.  

Sheryl is on the phone to her son and is as 'up beat' as ever, ushering Dr Rasotra into the room. Neela begins to explain to her patient about the infection and the need for further surgery but becomes emotional and tearful. She dries her eyes and explains that she has given hundreds of patients' bad news and cannot understand why she is finding it so difficult. Sheryl reassures her and says that it is because they have become friends and with her usual positive disposition insists that everything will work out fine...

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Under Pressure

Episode 17

May 1st 2008

Screenplay: Janine Barrois

Director: Stephen Cragg 

The Medivac chopper lands on the roof of County General hospital. On board are Rebecca Smith and her boyfriend Daniel, the passenger and driver recovered from a car crash.
Rebecca is on a gurney while her partner appears to have sustained only minor injuries. Daniel is climbing out of the chopper and hastily conceals a hand gun which has slipped from his pocket...

Neela is first seen in conversation with a rather downbeat Abby. Luca has moved from their apartment and the future does not look too bright for their marriage.

The focus moves to the admittance desk where Daniel is using the phone and seems agitated.
Frank watches a local news feed on the internet. The story concerns a hold-up at a jewellery shop in the city and this appears to have caught Daniels attention.
The store's elderly owner has been shot. Neela checks some charts and comments "you Americans and your guns".

Daniel returns to Rebecca who is receiving treatment in a trauma room. He makes reference to the news story which appears to prompt a pensive exchange of glances between the couple. A policeman enters the room and asks about the whereabouts of a kid injured in a hit and run which seems to further increase their anxiety.
Daniel says he is concerned because they were on route to visit his mother who has cancer. Dr Morris suggests that Rebecca's condition is stable and that he should go ahead to see his mum and phone through for an update on her progress.

A few minutes later and Neela rushes to the trauma room, almost colliding with   Daniel in the corridor. Rebecca's condition has taken an unexpected turn for the worse and she is bleeding out. An emergency transfusion is completed but the young woman's condition shows no sign of improving. Neela's efforts appear to be in vein but with a frantic Daniel looking on Morris encourages her to continue. She stands back and insists that they have tried everything possible.

Daniel is tearful and to the astonishment of the team draws out the hand gun that he had earlier concealed. He instructs Neela and Nurse Archer to close the blinds and cover all of the windows in the Trauma Room. Morris attempts to persuade him of the futility of his actions but he is unprepared to listen and insists that they set about saving Rebecca. It soon becomes apparent to those present that the young man and his girlfriend were accomplices in the jewellery shop heist. Daniel paces around the room and threatens "either you save her now or no-one leaves the room".

The medics continue to work on Rebecca as Daniel tells them of the chain of misfortune that had driven the couple to take their desperate action earlier that day.
Student Dr Weston is astonished that her heart appears to still be beating but although this encourages Daniel to press them to continue Neela knows that there is no hope of recovery. Morris stares at his colleague, signalling that she must perpetuate the appearance that there is still a chance in order to buy them all some time.

Tony Gates enters the room to find supplies, unaware of the drama that is unfolding. He has already realized that something is wrong before Morris catches his eye and gestures toward the gun protruding from Daniel's Jacket pocket. Archie continues to distract the young man as Tony approaches from behind and swipes him across the head with a tray.
A frantic struggle ensues and Dr Weston and Nurse Archer are able to escape but Daniel is able to recover the weapon and fires it into the door.

The hospital is evacuated and cordoned by a phalanx of police as Morris, Gates and Neela remain hostages in the trauma room. A negotiator attempts to resolve the situation but without success. 

Daniel is persuaded to allow Gates to leave and rescue an injured boy who has been left stranded in the adjoining room. Morris attempts to calm the situation and despite their predicament clearly feels genuine sympathy for Daniel. He quietly talks to him while continuing to administer compressions to his stricken girlfriend, explaining that there is no way back for Rebecca. "When I stop these, she's going to leave us... and you'll do what's right.

The young man is tearful but finally accepting. Neela steps away as the monitor flat-lines. Weeping, Daniel continues to hold Rebecca's hand and says "I apologise for putting you guys through all this"
Daniel hands the gun to Archie and there is a moments silence before the bullet from a marksman's gun rips through the window and he falls to the ground.

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Tandem Repeats

Episode 18

May 8th 2008

Screenplay: Virgil Williams

Director: Anthony Hemingway

Neela is in the ICU with Sheryl Hawkins and her family. She is to undergo her forth surgery but remains typically upbeat and positive.

A while later and the action moves to the OR where doctors' Rasgotra and Dubenko work on Sheryl. A call is received requesting a surgeon attend the ICU and to Neela's surprise Lucien agrees to go and assures her that she can lead the team alone.
Further complications arise and Neela is conflicted about the best course of action.
Without a fellow surgeon to consult she talks through the options to herself before instructing the team on how they will proceed.

