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December 29th 2006

A little Holiday treat for those 'EuroParmaniacs' who enjoy access to Digital Satellite or Cable TV is on offer this evening. Parminder's recent US appearance on the 'Tonight with Jay Leno Show' is to be shown on CNBC Europe at 23:00 (CET).

December 23rd 2006 - H a p p y  H o l i d a y !

Phil and Kam wish all the Parmaniacs, our contributors and anyone else who regularly or occasionally drops by this site, a very happy and peaceful Christmas.

December 21st 2006 - Vigilo Parminder's Pro Bono Video   
Parminder has filmed four short videos for NBC's ongoing public service campaign,
'The More You Know'.

Mindi's pieces address some of the current focus issues of the campaign; self esteem (particularly with regard to the young), mentoring, Nutrition / Physical activity and anti prejudice.

Click on this picture to watch an interview in which our gal talks about her involvement and the intentions of the project.

To view the four PSA's click on the links below and then
press Parminder's image button

Self Esteem   Mentoring   Nutrition / Physical Activity   Anti Prejudice*

*Click in the NBC Family Montage button after activating this link.

December 18th 2006 - Vigilo Parminder's Pro Bono Video   

The holiday season is upon us so get the chestnuts roasting, pour a glass of mulled wine and read the latest festive entry in Neela's ER Diary. Four new images from this seasons 'humdinger' of a Christmas episode can now be found in the ER Gallery.

UK based Parmaniacs, breath a sigh of relief and say amen. Channel Four have confirmed first screening start dates for ER Season 13. Episode 1 (Bloodline) goes to air on E4 (Digital) on Thursday January 4th at 9.00 pm with the first terrestrial screening on Monday January 8th at 10:00 pm.

All we can say is - if you're a Parminder fan - it's been worth the wait.

December 10th 2006   
Parminder shared a sofa with Sly 'Rocky' Stallone on Friday's Jay Leno show.Plenty to come this week on 'ER's traditional 'heart-warmer' Christmas episode

December 8th 2006   
In a new and extended interview, Parminder discusses the evolution of her character in ER, the current renaissance the show is enjoying and the challenges of acting in flesh colored Speedos!. She also reveals her awareness that a good percentage of the audience wish to see the 'Ray/Neela thing' happen and offers a teaser on this front. Read the full interview here.

A reminder - Parminder is a guest on The Jay Leno show in the US tonight.

Check back in the coming days for a resume on this and the full story of the last 'ER' before the Christmas break.

December 6th 2006   
Missed an episode of ER?. Catch up on the latest personal and professional turmoils in the life of Dr Rasgotra in Neela's Diary. Two new images can also be found in the ER Gallery. The final 'pre-Christmas' action from County General is due to air in the States

December 4th 2006   

Parminder will be a guest (together with Sylvester Stallone!) on NBC's 'Tonight with Jay Leno Show' this coming Friday (December 8th). 'Parmaniacs' outside of the US - fear ye not. Just check back here for a résumé of the interview next weekend.

November 27th 2006
A bus teetering on the edge of a ravine occupies the attentions of Abby and the

Medivac crew while Neela has issues of a more personal nature to deal with in this weeks ER.
Catch up with a resume of the latest events in 
Neela's Diary entry for November 23rd 2006 and the latest ER Gallery images here.

In the Blog sphere, socio-political commentator David Eisenthal has featured Parminder in his ongoing examination of the nature of celebrity.

The Eisenthal Report on November 24th refers to PNO in a piece considering the potential influence of 'fan sites' in promoting an artist/performer's career.
here to have your thoughts provoked!. 

November 23rd 2006 

Phil and Kam wish U.S based Parmaniacs a happy and peaceful holiday

November 20th 2006 

Myths and melancholy pervade the ER this week as Dr Rasgotra is invested the title 'the Blue Lady' by a group of unfortunate homeless children.
The story is outlined in Neela's Diary entry for November 16th 2006.
to take a look.

November 13th 2006 

Temperatures rise still further in the ER this week as the Neela/Gates relationship steps up a gear (and onto a lecture room desk!). Shield your eyes 'roomies' fans
- we only report it as it happens.

