Parminder joined the cast of America's 2nd longest running serial drama, ER, in July 2003. Her first appearance in the show, as new intern Neela Rasgotra, was broadcast in the U.S on September 25th 2003.

Originally contracted for one season, Parminder's character ascended in the shows hierarchy, and by the climatic conclusion to her third year was central to the emotional and political core of the drama's storyline. In 2008 it was announced that the shows 15th Season would be it's last.  Parminder heads the cast list at the conclusion of a landmark in the history of television drama.

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The Surgeons Story

Neela Rasotra is British and of Indian heritage. She was born in London on April 17th 1977. The young medic arrived at Chicago's County General Hospital in 2003 after completing an undergraduate degree in biophysics and molecular biology at Yale.

She was a top grade student and immediately impresses with her command of medical knowledge. She is from an early stage considered by her colleagues to be a bit of a 'brain-box'. On the flip side, Neela lacks confidence and is not great on 'people skills'. 

Her first year proves to be a turbulent one, but on a personal level she finds a soul mate and develops a relationship with Resident Doctor Michael Gallant.

Self doubt and feelings that she may have set on her career path by family pressure leads Neela to briefly abandon medicine and seek alternative employment. A short tenure at the local 'Jumbo Mart' persuades our heroine to quickly return to what is clearly her vocation.

Michael leaves the hospital to serve as a field Medic in Iraq, and despite disagreeing about his decision, the two remain in regular contact.
Neela's confidence grows and she becomes an intern at the hospital. Through force of circumstances she somewhat reticently agrees to share an apartment with ER co-worker Ray Barnett, a Doctor by day and 'wanabe' rock star by night.

Dr Rasgotra's professional stock is on the rise by her third year and her range of experience within the ER broadens. Michael returns from Iraq and shortly after the two are reunited makes a shock proposal of marriage. She is taken aback but accepts and they are wed at a hastily convened ceremony in the hospital chapel.

The honeymoon period is shot lived as while the newlyweds are searching for an apartment, she is angered and distraught by Michael's announcement that he intends to return to Iraq. He returns for a second tour of duty while she remains in Chicago and is accepted for a surgical elective. The 'marital home' situation is unresolved and Neela's room share with Ray has to continue. They have become close and she takes the decision to move out when it becomes clear that if things are allowed to develop her marriage will be threatened.

Tragedy strikes as news of Gallant's death in the field reaches Chicago. He is given a funeral with full military honours, but Neela is embittered by the circumstances of his death. She struggles with her loss but continues to thrive professionally in the surgical environment.
Time passes and Neela becomes subject to the amorous attentions of new intern and former paramedic Tony Gates. She is attracted to the flirtatious former soldier but is conflicted by her desire to respect Gallant's memory. Tony also has a complicated 'domestic arrangement' with the widow of his former service buddy.

Affairs of the heart play heavily on Neela's mind as she is also pursued by former 'roomie' Ray, who regularly spars verbally (and on occasion physically) with Gates. The story takes a devastating turn as after a drunken night at a wedding reception Ray stumbles into the path of haulage truck and loses both of his legs.
After visiting him in hospital, Dr Rasgotra's own life is hangs in the balance after being trampled at an anti-war rally in the city.

Neela survives the ordeal after herself undergoing complex surgery surgery.
After a period of recuperation Dr Rasgotra returns to the surgery team and is given charge of  gawky but brilliant teenage graduate Harold Zelinski.

Setting aside her recent troubled relationships, Neela begins her fifth year with a a firm focus on realizing her potential to be a brilliant surgeon.

But then, all work and no play......
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