Later Neela and Lucien rejoin the Hawkins family in the recovery room. Sheryl is groggy but communicating and bemoans not having a normal meal in days. She is feverish and the surgeons discuss her post-op condition. Neela expresses doubts about the surgery and her decision making but Lucien is confident that she made the right calls.

The post operative test results are received and the news is grim -the infection is still present. Neela picks up the phone to seek advice about any available drug treatments but Dubenko dissuades her and says they have exhausted all options. She questions his apparent detachment but he defends this explaining that he cannot indulge in emotional responses to the patient's predicament. He suggests that she instead steel herself to consult Sheryl about how aggressive she wishes the medics to be with continuing treatment.

Dr Rasgotra returns to her patient and hesitates to confront her with the gravity of her situation. Sheryl realizes all is not well "Neela, I'm a mother of four, do you really think I don't know when someone's not telling the truth". The ladies family are called and return to her bedside. Neela explains that the infection is causing fluid to collect in her lungs and that intubation would soon be required to sustain her breathing.
Sheryl is a fighter and readily accepts this and suggests that her system might resist the infection itself. The surgeon explains that she will be unable to talk and once in place the tube is unlikely to be removed again.

At Sheryl's insistence, her elder son continues to film her from the foot of the bed for the family website, as he has done throughout her protracted treatment. A realization confronts Mrs Hawkins implacable optimism and she draws Neela closer. Struggling to find breath but still smiling she holds the surgeons arm and begins to address her words to the video camera "This is the beautiful and talented Dr Neela Rasgotra. She's the one whose always afraid of the camera - she saved my life…

Later Neela looks in from the corridor on Sheryl's loving family as they stand around her bedside, knowing taht the end is near. She returns to the ICU desk and logs on to the Hawkins Family website. It features video of Sheryl two weeks after her first surgery dancing with her husband and children at their home. Neela wipes away a tear as Dubenko walks up and comments that the family seem to be dealing well with the prospect of her passing.

Neela is emotional and angry, arguing with Lucien about his abandoning her during the surgery. He terminates the brittle exchanges by stating "There are more patients than there are doctors in this place and I can't be everywhere. None of this should be news to you…this is the job"...

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The Chicago Way

Episode 19

May 15th 2008

Screenplay: David Zabel
and Lisa Zwerling

Director: Christopher Chulack 

Doctors Pratt and Brenner stand at the admit desk discussing their interviews for the vacant post of Chief of the ER. Greg is confident about his performance but the arrogant 'Aussie' thinks the 'nepotism' card might work in his favour (The Head of County General being his Uncle). Morris joins them and the conversation turns to the subject of relationships.

Neela arrives as Brenner checks out the personal profile that she has posted on an online dating site. He quips about the responses she has received and asks if she has been out with any of the respondents. She ignores him so he suggests that the apparently drunk individual being escorted into the ER by a police officer might qualify as a prospective suitor.

The obstreperous character in a black suit and tie wrestles to free himself from the grip of the Officer. He protests that his presence represents a threat to everyone before climbing onto a bed and announces "I'm the last person you want in your ER"
Struggling to keep balance he grabs privacy curtain before crashing to the floor in a dishevelled heap.

Brenner continues to dig at Neela as he follows her and Dr Dubenko down the corridor. She is more concerned about preparing for the upcoming medical conference at which Sheryl Hawkins case is to be reviewed.

A while later and Dr Rasgotra stands before a proction screen in the Conference Room and addresses an audience of the assembled hospital hierarchy. She is uncomfortable fielding some probing questions about Sheryl Hawkins surgery. Dubenko grows increasingly uneasy as Junior Surgical Attending Crenshaw and Dr Anspaugh further challenge Neela about the decisions she took during the procedure.

Brenner joins the audience as the review continues but Lucien has seen enough.
He walks to the front to join his protégée and accuses Crenshaw of trying to make Neela a scapegoat for a systemic failure in the hospital. Anspaugh interjects saying that he is out of line and should return to his seat. The surgeon is in no mood to be silenced and continues "what is out of line is sitting by and watching my resident trying to hide the fact that I left her alone in the ER!
He continues, bemoaning under resourcing in the hospital. 

The conference is wrapped up and later Neela finds Lucien packing away his personal belongings. He announces that he has resolved to leave County General. Neela suggests that this is not what he really wants, he is not a quitter and that he cannot abandon her at this stage of her training. His mind is not to be changed and he walks past her into the corridor, protesting that she does not know what he wants. She follows but walks into Dr Brenner. Neela is in no mood to endure his smart comments but he appears uncharacteristically sympathetic after her rough ride in the conference.

They enter a rest room and he refutes the popular perception of him being a "heartless beast". She responds that she had never called him a beast. He shuts the door and she lays down a few 'home truths' about how he is viewed by his new colleagues.

He draws closer to Neela and as they stand face to face tells her that she needs to get a life and get out more "my polite way of saying - you need to get laid!
She stares angrily at him in semi darkened room before in an impulsive release of pent up emotion grabs his tie and draws him into a passionate kiss. The two quickly commence removing each others clothing…

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