Get up to date with antics at County General in Neela's Diary
and enjoy the latest visual vicissitudes on display in The ER Gallery.

November 10th 2006 

Parminder is tonight attending the 'Spirit of India's 15th Year Anniversary', a charity event to be staged on board the historic ocean liner, The Queen Mary.
here for full details and a 'roll call' of other stars who will be walking the red carpet to the ship.

November 8th 2006 - 'Heart of the Matter' 

Eight striking new images of Parminder from the latest episode of your favorite TV drama can now be found in the ER Gallery.

November 7th 2006 

Missed Parminder's appearance on the Megan Mullally Show?. Click here to watch the interview in full, which includes a short trailer for the next Episode of ER.

November 6th 2006 

November 6th 2006 - In Neela's Dreams

Plenty of Neela action in this weeks 'ER'. Take a look at the (steamy) ER Diary
 entry for November 2nd 2006 to catch up on the latest exploits at County General.

N E W S F L A S H !

Parminder will be a guest (along with Barry Manilow!) on 'The Megan Mullally Show' today. Catch the broadcast at 8am on TBS and 11am on NBC.

November 3rd 2006 

A 45 minute radio play starring Parminder can at present be heard online. 'The Whispering Tree' was produced by the BBC and first aired in the UK in August 1998. The rebroadcast this week is part of the Radio 7 'Indian Summer Season'.

Click here* to enjoy this rare opportunity to hear the play in its entirety. Please be aware, this link is likely to be active for a few days only, so listen while it's live!

Sorry - the link is no longer active - we did warn you!)

November 2nd 2006 - Cover Girl ! 

Top US listings magazine 'TV Guide' hits news stands today with Parminder the featured cover star alongside recent recruit to the ER, John Stamos. The prominent position demonstrates the shows significant re-engagement with TV audiences in the States this season, a fact supported by striking ratings figures for the first four episodes.

Executive Producer and regular writer David Zabel hints at what lies in store for the developing Neela/Gates relationship. "They're two people drawn to each other, but they try to put the brakes on which becomes harder and harder".

But where does that leave Ray?...

October 31st 2006 
The cover stars of this weeks U.S TV Guide magazine are Parminder and John Stamos. The issue profiles the developing story arc and relationship between their ER characters, Neela Rasgotra and Tony Gates. The next episode to air in the States is 'Heart of the matter', to be shown this Thursday (November 2nd 2006).

The PNO Gallery is now open for your delectation and will, in the coming days and weeks, be extended to feature some of the superb original images and wallpapers offered for inclusion on this site.

Thanks you to all those who have thus far contributed their inspired creations.

October 23rd 2006

Thursday nights ER episode focused, in the main, on the Kovac malpractice hearing and featured a 'top drawer' guest performance from Forest Whitaker as the unfortunate complainant. Parminder still featured in the supporting action, turning 'firefighter' as sparks fly in the the OR!.

Catch up with the latest in Neela's ER Diary
 entry for October 19th 2006.

Happy Eid celebrations to all those who are about to celebrate
the end of Ramadan

October 21st 2006

October 17th 2006 - ER rocks in the ratings !

NBC have confirmed that the planned 'ER' mid season hiatus, originally scheduled to have taken place between January and March 2007, has been abandoned.
The move is in reaction to what The New York Times described as a 'stunning ratings performance' for the shows first three episodes!. (In the 18 to 49 year old audience bracket ER ranks the number four show on US television). Instead, ER will retain its current time slot for 'at least' the traditional 22 episodes

The news has also called into question the widely held view that this was to be the shows penultimate season. In an interview with The NY Times Executive Producer David Zabel said "As long as we keep doing what we're doing, I don't see any reason why the show can't keep going on".

Catch up with events in the ER/OR in Neela's ER Diary entry for October 12th.
Dr Rasgotra provides more fuel for Chief Resident Crenshaw's relentless sarcasm).

Check out the The ER Gallery 
for the latest visual treats!.

October 13st 2006 - Dreams On ! 

Gary Sinyor, writer and director of Parminder's latest film project, has informed PNO that the movie is on schedule for cinema release next Spring.

