Stage, Screen, TV and Radio

A chronology of Parminder's career on stage, screen, TV and radio

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Nimai - The Spirit of Vrindavan   (Stage play / Musical)
Leicester Haymarket Theatre, Leicester, UK
April 1994


The Sleeping Beauty    (Stage Pantomime)   
The Theater Royal, Stratford East, London, UK
December 3rd 1994  to January 28th 1995

Casualty 'Land of Hope'     (UK TV/BBC1 Medical Drama series)
Broadcast January 13th 1996

King Girl     (UK TV/BBC1 Drama)
Broadcast September 12th 1996 

Fair Ladies at a Game of Poem Cards   (Stage Play)
The Cotteslow at The Royal National Theatre
September 30th 1996 to January 29th 1997

Turning World   (UK / TV Channel 4 Drama)
Broadcast February 22nd 1997

Oh Sweet Sita   (Stage Play)
The Oval Theater, London, UK
May 1997 and touring to Toronto, Canada
May 30thto June 11th1997

Skeleton   (Stage Play)
The Soho Theater, London, UK
June 1997

A Tainted Dawn   (Stage Play)
Tamasha Theater Company, London, UK
August to November 1997

Dancing Girls in Lahore   (UK Radio Play / BBC Radio 4)
Broadcast January 12th 1998

The Whispering Tree      (UK Radio Play / BBC Radio 4)
Broadcast August 6th 1998

Casualty - 'Next of Kin'  
(UK TV / BBC 1 Medical Drama Series)
Broadcast November 7th 1998

Fourteen Songs, Two Weddings and a Funeral   (Stage Play / Musical)
The Lyric Hammersmith Studio, London, UK
November 1998

Muse of Fusion    (UK Radio Play / BBC Radio 4)
Broadcast March 22nd 1999

Krishna's Lila: A Play of the Asian World   (Stage Play)
Leicester Haymarket Theatre. Leicester, UK
September 1999

The Errant Gene   
(UK Radio Play / BBC Radio 4)
Broadcast October 22nd 1999

Small Potatoes    (UK TV/Channel 4 Comedy Drama)
Season Broadcast between November 9th and December 14th 1999

The Square Circle    (Stage Play)
Leicester Haymarket Theater. Leicester, UK
From November 11th 1999

Park Stories   (UK independent short comedy film - limited release)

Goodness Gracious Me   (UK TV / BBC 2 Comedy Series)
Series 3 Episodes 2 and 5  
Broadcast March 2000

Arena: The Veil    (UK TV / BBC 1 Drama Documentary - character narration)
Broadcast May 20th 2000

Holby City   
(UK TV / BBC 1 Medical Drama Series - 'Spin Off' from 'Casualty')
Broadcast November 30th 2000 

Donovan Quick    (UK TV / BBC 1 Drama)
Broadcast December 28th 2000


Judge John Deed    (UK TV / BBC 1 Legal Drama)
Pilot episode entitled 'Exacting Justice' 
Broadcast January 9th 2001

Snaking Flame    (UK Radio Play / BBC Radio 4)
Broadcast March 29th 2001

The Kumars
at No.42    (UK TV / BBC 2 Spoof Talk Show/Comedy series)
Broadcast 2001 

River On Fire   (Stage Play)
The Kali Theater Company. The Lyric Studio, Hammersmith, London   
Performances from October 31st to November 18th 2001

The Swap   (UK TV / ITV 1 Drama)
Broadcast in two parts on February 10th and 11th  2002

Bend It Like Beckham    (UK Film Comedy)
Released in UK cinemas on April 12th 2002

Always and Everyone    (UK TV / ITV 1 Hospital Drama series)


Twelfth Night, or What You Will    (UK TV / Channel 4 Contemporary version of the play)
Broadcast March 5th 2003

Second Generation   (UK TV / Channel 4 Drama)
Broadcast September 14th and 15th 2003

ER (Season 10)   (US TV / Medical drama series)
First appearance in episode broadcast in the US on September 25th 2003

Ella Enchanted   (US Film)
Released in US cinemas on April 9th 2004

ER (Season 11)
   (US TV / Medical drama series)
Season broadcast between September 23rd 2004 and May 19th 2005


ER (Season 12)   (US TV / Medical drama series)
Season broadcast in the US from September 22nd 2005 to May 18th 2006

ER (Season 13)   (US TV / Medical drama series)
Season broadcast in the US from September 21st 2006 to May 17th 2007

ER (Season 14)   (US  TV / Medical drama series)
Season broadcast in the US from September 27th 2007

Movie Connections    (UK TV / BBC1)
A documentary retrospective looking at the making of 'Bend it like Beckham'
Broadcast in the UK on October 8th 2007 

Fallen Hero  (UK / French film drama)
Announced June 2007 - Project remains in development.

Batman - Gotham Knight   (US animated movie)
DVD / Blu-Ray DVD released July 8th 2008

ER (Season 15)   (US TV / Medical drama series)
Final season of the show to be broadcast from September 25th 2008

In Your Dreams
 (UK Film Comedy)
DVD Release (Region 2 February 16th 2009 and Region 1 April 14th 2009).

Compulsion   (UK TV Drama)
UK Premiere broadcast on ITV1 on Bank Holiday Monday - May 4th 2009

The Whole Truth
(US TV / Legal Drama)
Episode 6 - 'Liars' - Broadcast in the US on December 1st 2010)

Horrid Henry
(UK Film - Children's Comedy)
Cinema release July 29th 2011


Alcatraz (US TV drama)
Pilot broadcast January 16th 2012. 
Broadcast in the US between January 16th and March 26th

Broadcast in the UK on Watch TV from March 2012

Twenty8K (UK Urban Thriller)
World premiere July 5th 2012 


(US Comedy Drama)
Season 7 to be broadcast in the US from February 27th 2013

The Blacklist (US TV Thriller - Pilot)
Season 1 premiere broadcast in the US on NBC 23.09.2013
Broadcast in the UK on Sky Living from 04.10.2013