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Life Ater Death

Episode 1

September 25th 2008

Screenplay: Joe Sachs

Director: Christopher Misiano


Previously, on ER…

Season 14's cliff-hanger ending involved a bomb blast ripping apart an ambulance in the street a short distance from County General. On board was Art Masterson, a former lawyer for the mob turned informer to the FBI under witness protection.
The rig is driven by Paramedic Bardelli, accompanied by a previously unidentified member of the ER staff. Surviving but injured in the cab of the vehicle, that person is revealed to be Attending Doctor and seven year servant of the ER, Greg Pratt.

We last saw Dr Neela Rasgotra and recently recruited Australian Attending Simon Brenner exchanged heated verbal blows before engaging in some passionate 'making-up'...
They are both found dressing after the impromptu intimate session and neither seems too at ease. Brenner attempts to apologise for his earlier comments but Neela curtly tells him to "shut up" and checks a message on her pager. They are both required urgently to assist with a trauma…

The two doctors arrive as Pratt and Bardelli are wheeled in on gurneys. Greg is coughing up blood and has bone protruding from his lower leg but is alert and is still trying to direct his staff. Neela and Brenner attend to the Paramedic who has been impaled in the stomach by debris from the ambulance. She does not appear to have warmed to the 'aussie' doctors charms, despite their amorous interlude.

Pratt's condition appears to be stable as he continues to supervise the medics from the bed in the Trauma Room. Abby examines his X-Ray prints which show no fracture.
She then realizes that the protruding bone is not his own but that of one of the unfortunates who had perished in the rear of the ambulance. (urrggh!!)

Morris removes it before Greg's breathing becomes strained. They ventilate him but
quickly decide that intubation is required. Greg removes his mask and implores Morris not to "mess up". This seems to 'faze' his colleague who asks Gates to take charge of inserting the tube.

Things become fraught in the other trauma room as Bardelli begins to bleed out. Neela grows increasingly inpatient with Brenner's comments before Dr Dubenko makes a surprise appearance, having earlier tendered his resignation. He had caught news of the ambulance incident on the news and checked in to assist. The Paramedic is immediately transferred to the OR for surgery.

The sense of panic around Greg intensifies. Damage to his throat is making intubation impossible. As his heart rate slows Morris takes desperate measures and performs a tracheotomy to insert a tube and secure an airway and avert disaster.
Greg's half brother Chas is a Paramedic who is soon to start as a med student. Visiting the trauma Room he notices a large bulb which has suddenly developed on his relative's neck.

Neela runs in as blood pours from Pratt's mouth. There is an open artery in the neck and she quickly concludes that this must be tied, but this carries a risk of inducing a stroke as this will restrict the flow of blood to the brain. A tear rolls down Greg's face as the discomfort and a stark realization of his predicament hits home. She asks him if he understands and he nods. The haemorrhaging is arrested but Pratt goes in to V Fib and Gates has to commence compressions.

A life Support machine is rushed in to support his failing heart and lungs. Neela, Gates, Morris, Sam and Chaz stand around their friend's bedside. There is no brain activity and a specialist confirms that they will give it four hours before making a final judgement. Morris suggests they all return to their patients as that is what Greg would want. They will take shifts with him.

Time passes and the staff continue their work, though they are all preoccupied with their colleagues fading chances. Neela and Dubenko wheel Bardelli to the ICU. His surgery appears to have been successful.  

Abby places a comforting hand on Chas's shoulder as they sit by Greg's bedside.
The regulars return as hopes fade for his recovery. Chas is in denial and pleads that they keep the machine running for longer but Morris explains the reality of the situation to him. He asks to escort the gurney for his brother's last journey through the ER. Neela and Nurse Haleh join him as they solemnly wheel Greg past the on-looking patients and staff …

A week later and the regulars return from Greg's funeral service. There is little respite from her duties as Dr Rasgotra is immediately called to action to treat a 'have-a-go' hero who scratched the wound under the cast on his leg and caused an infection. He is later reunited with the old later he had a week earlier saved.

The staff are plan a get together at Ike Ryan's Bar to celebrate Pratt's memory.
Brenner asks Neela if he should wait for her, but the response is a terse "No".

The action concludes at Ike Ryan's as the crew gather and recount anecdotes about Pratt, looked over by a large photograph of their lamented friend and colleague…

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Another Thursday at County



Episode 2

October 9th 2008

Screenplay: Lisa Zwerling

Director: Paul McCrane 


We are introduced to four medical students, including a surgical intern and the new chief of the ER, the formidable Catherine Banfield. Nurse Haleh thinks she looks familiar but can't place her.