'In You Dreams' will be the first British movie to feature Parminder since 'Bend it like Beckham'. Filming took place this summer during the annual break in the ER shooting schedule. The acclaimed director went on to comment that "Parminder is 'luminous' in the film".

The news will doubtless be heartily welcomed by the significant number of 'Parmaniacs' who have contacted us, anxious to see Mindi back on the 'big screen'.We will feature all the latest information and pre release buzz and build up on these pages in the coming months.

The phenomenon of celebrity

David Eisenthal is a prolific Massachusetts based commentator on an eclectic range of political and cultural issues.

The Eisenthal Report has previously referenced Parminder in a contemplation on the plight of the 'immigrant artist'. She is again the focal point in
his post of October 11th 2006 entitled 'The phenomenon of celebrity'. The author is a confessed 'Mindi' fan and an enthusiastic correspondent to this site.

Read the latest Eisenthal piece here and the previous post
'Parminder Nagra and immigration'


October 9th 2006 - 'Somebody to Love'


Neela's ER Diary entry for October 5th details Dr Rasgotra's dreadful treatment at the hands of Chief Surgical Resident Crenshaw. If you haven't had opportunity to see this episode and prefer to be spoiled without the spoilers check the ER Gallery for some rather nice shots.

October 5th 2006 - Why does that ring a bell...erm...oh yeah!... 

Our very best wishes to the B i r t h d a y  G i r l !

U.S based Parmaniacs can crack open a bottle and celebrate the occasion tonight by watching 'Somebody to love', the latest from the new season of ER. The episode features a guest appearance by John Mahoney, famous for his portrayal of Martin Crane in the brilliant 'Frasier'

October 2nd 2006 - Previously on ER... 

Read about Dr Rasgotra's drunken exploits in the latest entry in
Neela's ER Diary (September 28th 2006)

ER S13 episode 2 finds our gal drowning her sorrows and coming to terms with the single life while mourning hubby Gallant's death. However, company is soon at hand..

September 24th B L O O D L I N E (Season 13 premier)

W O W !. Well 13 maybe unlucky for some - but not, it would seem, for fans of ER. Thursday nights premier was charged with energy and emotion and sets the standard for the new season. See Neela's ER Diary on September 25th for a precis of how Parminder's character features in this episode.

We have chosen the new season launch to open The ER Gallery
 which will feature images of Parminder as Neela Rasgotra starting with some nice shots from the opener 'Bloodline'

September 22nd 2006 - ER Season 13 - On the set 
Click here to see short interviews with Parminder and other cast members on the set of ER during the filming of Season 13 opening episode "Bloodline"

September 21st 2006 - ER Season 13 - The wait is over 
Neela's ER Diary is now complete (apart from some images we will soon be adding to accompany the episode recaps). Dip in if you need a quick 'memory refresh', missed an episode or haven't previously watched the show (which planet have you been visiting?)

Only hours to wait for the premiere episode of season 13. The ER Blog will commence this weekend. Please feel free to add your thoughts and comments on the new season by using the Contact Form.

September 16th
Spoilers Schmoilers

Okay, cards on the table time. We are not over enamored with the whole 'spoilers' thing at Parminder Nagra Online. I mean - what is the point?. Call me old fashioned but would you ask someone to recount comprehensively the storyline from beginning to end of a novel you were planning to read? Would you seek out a scene by scene preview of the movie you are about to watch before you even break open the popcorn and cola. Is it just a bit of lame oneupmanship ("I know what happens - you don't").

Here endeth the rant

Suffice to say there are ER Season 13 spoilers aplenty out there - we just won't be reproducing them here - after all the clue is in the word itself. Sorry.

That having been said - here comes the biggest spoiler of all. Our US visitors have a mere 6 days to wait for new Parminder / Neela action in the ER. In contrast, UK based Parmaniacs (for example) will be deprived of a legitimate access to Season 13 until scheduled broadcasts commence in January 2007!. (a considerably longer delay than was afforded to season 12).
In these days of blogging, chatrooms and discussion groups, surely broadcasters can do better in theirs and all our interests.

