Total Trivia

A 'Q and A' page
(or, stuff you don't need to know but think you'd be missing out if you didn't!)

Likes and Dislikes
Please assume that the following questions were prefaced with
"what is your...?"

Favorite TV show: "The Office" - Far be it from us to blow the 'Brit' trumpet here, but Parminder was referring to the original UK version of this show which has since been adapted for US audiences.
A fantastic showcase for the genius of Ricky Gervais.

Least favorite TV show:
"I don't think there should be reality TV shows" - Well we know where you're coming from Mindi - lifes too short and all that - but once 'Big Brother' hooks you in...

Favorite fictional novel:

"Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides"

Favorite nonfiction novel:

"The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho"

Top choice of DVD for a night in:

"Amelie" - the acclaimed story of a waitress who helps lonely people fix their lives.

Favorite possession:

"My television" or "My viola"

Favorite food:

"Thai, I love Thai! I love the Tom Yum Soup, the clear soup because of all it's different tastes and the spiciness of it"

Favorite home cooked treat:

"Chicken curry and hot Roti"

Favorite 'healthy' snack:

"Almonds - a good source of fiber"

Favorite drink (non alcoholic):

"PG Tips" (a leading brand of tea in the UK) apparently a few Brits work in the ER production crew and keep a supply on hand

Favorite tipple:

"Red wine"

Favorite way to relax:

"Watching television"

Some fellow actors who you admire:
"Holly Hunter, Jodie Foster, Edward Norton

Miscellaneous Trivia

(Mostly sourced from the celebrity 'vox-pop' slots currently shown between programmes on Channel 4 in the UK)

What is the best way to your heart:
What makes you feel guilty:
"Not spending enough time with my family"
Do you have a guilty pleasure:
What is your worst fault:
"Constantly worrying"
What was your first car:
"A black Renault Clio"
What was the first record /CD that you bought:
"'Making your mind up' by Bucks Fizz!"
Name an invention that you consider to be 'up there with the best' "Floss" (this may be a serious paraphrase of the interviewer's question which is not shown on camara).
Parminder deserves our thanks here for dispelling the myth concerning the Brits inattention to dental hygiene which has been perpetuated, in certain quarters, by our American friends!)