Surgeon Dustin Crenshaw looks frazzled, having covered shifts for the absent Dr Dubenko who has been dismissed following his outburst at the medical conference. Crenshaw phones his former colleague for advice on an upcoming surgery. Lucien makes out he is doing rounds at another hospital but he in fact chilling at his apartment.

Neela is first seen at the Jumbo Mart trying to persuade Dr Anspaugh to reconsider Dubenko's position. He is adamant that the board had made a decision and he could not override it.

The action switches back to the hospital and Neela attends a girl and is assisted by new surgical intern Andrew Wade. Dr Rasgotra concludes that the girl requires the removal of her gall bladder. Wade appears to have a caring manner and reassures his young patient about her insecurities.

A mother looks on as Dr Rasgotra examines her son, Devon in a trauma room. The woman works for a repo company and changes locks on defaulting tenants but due to lack of childcare has taken her son along and the building has subsided. New boss of the ER Banfield is already making her presence felt and passes comment on every move the team make. Attending Dr Morris is on a short fuse and tells her that she needs to stop 'micro-managing'. Neela feels they should debate the situation later and that the boy needs be taken to the 'OR' immediately. She begins to prepare the gurney for transfer but Banfield instructs that the mother first be given a moment with her son.

Dr Brenner catches Neela on the way to the OR. He asks if she can find time for a coffee or a drink later but she 'blanks' him. Crenshaw tells him that she is in a bad mood due to Anspaugh's intransigence over Dubenko. This appears to spark an idea in Brenner's mind and he steps aside to speak to a member of the surgery team.

A while later and Neela looks on from the observation gallery as Dustin and Andrew undertake surgery on the young boy injured in the building collapse. Her suspicions about the nature of his injuries have proven correct. Crenshaw has things covered and suggests that she check out the 'sit-down' protest which is being staged outside Anspaugh's office. She walks out to find a number of the surgery team seated on the corridor floor accompanied by a large banner proclaiming "The solution is Lucien". She asks one of them what is going on and they explain that Brenner had suggested that his uncle (Anspaugh) responded well to the notion of "strength in numbers".

Returning to the ER, Neela finds Brenner at the Admit desk. She thanks him for initiating the protest. She hesitantly continues that if his actions were in any way a gesture to curry favour with her, she needed to define their boundaries. They were work colleagues and would never be any more than that. Brenner plays it cool but his pride is clearly dented.

The shift is over and Neela walks in the street while talking to Lucien on her cell phone. She tells him about the protest and that he belongs at County. He is at his apartment drinking a beer and thinks that it is the right time for him to move on.
Still talking on his cell phone he walks to respond to the doorbell and at the entrance to the apartment finds her standing outside…

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The Book of Abby

Episode 3

October 16th 2008

Screenplay: David Zabel

Director: Christopher Chulack

Abby Lockhart contemplates her final day at County General. She has not informed her friends and colleagues that she is leaving Chicago to make a fresh start in husband with husband Luka and Son Joe.

Paul, a sports coach who works with kids from a deprived background is admitted to the ER. He has a gun shot wound having disturbed some youths who had gained access to his apartment.

Abby's last day at County is also her first as a newly promoted Attending. She joins a team who work on Paul's injury in a Trauma Room. Neela is present and playfully reminds her that her new responsibility now is to supervise. Abby has not fully adapted to the idea of being less 'hands on'.

Outside Trauma One Abby looks at Neela affectionately as she writes up her charts and comments that she looks pretty. Dr Rasgotra jokes that she must be stoned and asks about a rumour that is circulating concerning her future plans. Abby continues to be a little evasive but finally admits that she is moving away. Neela is happy for them but expresses disappointment that given their longstanding friendship she he had found out 'second hand'. Abby just wants to avoid an embarrassing party and tearful farewells. After-all, they will remain friends.

Paul, the GSW victim is transferred to the OR. A reinstated Dr Dubenko and Neela head the surgery team as work commences to remove the bullet. Abby looks on from the observation gallery and hopes that her last major trauma at County will have a successful outcome. The bullet is removed and she expresses her admiration for her surgical colleagues work. She describes Lucien and Neela as complimenting each other like Ying and Yang. The two look a little embarrassed as she impishly continues "have you two ever thought of, I don't know…dating?"

Neela looks toward the gallery, only her eyes visible behind the surgical mask and glasses. Abby thanks her again, this time alluding to a more personal reference to their enduring relationship. She confirms that she will be "punching out soon" and smiling warmly waves through the glass and whispers "I'll see you sometime…."

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