The broadcast schedule for ER season 13 differs a little from previous years. Kicking off next Thursday (September 21st) the season will be split in two, the first half running straight through to December 14th with a new episode every week with the exception of November 23rd. The second batch of episodes is projected to commence in the early spring and run through to a conclusion in June 2007.

September 2nd 2006

September is amongst us - which can mean only one thing - the return of ER !
(well that is if you're fortunate enough to be resident in the US!)

However - fear not Parmaniacs of the world - this site will bring you the 'Neela news' and analysis of season 13 as it goes to air!.

Previously, on Parminder Nagra Online (i.e in the first two months of our existence) we could fairly have been accused of being somewhat neglectful of the 'ER elements' of Parminder's career - but all of that is about to change. In the next three weeks we will be bringing a whole bunch of content to the 'ER Pages' and the weekly 'ER Blog' will commence September 22nd. Please feel free to contribute your thoughts and reactions by using the Contact Form.

M e a n w h i l e - back in the real world, a couple of days ago an article headed Parminder Nagra and Immigration featured in 'The Eisenthal Report'. The piece gives reference to an interview on 'The Late Late Show' in May this year in which Parminder expressed relief at receiving confirmation of being granted her 'Green Card' (some three years after beginning her gig on one of the countries top rated TV shows). The author considers the vexed question of artists in particular and others in general seeking status to live and work in the U.S.

Read the David Eisenthal piece (dated August 30th 2006) by clicking
and watch Parminder's interview with Craig Ferguson in full here.

August 28th 2006

Happy Bank holiday to all the UK based Parmaniacs. We're pretty happy too because Parminder Nagra Online is today Celebrity Link's CELEBRITY SITE OF THE DAY!Welcome to any visitors who have chanced upon this site via that route. Please bookmark this page and check back to catch the latest adventures of 'our gal' in the 'ER' and elsewhere.

August 27th 2006
Parminder has this weekend been quoted expressing her initial surprise at the open or mulitple dating scene that was evident on arrival in LA:

PARMINDER NAGRA is intimidated by dating in Los Angeles because people regularly go out with several different suitors at the same time. The British actress moved to Los Angeles to play DR NEELA RASGOTRA on the hit TV drama ER and has had to adjust to the dating scene, which is radically different from her London hometown. She explains, "One thing that I find really bizarre about dating in Los Angeles is that you can have so many dates and it's not be a problem. "Why can't you stick to one person?. Everybody's up front about it here. They go, 'I'm seeing three other people this week!'"

In fact she first discussed this during an interview on 'The Late Late show' in May
Click here to see the whole interview on 'You Tube'

August 22nd 2006
Parminder has been announced as a jury member at 'The 14th Raindance Film Festival', Europes largest and most prestigious independent film showcase. (London, U.K September 27th to October 8th 2006):

Judging the films will be a committee of highly acclaimed actors, musicians and filmmakers. Having the arduous task of watching all of the 1500+ entries, the jury will include Rock n' Roll legends Lou Reed from The Velvet Underground, and Marky Ramone from The Ramones; Scottish film director Kevin Macdonald famed for his compelling documentary Touching the Void; US cinematographer Matthew Libatique (Requiem for a Dream/Tigerland) and Anton Corbijn, a celebrated stills photographer and music video director who has worked with U2 and Nirvana. From footballer to E.R. doctor, Parminder Nagra will represent the acting contingent alongside veteran British actress, Dame Judi Dench.

(Film Exposed Magazine)

1500+ films and the ER shooting schedule !!? - Don't forget to eat and sleep Mindi !

August 17th 2006
Parmaniacs (and those with just a casual interest) are from today invited to join our mailing list. All that is required is that you send your name and email address using the simple form on the 'Home' page or 'Contact Form' and we will email you with breaking news about Parminder or significant updates to this site.
We will never publish your name or email or disclose your details to a third party - this is just an opportunity to share the latest info we have with other fans.

August 15th 2006

The latest 'Online' Gallery, 'Viola/Cesario' is now open for your delectation!.
While away a few moments of 'Mindi magic' in Shakespeare's world of gender confusion and complex layerd sub-plots. We would at this point attempt to summarize the story for those unfamiliar with the play but your scrolling finger may blister beyond use before you reach the bottom of the page so just click here and enjoy the picies!.
August 7th 2006

Those who enjoyed Parminder's excellent performance in 'Second Generation' may like
to have a glance through our latest 'Online' Gallery 'Heere Sharma'
No breaking news - as you may have guessed (hey, it's holiday season!).

August 4th 2006
No breaking news today - but check out our first two Gallery pages, 'The Red Carpet Room' and 'Jess Bhamra Gallery' . Pictures are now being added daily so bookmark 'The Galleries' for a regular visit.

July 24th 2006
Parminder joined a host of stars at The NBC Summer TCA event at the Ritz-Carlton Huntington Hotel in Pasadena, California on Saturday
evening (22 July)
The seering (108!) daytime temperatures delayed the start of the party, which took place in the Hotel's Horseshoe Gardens, by an hour.

July 17th 2006
The Independent (a leading UK broadsheet) today features an article in which Parminder is named amongst a select band of British stars who have "struck primetime gold" in the U.S.
There is also a mention for Parmaniacs ! :

Parminder Nagra, age 30

Dollar rating: Earns an estimated 1.5m a series of ER

The Leicester-born daughter of Punjabi parents, Nagra hit the big time in the 2002 film Bend It Like Beckham, in which she played a Sikh teenager whose parents are horrified to discover she has joined a female football team. The movie became a surprise hit in the States and, in its wake, she was offered the role of a British medical student, Dr Neela Rasgotra, in ER. The Los Angeles Times critic hailed her as having "a touch of that certain Audrey Hepburn something" and fans - Parmaniacs - have set up a website to share their passion.

New blood: A young star fresh from unexpected international movie success steps easily and with charm into the well-oiled machinery of this long-running medical drama.

If the headline information is correct, it would seem that Parminder's mum can rest assured that 'her gal' will have 'food on the table and a roof over her head' for the forseeable future!

July 13th 2006 - 'In Your Dreams' Latest
Good news folks. All but the 'principle photography' is now completed on Parminder's latest film project, 'In Your Dreams'. We are awaiting a potential release date but 'watch this space'

July 8th 2006 - News about this site

'The Galleries' pages on this site will be open from 24 July 2006.
There will be four separate rooms to visit:

The Red Carpet Room
The Studio/Promotional Exhibition
The 'In-character' Room
The Art Gallery

Please bookmark this page to attend the opening!

June 27th 2006 - 'In Your Dreams' - Cast Update
The eclectic cast list for 'In Your Dreams' features Linda Hamilton, perhaps best known for her role as Sarah Connor in the first two 'Terminator' movies and British actor Susan George, whose extensive list of film credits includes the 1971 cult classic 'Straw Dogs'.

June 23rd 2006 - 'In Your Dreams' - Filming Underway

Parminder is at present in the UK filming 'In Your Dreams', a romantic comedy written and directed by Gary Sinyor.

The largely British cast will be better known to UK based Parmaniacs, though Canadian actress Estella Warren gained wider recognition after appearing in Tim Burton's remake of 'Planet of the Apes' in 2001. Initial shooting commenced on 14 June and is scheduled to be completed by 25 July.

Gary's previous films include 'The Batchelor', which starred Chris O'Donnell and Renee Zellweger and the critically lauded 'Leon the Pig farmer'.

June 18th 2006 - Gurinder Chadha receives the OBE
Bend It Like Beckham director and co-writer Gurinder Chadha has been awarded an OBE (Order Of the British Empire) in the Queen's Birthday honours list.
In an interview with the BBC Gurinder was asked how she felt about the award and replied "Stunned!- people like me don't get OBE's!. For me, it's an acknowledgement of how I take my vision of Britain and 'Britishness' all around the world in my films".

Gurinder is at present working on the movie version of the classic soap 'Dallas'. Her appointment as director apparently caused some consternation stateside due to the "very American"' nature of the story. (Ho-Hum!)
John Travolta is to play JR with Jennifer Lopez cast as Sue Ellen in a story which finds the Ewing clan in present day Texas.